What You Need to Know about 5G

Know more about 5G Network

The world of technology is rarely concerned with the current state of devices and electronics. It is rather more fixated on future developments. This is why many people are anxious for any information regarding the upcoming wireless standard, 5G.

This fifth-generation wireless internet is only due to being unveiled in 2020. Cell companies and cell tower leasing companies such as towerpoint.com are already preparing for this new tech development. There are even corporations that are investing in 5G. This begs the question, what is 5G, and what are the benefits?


This fifth-generation wireless standard will be based on the 802.11 ac standard of broadband technology. There, however, has not been an official standard that has been set. There have already been certain criteria that have been put forward for this new technology.

For a connection to be considered 5G, it has to satisfy certain requirements. The expectation of 5G is that it should be at least three times faster than the current 4G. It should begin with 450Mbs in single-stream, 900Mbs with a dual-stream, and 1.3Gbps with three-stream.

What 5G Means For Consumers

The 5G is not merely concerned with increasing the rates at which consumers use the internet. It is also focusing on connectivity with other devices. Now, more than ever before, individuals are owners of multiple devices.

There is also a greater link between these devices. This will only increase as more and more technological options become available to the public. The 5G connection should be able to handle the demand from a surge of devices.

As with any new technology, there are still some initial issues that may occur. For instance, this technology will be more expensive than 4G. This may not be a cost that many consumers will want to incur despite the improvement in service.

This type of technology may also make current phones and systems irrelevant. The implementation of 5G may require the integration of newer mobile phones. Older phones may not be able to handle the demands of the new broadband system.

The inclusion of 5G to the wireless spectrum has the possibility to cause overcrowding. This is partially due to the addition of the other devices being supported by 5G. This can lead to pushing the limits of the frequency capacity.

Preparations for 5G

There are several wireless carriers in the United States that have begun testing the capabilities of 5G. Similarly, the South Korean government has already invested over a billion dollars in this future technology. It hopes to experiment with 5G by 2017 and reveal it to the public by 2020.

There will, of course, need to be a change to the infrastructures within countries. For instance, there will be a need for a greater number of cell towers to accommodate broadband technology. There will also need to be changes made regarding spectrum licenses for wireless carriers.

There is a need to understand the many components of 5G as it attempts to surpass the other wireless internet connections before it. Individuals need to know the benefits as well as the disadvantages to be able to discern its usability.

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