Will Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam usher change?

Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi entered politics with the launch of his party Praja Rajyam (which means rule of the masses). Chiranjeevi, who has a mass appeal among audiences in Andhra Padesh has made this plunge at the age of 53. He joins or rather extends the tradition of cine stars taking to politics after being successful in their Cine careers. His entry into politics is on similar lines as former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Late Mr. N.T Rama Rao, who made a shift from cinedom to politics.

Praja Rajyam Chiranjeevi Party
Praja Rajyam Chiranjeevi's Party with Flag

Though Chiranjeevi has huge support behind him in the form of fan following, he would be aware that the promises made in real life to the multitude are different from the lines of dialogues in ‘reel’ life. The former being the reason behind many Cine stars refrained from politics despite being popular with the masses. To make an impression in politics from cinema involves a great deal of commitment, perseverance and tenacity. He has embarked on this journey by identifying with issues affecting the masses. With the vote bank of the state dissected on issues pertaining to factionalism, regionalism, corruption and others on similar lines, it makes one wonder if Chiranjeevi’s endeavors in politics would be rewarded?

Chiru Party - Praja Rajyam Flag
Chiru Party - Praja Rajyam Flag

His role in ‘Tagore’ was praiseworthy which made crowd cheer for him in large numbers. One would have to wait and watch if he can pull another Tagore and bring about Praja Rajyam in the state?

Catch the action Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party Video Updates:

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  1. anna ninu eni rojulu movis lo chsam ekanuchi nivu c.m epudu avutavo wait chesthunam, epudu vuna kulubatina politcs ki nuve swasthi chepali………

    repati tharani nivu oka i kon la vundali anna edhe ma korika………….all the best anna

  2. Nope, I don’t think Chiru can get the change is talking about. He is not the one running the show and he has no vision of his own. Morevoer, the candidates he is taking are just like the other thieves in other parties.

    I made a similar post on my blog too.

  3. i really love to attend in parties because it is fun an you met a lot of new friends.”-.

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