Young and dashing or old and gray

The world that we live in is a rather confusing mix of opinions, often contradicting each other. Everywhere you look around the youth are trying to prove themselves as capable, while the elderly are trying to prove their sanity.

Is there an ideal age to start your own Business?
Is there an ideal age to start your own Business?

Being fans of entrepreneurs, and maybe having a business of our own what is our view on the right age to starting a business?

Everything has its pros and cons, and this too is a debate that can go on for hours. But what is the world’s ideal perception of someone who is starting an entrepreneurial venture? should they be young, or old, or not bother with the age issue?

While many would argue about the “fun” one can have to be young and established, possessing the world’s energy to conquer all hurdles, the older people will have the experience and patience to not take everything as it comes but filter it through their head.

The question here is; why is there a bias here when we are fighting over equality in every other stream? This is definitely an issue not discussed even in general conversations, but people do end up holding some seriously solid opinions regarding starting early or starting late.

The fast pace of our technology-driven world is bewildering, the world is drawing entrepreneurs to early success because of the easy modes of reaching their target audiences, this is great for both the ones in their youth and those in their 50s.

As long as the resources are efficiently utilized, and the business is run in an orderly, well-planned fashion, success is inevitable, regardless of age. We all know that a business is an entity of its own, and the fact of the matter is that this entity does not judge nor have the capability to do so. It will get you all the money you want; so long as you run it the right way.

The ideal in our heads is always the young version; be it in any stream; musicians, TV personalities, socialites, when we imagine them in our head they’re young and living it up. These types of materialistic, media-dominated mentalities cloud our vision. The truth is; a million will be a million be it in the hand of a strong, stable youngster or a wrinkly, dried skin older person.

The experience and understanding of the personalities that an adult in his 50s has been essential to correctly perceive a customer or business partner’s need. This is something that lacks in the youth, because of their spontaneity and impatience. Success is wanted faster by the young than the old because the latter have clearer priorities and long-term goals for the company and their personal lives.

One can find innumerable examples of successful business stories of older and younger people, and all of them are inspiring. At the end of it all, while the young can retire at 30 and live a stable life, the older can feel achievement and leave behind a stable life for their loved ones.

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