What are Smartphones in India for the Men and the Women?

The difference between men and women is not only in their way of looking, thinking, behaving, and reacting but also in using their smartphones. Strange. But it’s true. Let me show you the difference in this article.

On average, both genders use all mobile applications, but who uses what the most is what we will find out in this article. Talk about browsing, and you will see that men spend more than 50 percent more time than women in this activity.

A Smartphone for a Man is not the same as as for Women
A Smartphone for a Man is not the same as for Women.

Women would instead use their laptops than struggle with minor inconvenient keys of their phones. So we conclude that browsing on smartphones is popular among men. But it is not only browsing that we do on a smartphone! Let’s see the percentage of men and women in other activities.

I have just pointed out another difference in the preference of men and women. Women are known to be more expressive than men, so it should be no surprise when I say women spend three hours more on the phone than men every month. Men probably prefer meeting in person rather than spend hours on the phone.

It is so strange that one phone can mean different things for men and women. Moving on, we all chat with friends by using text messages. But research findings have revealed that women spend four times the time spent by men texting. Now that’s a significant amount of time. I’m sure most girls just like me agree with this statement.

We could spend hours texting someone without realizing the passage of time. Guess it’s the other way round for the guys. There’s one thing that the guys exceed the girls in. Can you think what that is? Give up? It is the downloading of applications.

When a guy gets new phones, he’s excited to make the best use of them, whereas a girl is not all that interested as long as it serves her basic needs of talking and texting. This is proven that men download as many as 16 applications per month, which is a lot more than the 11 applications downloaded by women.

Men go in for Google Maps and other similar applications, whereas women make the best use of applications like WhatsApp, Google Talk, and Nimbuzz. While the situation is such, no one has been able to decide why it is so. Can you think of a reason?

Source: Smartphones in India: Web Browsing is for Men, Texts are For Women

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