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This site is a constellation of witty ideas and stories from diverse topics. We keep a tab on news and developments for people from different walks of life. So anything that deserves to be heard and spoken about would be found here!

WittySparks is not only about present developments but we also write on past developments as it is the past that lends a flavor to the present! A gamut of topics are discussed here ranging from technology, media, advertising to news, politics and sports. For those who wish to view interesting videos, we have a separate section called VideoBuzz, dedicated just for videos which are arranged category wise. As a part of our never ending endeavors, We have added a new section dedicated completely to news which would help readers stay updated every minute.

WittySparks is run by effervescent creative minds. The authors of blogs are professionals who have dirt on their hands in their respective fields and write with one sole motive- To strive hard and deliver quality deliverable’s for its readers.

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WittySparks Team

Kruti Beesam – Hobby Writer:

Being a hobby writer Wittysparks gave me the best platform to explore my skill. It has helped me learn about various things in different fields while showcasing my writing skills. It is a huge boost to my confidence as it is one of the very few things I can do. It gives a professional look to my work though I’m not a formally trained writer. I will be ever grateful to Witty for adopting me into its creative family and providing recognition to my work. There are a lot of things that I learnt from Witty which would otherwise never register in my memory. The information from the health, political, entertainment, scientific, developmental, research and many other fields helped me gain that knowledge which is not available to me in my books. Being part of Witty helped me know things a little before the people around me and I loved to hear them say ‘’hey I didn’t know this before! Thanks for sharing……’’

Ashima Bhattacharjee – Freelance Journalist:

I am experienced as a freelance journalist and as a magazine sub-editor. However presently I am interested in article and blog writing as that allows me to exercise my creative acumen apart from leaving much space and time for managing my domestic front. I enjoy writing on socio-legal issues, environment, human relationships, lifestyle, health and contemporary political issues. Researching topics, whether from the net, books or newspapers is an engaging challenge for me that I do with utmost sincerity as to avoid plagiarism of any sort and to give a new dimension to my article with all the collected information.

WittySparks is an ideal place for me as the site publishes contents on a spectrum of topics that is as vast and varied as technology to philosophy to cartoons. Its blog section has an interesting categorization as Speak out, Xplore yourself, Travel and Tourism, to name my favorites, which makes the site a happy wholesome read. Kudos to WittySparks for opening doors to new writers as me who are brimming with fresh ideas.

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  3. Interesting sight ! Thanks for having us on it ! Godspeed to you and yours ! Matt and Rach and Fam

  4. Thank you so much to have put my video in your site. I am the Pastor Damaceno who is singing in this video and I live in Brazil. If you wish to have the translation in English you can talk to me, so maybe we can do something. God bless you! Pastor Damaceno.

  5. Thanks for spreading the news about ClimateMama.com and climate change issues. If we hope to ensure a sustainable world for our children, we need to take a stand now. Thanks for keeping these important ideas and issues front and center!!

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  7. You basically steal material without giving credit to the producers of videos. You had the nerve to do that with mine.

  8. The video clauskids.com that is listed private is now public and the site will go live tomorrow night


  9. “people from different walks of life”… I like those words very much, thank you for sharing my passion, my photobook, my video on your site. I invite all of you to visite my world, Celtic Brittany where i come from.

    There is also a new video about a calendar 2011, your support will save abandoned horses, so don’t hesitate contact me…

    T. Mogall
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  14. Hi, my name is Armida Stokes , I was so suprise that   Witty Sparks publish my song, Love Hurts that I sing in my Karaoke. I want to  thank you for doing this for me and I appreciate it.

  15. kiwimusic422 i just posted my song on facebook and myspace from my book “Keep’n it poetically lyrikal” see because i once had a vision that turn into a dream and now it is a reality and you can feel my heart beat when you hear my poetry speaks to you freely…..

  16. Hi, I actually wanted to thank you for posting my video on your site apparently last year. Unfortunately the link is a 404 now, but if you could, could you restore the connection? It would mean a lot since the cast and crew were not able to see it on the site since we didn’t know at the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_uOlunsF_k&feature=related . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7qhgGCR7xQ&feature=related .  Again, it would be great for the support!

  17. Statobahn thanks you for posting some of our videos on here! You guys are great! Check out “Acid Words”, it’s our best effort to date.

  18. I just discovered that you re-published my ‘Life And Legend Of St. Kilian’ article from Broowaha. I want to thank you for this, as I believe it qualifies as a quirky story. Should let you know that I have extensively researched the topic and have a follow-up article called ‘The Shocking Truth About The St. Kilian Legend’. It is yet to be written up. Also wish to direct attention to the Abraham Lincoln post on http://www.lifecycles-by-neil-killion.blogspot.com It is also quirky and little known.

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