10 sources to know more about User eXperience

User experience design process

User eXperience is all about the impact or role of design of a product or service on the experience of a user and thus the basic question which it addresses is:

How does one feel when he/she uses a particular product or service based on the design?

This involves aspects such as technology on the software and application of a product/service, human behavior pertaining to understanding and perception, content which the particular product or service deals with, and others.

The importance of User experience reflects in the fact that it is integrated into the process of software development to facilitate the user keeping in mind his convenience and goals for using a particular product or service.

We at WittySparks have compiled a list of the top 10 User experience sites that you may like to check out to understand the far-reaching important effects of User Experience. Here they are:

  1. UX Booth
  2. Inspire UX
  3. UX Mag
  4. UX London
  5. UX Matters
  6. UX Passion
  7. UX Design
  8. Mauvyrusset
  9. Experientia
  10. UX Net

and check these resources to know more about User eXperience:

  1. http://www.google.com/corporate/ux.html
  2. http://developer.apple.com/ue/
  3. User eXperience Design – mashable.com
  4. User eXperience Semantic Studios
  5. Ruining User eXperience
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