When is Sachin Tendulkar’s Retirement Time?

Is it time yet? When is it the right time? These are some questions going on in the minds of cricket lovers regarding Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement. He has served the game for about 23 years now and has delivered some of the exceptional performances which have not been witnessed elsewhere. But this wonderful performance is what is obstructing his decision whether or not to retire. Experts and his fans are having mixed opinions in this matter.

Is it Time for Sachin Tendulkar to End His Career?
Is it Time for Sachin Tendulkar to End His Career?

To start with Mr Kapil Dev is of the opinion that it’s quitting time for Sachin Tendulkar now. The ex captain of the Indian team says “From what we have seen in the last three months, he (Sachin) should have announced his retirement after the World Cup or even earlier. It’s important to know that every cricketer has his time. Having served India for 22-23 years, there surely is no greater cricketer than him. But he should have announced his decision to retire from the shorter format soon after the World Cup.” He added “May be his time has come. Every player has his time. He is 39-40 years now. Age is not on his side as it was earlier.”

Former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan on retirement of Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar should retire: Kapil Dev
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Many questions have cropped up on this issue with a wide verity of answers for each. Should Sachin retire at all? Will he be able to deliver his best short if he continues? Are the major ones. One can’t even ignore these questions as performance depends on factors like age which play a major role in a cricketer’s career. Some believe that his age does not effect his performance while others opine he should make a gracious exit before it starts effecting. Sachin Tendulkar has become the face of Indian cricket over time. What will be the state of Indian cricket after his retirement is what every cricket lover wants to know. it is also true that he cant keep playing forever. Who will take the place of this legendary batsmen? Is there anyone at all? These are the questions to which we need answers to be able to take a quick decision.  Fans of the cricketer are unable to come to a decision. Some say he still has a lot to play and others leave the decision to be made by the batsmen himself.

However Sachin himself has a totally different way of looking at it. He still sees a long and a beautiful career ahead of him. He claims to have a lot of desire and passion for the game in him and has not considered retirement yet. This is great news for his fans for sure! So all the questions still stand unanswered and are most likely to remain so until Sachin himself makes a declaration. But don’t hesitate to voice your opinion on it!

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  1. I think its round the corner. He has done great service to the cricket and to the nation. He knows best but I think its time for selectors to think hard, its time time for Sachin to seek external advise. 

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