Why you should build a strong career in Salesforce Release Management

What is Salesforce Release Management?

Salesforce.com is a famous software company which provides Internet based and other network-oriented software development and release solutions. The most popular tool offered is its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, but it also offers many other solution-based software tools.

Release management, specifically, is a part of the process of software engineering, where different software used by organizations, businesses and enterprises is created, tested, deployed and maintained. The specific activities in this process are made possible by a host of project management techniques together with technical skills drawn from several industries, all necessary for the development and implementation of the final software product.

There are many tools which are applied for Salesforce release management. A good example is the Salesforce Jenkins, which is offered for use during computer-driven deployment of metadata tools, SFDCs and many more.

Why would you want to work with Salesforce Release Management Software?

1. Be part of a highly dynamic environment

Salesforce is a well-known innovator, and therefore you would be exposed to cutting-edge designs and technologies in many different areas. In addition, a career here places you under the tutelage of the industry’s most creative minds as well as experts in various fields of information security and handling.

2. Enjoy being among those at the apex of the software industry

Salesforce Release Management includes application of quite a number of software tools, suites and programs. With commitment and hard work, you can learn as many of them as possible, which will place you among the best in the industry. Presently, few people have this mastery, meaning that you would be a highly sought-after commodity as you continue to grow in the industry.

3. Job satisfaction

You hear time and again that someone wants to be involved in a career that’s helping people and making a difference. Salesforce.com has done just that with its ever-increasing pocket of organizational information solutions, which have empowered such organizations to grow and provide better service to the market. You can be a part of this process, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

4. High-growth career path

You may be worried about having to start at the bottom, but in a career like this, you set your own pace through personal development. There is plenty of opportunity for growth and career advancement, especially once you establish a niche for yourself and acquire more skills therein. Learning among the builders of the world’s top solutions, you will have the whole world in your palm in no time.

5. Personal development

Both in training and in practice, you will be constantly challenged to develop a higher level of thinking and problem solving capacity, all of which will serve you well career-wise and in other facets of life. Your degree of innovativeness will grow, enabling you to identify solutions to problems surrounding you and hence make the world a better place. This will actually become who you are – a problem solver – and you cannot ever put a price on that.

6. Consultancy

As you become masterful within your niche, you always have the option of either setting up your own consultancy full-time or having it on the side. Your skills will be in high demand, meaning that you have a variety of options at hand should you want to change, advance or diversify into other forms of practice.

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Published by Sujain Thomas

Thomas Sujain is an expert in Salesforce management. For more information or enquiries on Salesforce Jenkins and other aspects of release management, visit her website.

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