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What began as a mere thought over a decade ago, is today a data-enriched global platform. Wittysparks was established in the year 2007 (13th April), by Mr. Sravan Kumar Kandagatla, as a blogging site for witty ideas and stories, news, and the latest innovations and developments. With our continued hard work, strong team-playing abilities, and consistency, today we are a renowned platform that provides knowledge and information for a vast variety of audience from various arenas.

We have a versatile community of over 257+ writers and authors coming from diverse professional backgrounds who are committed to providing useful, informative, and valuable content. As a team of profound writers, we take our work seriously and constantly strive toward producing the most niche, well-researched, and knowledge-enriching content to our audiences. Our website is operated using a selective list of services, which include free and paid tools, plug-ins, software, etc.

We also cater to and collaborate with small to large, all-sized enterprises across major industries, like Technology, Business, Media and Marketing, Healthcare, Automotive, and many more, for honest and genuine reviews of their products and services, with the help of our industry-related experts, including Doctors, CEOs, Co-founders, Lawyers, Book Authors, and Speakers, among others. Our aim is to provide accurate and relevant information to our readers, as well as offer a critical assessment to organizations to help them better understand and improve their products and services from their customers’ point-of-view. In partnership or collaboration with several companies, like Amazon, Wittysparks brings you exclusive offers and deals for software, tools, apps, e-commerce, and other useful websites.

Services We Offer:

Product Reviews

Our product reviews include both written articles and video reviews of products and services.

Writing Services

Our in-house team of writers possesses expertise in writing on a vast variety of subjects, products, websites, services, with a thorough analysis and in-depth knowledge. Our platform is also open to publishing guest posts, for both fresh and experienced writers.

Social Media Promotions

Our social media promotions include sharing published posts, reviews, etc., over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and other social platforms, to reach a wider audience.

Partnership Opportunities

We have successful tie-ups with various companies and work with our clients on heterogeneous projects. We are constantly on the lookout for partnership opportunities to work together for the development and growth prospectives of both businesses, in the long-term.

Sponsorship or Advertising Opportunities

In case you are interested in sponsorship or advertising on Wittysparks, you can contact us over an email.

Collaboration Opportunities

We are also open to collaborating with companies on projects to achieve a defined end goal.

You can reach out to us at

admin {{@}} wittysparks.com

with your specific requirements.

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