Why is the US TV Industry upset with Mr. Kanojia?

Chaitanya Kanojia - Aereo

Why is the entire TV industry of the US against Chet Kanojia? Recent news will tell you that the head of Aereo has attempted to do something different from the others in the industry.

This attempt has dragged him to the supreme court of the United States of America.

So what is it that offended the TV industry of the US? Let’s find out! The simple man from Bhopal just made television viewing less complicated by allowing subscribers to watch or record broadcast television through the Internet on any device, without the requirement of wires or cable boxes. It does this by assigning each consumer a remote antenna and a DVR.

Chet Kanojia on How Aereo beat the TV networks:

Chet Kanojia on How Aereo beat the TV networks

The TV industry titans complaining of stealing their content through the use of this service. As a result, they declared a legal war against Chet Kanojia, who has been fighting his opponents almost since the birth of his company, Aereo.

In spite of constant opposition from the industry, Mr. Kanojia is confident about his victory and claims to have immense faith in the American judicial system. He says “The (court) decision will have far-reaching implications for a television industry already in upheaval, facing challenges from online streaming, Internet-enabled TVs, ad-skipping devices and, now, the tiny antennas that Aereo uses to capture broadcast signals.

“He added, “I can’t imagine they won’t be on the side of innovation, cloud-based innovation, in particular, because it is so consumer-friendly.”

An ordinary man from Bhopal would never have dreamt of such a situation in his life. His past was drastically different from his present. After passing some days this way, Mr. Kanojia earned an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in India and came to the US to earn a master’s in computer systems engineering from North-eastern University.

After this, there was no looking back until the present day when he has to repeatedly visit the US Supreme Court to save the reputation of his company. The court is yet to hear his case, which will be heard this month. Is he doing something wrong? Will his confidence pay off? What do you think?

Image Source: Aereo Blog

News Source: Zee News

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