Zact Mobile – the best friend of a loving parent!

The character building process or the socializing process of an individual starts right from the time he or she is born. One builds on his character by picking up pieces of all that he is exposed to. Mobile content is one such important stimulus over which parental control is quiet difficult.

Zact phones for your Kids with parental contols
Watch over your Kid without really watching over him with a ZACT Mobiles!

In this age of technology it is also not possible to prevent children from accessing a smartphone for various purposes. Thankfully for us Zact Mobile Company has come up with a middle path. On December 5th this year Zact mobile launched its first smartphone which is distinct from all those available in the market today!

It has a lot more than what comes to your mind when I say a kid friendly smartphone. Apart from being pre-loaded with Disney apps and content to families across the U.S., it also gives a highly customizable no contract mobile service with nationwide coverage, huge savings on voice, text, and data plans that start as low as $3.49, ability to adjust plans anytime right on the device, free family sharing and ability to set allowances on talk, text and data and built-in parental control. It is only with Zact that you can monitor what app your kid uses and who he contacts. This you could do either by using a Zact enabled phone or by downloading the software from your iTunes. Sounds best, doesn’t it? Now you watch over your kid without seeming like an overbearing parent!

Preferring Zact over other control devices can be a common question among those reading this article right now! Allow me to clear all your doubts in just one sentence – Zact was recently recognized as winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval’ in November 2013. I’m sure you wouldn’t ask for more proof after reading the preceding line. will give you all the details you need to know but before you can visit the site let me tell you that the Zact phone is made available to you on the ZTE™ Awe, an Android 4.1 device with a 4.0” inch display and a 5.0 megapixel camera. If you can make it to the store near you, all this can be had only for 99 dollars. A little later you may have to spend not more than 169 dollars. Not bad after all, huh? So hurry before you miss a free 4 month child starter plan included with purchase, which includes 100 minutes/100 texts/100 MBs data. Merry Christmas folks!

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