Yahoo hack India looking for 250 hackers from Hyderabad!

After creating waves in Bangalore Yahoo Hack India is coming to the city of pearl with its sixth edition. Yes! Just recently Yahoo! announced its arrival to Hyderabad where it is hoping to find 250 hackers after an entry level coding challenge.

Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad
Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Yahoo is looking for programmers, developers and designers from this industry who will participate in a 48 hour workshop followed by a 24 hour coding Hackathon. On this occasion Hari Vasudev, VP and Head, Yahoo India R&D said he hopes to find the same enthusiasm and passion in the Hyderabadi hackers as elsewhere because the city has world class tech talent with an extremely engaged developer community.

They are not just hoping for the best without giving the best. Yahoo will provide participants with the best technologies and tools to help them reach their goals. These also include Yahoo’s YUI1, YOL2, Mojito3, geo location and Flickr APIs. These will be the foundation for all the creations of the new comers. Yahoo has also announced partnership with the tech companies and start ups in order to showcase APIs to the to the developer community in India. The participants will be given an opportunity to build phototypes using these technologies which will be reviewed at the end of the 24 hour period.

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Now let’s turn to the origin of Yahoo Hack India. Starting in 2007 it was attended by as many as 180 people from in and around Bangalore. As time passed by the number of people only increased. When Yahoo Hack India entered its second year it had an attendance of more than 800 hackers from all parts of the country. With so much of effort being put by Yahoo I hope that the Hyderabadi youth doesn’t disappoint them. What do you think will be the response?

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