Who is the Youth’s choice – Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

The United States of America is all set for its Presidential elections once again. At the moment the question is whether the youth will take interest in voting and if they do who will they vote for? We cannot exactly say anything but we can always make our own predictions. Lets take a look at the history of American voters before we can take a guess about the present. The Presidential elections in 2008 saw a highly enthusiastic young voters who belong to the age group that
spreads from 18 to 29 years of age.

Who should be named The President of The USA this time?
Who should be named The President of The USA this time?

Among them 59 percent are of 18 to 24 years of age and 41 percent of them belong to the ages of 25-29 years. They are further divided on the basis of the kind of employment they are involved in. 55 percent of them are paid employees, 4 percent of them are self employed, 23 percent of them are still looking for work and 18 percent of them fall in other categories.

Did you know that there was a noticeable difference in the number of male and female voters? In the 2008 presidential elections 49 percent of the American men took part in the selection of their President while there were 51 percent of female citizens. Only 58 percent of the people who turned 18 in 2008 agreed to have voted in the general elections that year. Now lets take a look at which parts of the American society actively participated in the 2008 elections. According to records 58 percent of the Whites, 21 percent of the Hispanic, 12 percent of the African Americans, 6 percent of other races and 3 percent of a mixture of all races formed the voters in those elections. This is the list of voters. But wouldn’t you want to know what percentage of people voted for which party? I’m sure you do. So here’s your answer! 24 percent of the American population supported the Republicans, 37 percent of them were in favor of the Democrats and the rest 38 percent of them went with the independent parties.

The big question is – what does the youth of America expect from its President as the leader of the nation? Their pleas are not very hard to heed to. All they want is better jobs and removal of unemployment, removal of federal deficit, evils like abortion and permission for marriage among the people of the same sex. If they can get these facilities without any unrest in the nation I think there will be nothing for an average American to ask for. But again the question arises – who will be more sensitive to citizens’ needs? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Who do you think will be the perfect President of America?

Infographic is from: Youth Vote Showdown

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