Would you marry a rape victim?

Will you marry a raped girl?

This article is addressed to all the men out there. Their opinion is crucial in this matter. The worst physical abused suffered by a woman – Rape! This has effects not only their physical and psychological state but has irreversible impact on their social life. So much so that they are not considered for marriage.

There is a taboo among most men to view them in a different light. Though they know that these women are bearing the bitter fruit without any fault of theirs, they don’t want to accept them as they are. It is sometimes also the parents of guys who cling to the rotten ancient thought that prevents them from taking the step. Should they live alone all their lives? Don’t they deserve the love of a husband? The answer to this question is – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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Will you marry a raped girl?

The good news is, we have already found a way. The situation is not completely hopeless. There are some men in this world who look beyond the tragedy and are ready to shower unconditional love on such a girl if they fall in love with each other. There’s a lot for the others to learn from these men. Though few in number they have great potential to set an example to the cold and harsh world and bring a change. I salute such hero’s for their thought beyond barriers. How many of you can do that? Would you marry a rape victim?

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3 thoughts on “Would you marry a rape victim?”

  1. This is really a serious question. As a society we must take steps to ensure that such incidents don’t take place at first instance and if it happens then severe punishment is the only solution.

  2. Finally a serious question that makes people take a stand. A nice post that deserves to be spread so that more people ask the right question…

  3. Ur right guys! people need to broaden their minds and i hope this article and others like these can contribute positively to the change we are hoping to see!

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