World without Google – Hard to Imagine?

On the occasion of the successful completion of ten years since Google’s creation we must celebrate its worldwide popularity it has developed for itself. Today Google is first thing we run to when we need to do a project, a presentation or even for some entertainment. It has almost replaced the dictionary and the encyclopedia and has become the sole source of a verity of our queries.

A World Without Google!
A World Without Google!

After developing so much of dependence or should I call it addiction….. Can you think of a world without Google? Still thinking? Well I can understand………. It’s a hard question to answer. There has been usage of internet even before Google but still we find it hard to go back.

What has made Google the life of internet? Different people have different ways to answer this question. Some say it is the broad user space or the opportunity to explore that Google has provided us with. Or you may call it the courage of its makers to explore the virgin areas of internet experience which the others found hard to think of. Hang on! There’s an other version to this. There are a few who opine that Google just happened and there could be something else otherwise. This group feels that it did not have a tough competition to put up with which why it emerged as the winner! Yahoo which was once considered a threat is now nowhere to be seen…… all thanks to its failure to look a little beyond its regular options. This is when Google grabbed the chance to make best use of yahoo’s slow development.

Google’s ads were more appealing, pleasing, and attractive and you may use any other adjective which helped it walk past the others. Though initially they were thought to be illegal it was soon accepted as Google introduced new techniques to lure its users. Its improved versions of Gmail, its fully loaded search engine and other such things are the weapons it used against the others in the race of prosperity. These weapons were probably the discoveries of Google and it cannot be questioned that there could be someone else if it had been a little late. As the debate continues on this everyone wholeheartedly appreciates Google’s service and joins them in their celebrations. Congratulations to Google on the successful completion of an awesome decade!

A world without Google
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