Youtube Sensation Vidya Vox comes to India!

Time and time again we come across YouTubers who have shot to fame by displaying their raw talent and passion to the world. YouTube has given many people across the globe an opportunity that is like none other.

From beauty gurus, to tech junkies, singers to comedians, there’s no reason for anyone to be shy and withhold their talents anymore. Vidya Iyer, famously known as Vidya Vox on YouTube is one such YouTuber who has taken the world by storm with her talent in singing.

Chennai born Vidya has been fond of music since very little. She learnt Carnatic classical music under many well-known gurus. She grew up in Virginia, and got influenced by the music of US. Vidya doesn’t restrict her singing to any specific language or culture; she has sung songs in variety of languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, English, Bhojpuri and French.

Her YouTube channel has over 1.9+ million subscribers, there’s no wonder that the young singer has been noticed by the celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Diplo, Major Lazer etc. It’s her covers and mashups that her viewers love the most, and Vidya is very aware of it. In her latest tweet she asked her fans for what mashups they would her to perform! She’s a smart young woman who has had great exposure via YouTube, the singer has performed at various venues across the globe, and the highlights would definitely be the White House, NCPA and Webster Hall.

Last week Vidya launched her first original single Kuthu Fire from her EP, the video is available on her YouTube channel, and is closing in on two million views already! There’s no wonder the YouTube singing star is all set for a tour for India, she’s coming to Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore on 17th, 18th and 19th March 2017, tickets are flying out the window, so book yours as soon as possible!

Vidya Vox – Kuthu Fire (Official Video)

The Indian fans will no doubt welcome the star with love, after all she is a desi who hasn’t lost her roots and pursues music as a wholesome experience mixing Indian music with western. Vidya is no stranger to the stage; she has performed all over the world, including the Festivals Des Artes in Reunion Island, MERU in Netherlands, & INK Women. There’s no doubt that the shows in India will be truly epic!

Vidya is a hardworking young girl, she regularly performs as a vocalist of the Shankar Tucker Band and in her constant efforts in improving herself, and she’s currently learning Hindustani Classical and taking Western voice lessons. Now this is a girl who is not just banking on her talent but is genuine in her efforts to do her best. People like Vidya are an inspiration for Indians all over the world, she is an example of an Indian-American who is determined to use her talent to bring exposure to Indian culture and bring together both countries on the common grounds of music love!

Kuttanadan Punjayile – Kerala Boat Song (Vidya Vox English Remix)

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