Whistling Woods International gives a loud and clear message of Women Empowerment!

Whistling Woods International - Women Empowerment

The recent times have seen that finally, much-needed attention is being given to the need of empowering the women of our country and, for that matter, any woman in this hardcore male chauvinist world. Similar was the mood at Whistling Woods International’s Public Service Advertising Division.

They were celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema in the presence of former actress Shabana Azmi through film screenings, free workshops, and masterclasses. Even the alumni of this reputed institute had something to take away from the event.

“Dekh Le” — Issued in Public Interest by Whistling Woods International

Ketan Rana, direction alumni of Whistling Wood, couldn’t hide the happiness on his face on receiving five lacs for directing a film on Women Empowerment. On this occasion, he delivered an emotional speech filled with a great social message for the listeners.

Quoting the Nirbhaya incident from December last year, he focused on the need to prevent it. He strongly felt that films were a great medium to create awareness. His 1-minute film attempts to explore the root cause of such occurrences. He was grateful to Whistling Woods for its unconditional support through this tough journey.

The film will be produced by Whistling Woods along with big names like Ram Sampat, Sukant Panigrahy, Neeta Lulla, and Mukta Arts. On this occasion, Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods, expressed her happiness and pride for Ketan Rana. We are yet to see what impact the film has on its audience.

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