Why Wi-Fi Enabled Cars Has Become A Necessity?

In Lagos, Airport car rentals are becoming more competing day by day. Every car service provider is trying to prove itself best by providing attractive services. The customers always go for the affordable and reliable car services.

The Wi-Fi enabled cars are now among the top choices while booking cars. Best Wi-Fi connectivity during a car ride always adds smile to customer’s face.

Why Wi-Fi Is Essential Today?

When it comes to travelling different cities, the passenger always thinks about their own security. Free Wi-Fi zones at airports or in car rides, help the newcomers in the city to search for a safe hotel with good ratings, nearby police stations, hospitals and hence lets you get in touch with your family too. And what’s more, a passenger can now also make video calls to their loved ones to get them posted about their whereabouts.

Role Of Wi-Fi In Car Services

There are many reasons behind why car service providers have enabled their cars with Wi-Fi connectivity:

  1. Social Media

The use of social media has increased among all the smartphone users. Everybody has a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People are posting photos, updating status and perform several activities. Some are busy in reading and posting tweets on Twitter while others are busy in uploading new photos on Instagram.

People frequently check these social media accounts. Provision of Wi-Fi during the car ride do not cause any interruption for the passenger’s social media activities. Once passengers are on board, they can make video calls to their friends and family using the WI-FI.

  1. Business-person

Business people needs to travel different cities for corporate meetings. These people are always busy with their official work.

Car services providers offer Wi-Fi enabled cars to help a business person to keep going with their important work. The synchronization of emails and other important documents become easy if cars are Wi-Fi enabled.

  1. Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are unavoidable in big cities like Lagos. There might be a chance of getting stuck in the traffic jam for a longer time. The Wi-Fi connection allows passengers to surf online videos and music, can check news or read books online, etc.. Once you book a car, you can ask the driver for Wi-Fi details while boarding the car and connect to it to avoid boredom or to continue with work while travelling.

Problems That Car Service Providers Face

Poor internet connectivity is always a major problem for booking a ride in Lagos. The Internet service providers are merging with car services to expand the Wi-Fi business.

Some part of the city has better signal for Wi-Fi connection in comparison to that of the other-side.

Solution For The Best Wi-Fi Provision

A proper market research for Internet service providers is the best solution to get rid of the poor Wi-Fi services.

As good service of any business leads to bag good feedback from the customers. Therefore, observing the ‘need-of- the-hour’, Wi-Fi connection while travelling is on high demand. Hence, car-ride services must invest in this feature and should provide it with affordable rates like Ezmoov does!

Published by Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez is an Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Ezmoov.com. Ezmoov is a 24*7 Car/Ride service provider. He has total 15+ years of experience in Business Management.  He’s an avid blogger and writes on the transportation system. He also has an interest for e-commerce, new technologies and loves traveling.

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