Where have all the genuine blogs gone?

The number of blogs has been on the rise as internet spreads its tentacles and more and more people get access to web. This in turn means millions of people expressing their thoughts and creating content through their blogs. But wait a second, one needs to figure out-how many bloggers write stuff or speak their mind? Well, as one surfs the web, the content appears to be borrowed or reworded and it becomes difficult to figure out which blog is novel and which is not. Often the content in a blog is a compendium of several blogs put together very much like old wine in a new bottle!

Real Blogging
Real Blogging

Like two sides to a coin, this issue too has two sides to it. While on the one hand novelty of content is ‘sought after’ in the world of web, the availability of resources in the form of compiled websites and bookmarks is equally popular.

This conundrum is baffling and the debate is endless and what is clear is that novel and genuine content is required for bookmarking sites to survive, bereft of which it would be like a mezzanine of repetitive and stale content.

To blog or not to blog?
To blog or not to blog?

So, what do you seek, blogs with genuine and novel content or compendium of blogs in one blog? Let us know…

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  1. So you echo the same thought many other blogs have. :)

    My own blog is as original as I can possibly make it, and even then, there’s probably a hundred blogs out there that have said the same thing before. I specialize in the tech field and the Free and Open Source Software niche, and even then when I post I’ll find another blog that had the same idea before or shortly after.

    Myself, I want everything as original as possible. I want to know what’s new. But if you want social web traffic, don’t do that. Regurgitate the same stale content over and over in a six-month cycle. The social bookmarking sites, while identifying themselves as liberal, are in their tastes as conservative as Ted Stevens.

    I can post daring new ideas, experimental theories, deep reflections, and in-depth tutorials and hear nothing but crickets. Post a top-ten funny list, and get buried in traffic and replies.

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