Your smartphones may be under threat – SpyD can protect them!

SpyD - Secure Safe Charging USB Adapter for Smartphones

Attention people! Today I want to warn you of a danger you could be highly vulnerable to. Media around the globe is warning you of this danger.

The threat may not be direct to you, but the valuable information stored in your new smartphone needs protection. Wondering what can happen to that information? Let’s make you aware of the danger your information is exposed to. You are the one who places it under this threat. How?

By charging your phone any and everywhere around you. If you are a business traveler, you are at a greater risk than others. Your sleep-deprived mind and a phone on a low battery make you more vulnerable.

SpyD: Fantastic Four Features IPHONE From being Hacked Movie official Trailer 2015

A charger has the capacity to take away the most personal information stored on your phone. Please don’t believe me, but you cannot ignore the advice of Georgia Tech researchers.

They say a USB charger can infect a smartphone with a modified Facebook app capable of spying on users and passing information to a third party. You might argue that it is a necessity most of the time. So, are we helpless? No!

All you need is SpyD. It is the only gadget that can act as a strong barrier between the USB and your phone. It is a clever device that can disconnect the data access on USB lines when charging. This is not the only advantage you have with SpyD. It also increases the charging speed of your phone by 200%.

It is a protector that fights all enemies waiting in disguise to take advantage of your ignorance. Don’t let them do that. Use SpyD!

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