World’s first women to direct a zombie movie – Devaki Singh!

Luke Kenny has been grabbing all the attention for being part of India’s first Zombie Bollywood movie but we are forgetting the most important person who is behind the creation of this proud moment for India the writer – director Devaki Singh. Yes people, it is now time to talk about the originator of ‘Rise of the Zombie’ and give her the due importance that she deserves for her creativity and talent.

Devaki Singh creates history by coming forward as the world’s first women to direct a Bollywood zombie movie!
Devaki Singh creates history by coming forward as the world’s first women to direct a Bollywood zombie movie!

The Official Trailer for The Rise of the Zombie

‘Rise of Zombie’ has made her not only the co director but also India’s first women director of a Zombie film. Oops! I guess I should correct myself and say the world’s first. Let us now get a little more information about the woman who has made us so proud. Devaki Singh has tried her hand in a verity of creative fields starting from a graduate’s degree from fashion school to canvas art and film making ten years later.

Now that’s great verity won’t you agree? Her love for the Zombie genre compelled her to try a hand at directing ‘Rise of the Zombie’ and if rumors are to be believed her contribution to the film has been exceptional! Rise of the Zombie narrates the story of the transformation of Neil Parker, a wildlife photographer, as he is clenched into the darkness to only rise again as a monster and is all set for a release on the 22 of this month. Go catch all the Zombie action this 22 in the theaters near you!

Here tracks at: Saavn and here is the link to the official Facebook Fan Page

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