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An another great approach from Google Web Search team – SearchWiki, this is what I was thinking few days back, why not Google can come up with a rating feature for the search results where we can add, edit, delete and comment on the search results! But Google has finally launched the feature called SearchWiki which sounds more advanced.

SearchWiki is with new set of features, users can add, delete, re-sort or comment on search results for any query, to create a set of search results that’s customized just for them. So now google users have more control over their search results and experience.

They say just do a web search when logged in to your Google account, and check out all the new tools that are available. Now you can reorder results so that the site you prefer always appears first, you have a provision to delete a link from the search results that seems out of place, and  also you can add a url so your favorite site always shows up for that search result, or you can even post a comment so you can remind yourself about a page’s content or provide recommendations to other users doing the same search. These modifications will be shown only to you every time you do the same search in the future.

Watch Google’s lead engineer, Amay, demonstrating a few ways to use SearchWiki in this short video:

As SearchWiki is not available to most users, you can see the SearchWiki results by appending “&swm=2” to the URL of a google’s search result page.

Is SearchWiki feature is enabled for your account? If so don’t forget to share your SearchWkiki expericence with us :) – Google Rocks!

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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