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Just Received an invitation to signup in

Well in first shot, they have got a good domain name which is simple and easy to remember YouAre. Just by the domain name “YouAre” the first thing came into my mind is “Are they trying to make it as an Official Profile area of every human being?”, a dynamic webpage of each and every individual? - Social Networking - Social Networking

As of now you can only apply for the account, they are giving the accounts only to the selected users as the service YouAre is in private beta.

But lets see what they gonna say about

Twitter + Tumblr + Linkedin + + our secret ingredient = YouAre.

YouAre is a free social networking service to share in real time your daily things with friends, colleagues and anyone you want to connect with. A faster way to show your true self.

You can share what you are doing and your interests using text, video, and images in a fast and concise way using 140 characters. You can promote your professional skills and services like you can add a job, career life, education and get to know more people in your online network, local area, or target audience. - In Graphical - In Graphical

You can control which updates you receive to include just real life friends, online friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, and family. You can also import content from your YouTube, Flickr, and Delicious accounts.

And the another good service called Microblogging which they are focusing more. The instantaneous nature and the ease of publication that the format allows creates a before and after in the history of web applications. No longer do you have to login on a dashboard and start to write new content, that once published, you’ll have to access another website to see. With microblogging, you have it all integrated in one URL. Content editor, published content, and discussions about contents from other members of your network. - Search for the people you know - Search for the people you know

How about SMS Service?

They are in discussions with some top Spanish and European companies to support the use of SMS communication. The next step of them might be the development of mobile features.

As every social network has, they provide APIs. Right now, our priorities are: launching a desktop widget for Windows and MAC, freeing the API, and optimizing the mobile interface, now that the site works on cell phones and smartphones without javascript support.

Well, will this YouAre be a hit? and will this site be as popular as Facebook, LinkedIn etc?

But I liked their concept, simple but effective service. Best of Luck Folks.

Let me know if you guys need an invitation to check this new service, you can contact me :)

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  1. Very interesting site. It seems very complete. I send my mail to see if they sent me an invitation. I hope so.

    Thanks for share and nice article.

  2. Wow! Nice social apps, but overall it’s similar to other social networks like Twitter. Just another microblogging service. :P

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