Worlds first iPad racing Wheel by KOLOS

Everyone loves a good racing game. The iPad has gained the reputation of delivering a great racing game experience. And KOLOS has taken up this opportunity to present the world with a one-of-a-kind racing wheel that can be attached to an iPad.

The KOLOS can adjust to fit any iPad model of 9.7 inches. It has 12.3 inch diameter which makes it convenient to reach buttons on the screen without having to move your hand from the steering wheel.

KOLOS: Worlds first iPad racing wheel
KOLOS: Worlds first iPad racing wheel with easy to attach to any surface with less than 2 inch thickness.

This idea is an amazement for gaming fans, it allows one to really experience racing cars as it should be. The base of the KOLOS is such that it can be attached to any surface that is less than 5  centimeters in thickness. Not only can be used as a gaming device, it also holds up as a good stand for your iPad.

The set backs on this product are few but if you can manage with them, this product is definitely for you.  One of the major issues is that once the iPad is mounted certain ports of the device become inaccessible, like the charging port, and the power button. Also those who own an iPad Mini will not be able to use this product.

A video Demo Of The World First Racing Wheel for iPad’s:

The designing of the KOLOS console has been very thoughtful, it is very light; weighing only 450gms. The product will be available in black and gray color schemes, with a one year warranty. The price of the product has not yet been announced. But if you’re interested you could very well start saving up that cash, we’ve been in love with gizmos long enough to know, they don’t come cheap!

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