Zyroshell Aluminum Phone cradle for Android & iPhones

Frustrated with the inflexible, plastic cradles for your phones? Well here’s the Zyroshell phone cradle for car/ desk that is made of aircraft grade aluminum. Designed to reflect chic, sleek style while fulfilling the purpose of keeping your life functional with your cell phone (Available for iPhone and Android smartphones).

Zyroshell Aluminum Phone Cradle for iPhone and Android
Zyroshell Aluminum Phone Cradle for iPhone and Android

There is no doubt we are very particular about how any product serves us with its purpose and how it looks over while while doing so. And our desks don’t need any shabby looking device holding our precious and expensive phones, nor does our cars head board. Zyroshell uses magnet hinge technology to substitute the plastic arms with ball-joints or swivels for panning and tilting.

Quick Review of the Zyroshell desk/car cradle for cell phones:

The product is completely made up of aluminum, and rotates 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees. The amazing accessory is also scratch proof because of the glass beading, and hard anodizing, this also gives an overall polished look to it. The baseplate attaches to dashboards or desks using a gel pad (non-adhesive sticky technology) that leave no sticky residue, are reusable, as well as washable. It can stick securely to any surface, and can hold any device under 400g.

The Zyroshell phone cradle 0.26lbs(120g) including the baseplate. A dust cap helps prevents dust to reach the baseplate. The chic product is available in two colours namely Silver and Matt Black finish. Well the developers of this product have definitely kept in the mind the needs of the consumer of today, chic looking, practical products.

Image and information source:Kickstarter

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