What ails Sania’s game?

Sania Mirza made an early exit from another grand slam tournament, another addition in the list which has been increasing for some time now. It’s the same story which is being repeated by her. Watch her play and one gets an impression of a player swelling with talent standing at the doorstep of success. But at the end of her game failure serves to be the bottom line of the story.

So, what ails Sania? Is she only good enough for two or three rounds of big grand slams? The promise and talent shown by her is getting negated by her failure to rectify her errors. This could happen only when she works on her other aspects of her game, primarily her serve. One would have to say that her first service during Wimbledon was bad, which made her a sitting duck to some gutsy hitting of her opponents. Apart from a weak serve, she needs to develop a strong backhand too. These two weapons in her armory couple with the fabulous forehand which she possesses would do her a world of good.

She needs to take some time off and work on her weaknesses else this ‘sorry’ story would keep repeating. Even the best of players and sportsmen find some shortfall in their game but their greatness lies in the fact that these players overcome the adversity by working on them. History is replete with examples, the most recent being Harbhajan Singh.

Sania needs to take some time off from international circuit and work on these aspects with her coach. Her potential and promise is worthwhile but the world does not remember shooting stars, it remembers the ‘pole star’.

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