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in WordPress, which is often found on the front page sidebar in most of the blogs and relates to link exchange policies. Blogroll is meant to manage links of your interest or the links which want to share with the fellow bloggers or readers.

Some bloggers use it as simple as it can be and some with a huge list of links under various categories and they use the same as an another big link directories.

Actually Blogroll is used to post links of the sites which you really like, you visit the same quite often or the one which you want to share useful links to your blog readers – agreed?

But now a days found that bloggers are using it for more of link exchange than linking the site which is of their interest. By this bloggers/readers like me are really missing the best resource within those 100’s of list in their Blogroll, means “more links less exposure!”.

As this Blogroll goes in sidebar of the blog and since it is very difficult to show the complete list in the sidebar, now bloggers are finding the ways to have a separate page than in the sidebar and trying to utilise that space for some other purpose.

Here are few plugins to implement Blogroll in a separate WordPress page:

Display your Blogroll links in a wordpress customized page, Blogroll Page WordPress Plugin.

WordPress Plugins: Blogroll Links Widget: This widget plugin displays the links in the sidebar as a simple drop down list (select box). If you have more link categories, every one will be shown in it’s own list. This is supposed to replace the original get_links_list() function and should be useful if you have a lot of links, but you don’t want to clutter up your sidebar with them!

Other Blogroll Plugins:

WordPress Randomized Blogroll Plugin

A WordPress plugin WP_LinkIt as been added to the download area. WP_LinkIt creates links in you content using your blogroll.

New and improved WordPress OPML Blogroll widget

WordPress Plugin – My Link Order, gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress link categories and links by letting you set an arbitrary order with built-in Widget support.

WordPress Plugin: Export Blogroll for del.icio.us, an easy way to export and automatically format your WordPress Blogroll for import into your del.icio.us social bookmarking account!

Single Bookmark Category List Widget

Here is an another interesting plugin named “Link Harvest“.
This plugin will go through all of your posts and pages and compile a list of all external links. Then it will create a linkroll for you based on your actual linking activity. You can have a full page display (like I do) or a little sidebar display. This is a complicated plugin, make sure you read the README. Instead of the standard link-roll, the list of links below is harvested from the actual content on this site (using my Link Harvest plugin for WordPress). The more links to a particular site, the higher it is on the list. Use the tools on the right side of the list to view the individual links to each site and the pages on which the links appear. You can see it in action at http://alexking.org/links

Here are the list of articles to know more about Blogroll:

Links Manager, complete documentation on how to use Blogroll and how it works.

Creating and Managing a Blogroll.

WordPress 2.1 Blogroll Nightmare and Lessons Learned.

What is a Blogroll? Why Would I Want One?

Blogroll @Wordpress

So make sure you to KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) – I mean the links in the Blogroll :)

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  2. Excellent article! After all the trauma I went through recently trying to get a handle on the WP Blogroll scene, it is great to read another insightful article on the subject. Toast!

  3. Ya, you’re right, blogroll is one of important component on the weblog, good article wittysparks :)

  4. Greetings, I came across this post while searching for on the internet. Keep up the good information. I will check back next Friday. Have a great day!

  5. Great!
    The blogroll page plugin sure is good, and I’ve applied it on my blog.
    Thanks for the tips.

  6. i follow instruction..activate the plugin..click the 2button on “option” > “Blogroll Page”..then what is the next step ?? How i add my link in the page ?? =.=”

  7. I did a new site design and haven’t put my links back in the blogroll because they are getting too hard to manage. I also can’t find a plug in that I want.

    It’s like Mister Linky, only not hosted on someone else’s domain. I want a plug in that let’s people add their link to a post. If someone visits my post and they are doing something similar, I’d like them to be able to scroll to the end of my post and add their link to my page (and only the page that I put the widget on). I want multiple instances of the autolink blogroll so I can add it to additional pages, yet only have one plugin.

    I guess it would have to be database driven. One plugin > multiple instances of it

    This is separate from the sidebar links.

  8. are there wordpress plugin that show our blogroll on frame that can rolling up and down??? Sorry for my bad english… :-D

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