Will Tim Cook prove to be as good as Steve Jobs?

Apple Inc. – After the death of its former CEO Steve Jobs we have only read about the company’s products and not about the company as such. So why not do that today? We all know that after the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over as the CEO. Since then there have been constant comparisons between the two of them. It is natural that there will be some kind of difference when two people work in the same capacity.


A major difference is found in the way both of them deal with the legal issues of the company. The recent issue has been Apple’s rival Samsung being accused of copying Apple’s designs in some of its products.

This has been dealt with differently by both of them. While Jobs wouldn’t compromise and would go to any extent to get things right, present CEO Mr. Tim Cook prefers to settle things in a peaceful manner. Ask him about this and he says “I’ve always hated litigation”.

Steve Jobs a bit of him in everything that happened in the company, starting from the food on campus to the latest Apple product. Tim Cook in his own words never intended to make Apple the developer for the world. Regarding the Samsung issue, he simply said that people should invent their own stuff. It was an indirect and subtle way of pointing out.

Cook is seen to be more of a light-hearted person than Jobs. He makes excessive use of wit and humor in his speeches in comparison with the former CEO. His speech at the launch of the new iPhone 4 was described as crisp, professional, and occasionally entertaining. So when the situation is Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook it’s hard to decide who wins. All the best to the new CEO of Apple!

Hope he takes it to new heights.

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