Spectra Pro Review: A Revolutionary Block Plugin? Find Out Now!

Spectra Pro Review - Revolutionary Tool or Risky Bet Find Out Now!

Your website is the first touch point between you and your potential customer. So your website needs to be something that grabs the attention of the visitor and keeps them glued.

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You’ll want a website that utilizes visual elements, well-placed and well-crafted content, and buttery-smooth UI to please your visitors.

The only problem? Creating such a website from scratch is easier said than done! There are a host of points that you have to keep in mind while creating a website of that caliber. But not every one of us can be a coder. So what’s the solution? Well, you can always use a code website builder to create a perfect website. 

Today, we are going to explore one such no-code website builder that’s making waves in the website designing industry. Yup, I am talking about Spectra Pro. Touted as one of the best WordPress Website builders right now, Spectra Pro is quite popular amongst website owners and developers. But is this tool worth all the hype around it? It’s time to find out!

In this detailed Spectra Review, I will peel off multiple layers of this tool and will explain how you can use this tool. And finally, we will conclude whether this tool is worth all the hype. So let’s get started.

What is Spectra Pro?

Spectra Pro Front Page Template
Spectra Pro Front Page Template

Spectra Pro is an advanced and premium edition of Spectra, the ultimate visual page builder. You can create visually aesthetic and attractive websites using Spectra Pro. The best part? You need zero coding knowledge to use this no-code website builder as Spectra Pro is a drag-and-drop builder. 

So why should you upgrade to a premium version when there are so many free visual page builders available for free (including Spectra itself)? Well, there is more than one reason for upgrading to Spectra Pro.

First, Spectra Pro utilizes a Block-based method for designing web pages. This makes it super easy for users to create visually appealing web pages and that too without any coding knowledge.

Second, Spectra Pro offers you a lot of Premium templates that are designed by professionals. You can use them to make a killer website that stands out from all.

Third, Spectra Pro offers a lot of customization options. You can customize how your website looks as well as how it performs. Such a unique website can quickly rise the ranks and reach Google’s top search results.

These are just some of the main reasons why you should upgrade to Spectra Pro while building a website. Recently I got a chance to work with Spectra Pro up-close and I was really surprised with what it offered. Let me walk you through my experience.

First off, I will share some of the best features of Spectra Pro and then I will walk you through my hands-on experience.

Best Spectra Pro features

Best Spectra Pro Features
Best Spectra Pro Features.

I have been using Spectra (the free version) for quite some time. And I never felt a need to upgrade until I laid my hands on Spectra Pro! Spectra Pro is an enhanced version of Spectra, packed with powerful features and 28+ new blocks designed to elevate your website building experience. Here are some of them:

Optimized for Performance

Have you ever noticed how some page builder plugins can drag your website’s speed down? I’ve experienced this firsthand and had to deal with it repeatedly. But Spectra Pro is a whole different story. Unlike others, it’s powered by the innovative React framework and hence it makes your website not fast and secure.

The beauty of Spectra Pro lies in its efficiency. It smartly loads only what’s necessary on each page. This means no unnecessary clutter slowing things down. Your pages will load quicker, and you’ll likely see a nice jump in your Google Page Speed score.

What’s more, Spectra Pro is all about optimized performance. It includes only streamlined scripts (JS, CSS, and HTML) and keeps file sizes small, enhancing your visitors’ browsing experience. Even Google scripts are hosted on your server to cut down on loading delays.

Plus, all of Spectra’s blocks, including How-to, FAQ, and Review, are SEO-friendly and automatically use Schema markup. This not only saves you time but also helps your site climb to the top of search results. So, with Spectra, you’re not just building a website; you’re setting the stage for top-notch performance and visibility.

Spectra’s Template Library

The Template Library in Spectra is a comprehensive resource for website builders. It provides a wide range of pre-designed templates, patterns, and wireframes, making website creation easier and more efficient. These resources are designed to cater to various website needs, whether you are building a simple blog or a complex corporate site.

1. Templates Section

The Templates Section in the Spectra library is commendably diverse, offering a wide array of page templates suitable for various website genres. Users have access to both free and premium options, allowing for flexibility based on their needs and resources.

It’s worth noting that the premium templates necessitate the Astra theme, an aspect worth considering for those planning to use them. This requirement ensures better integration and performance but does add an extra consideration for users.

Key Features

Range of Styles: Spectra’s templates cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences, from minimalist to elaborate designs.

Responsiveness: The templates are optimized for different devices, ensuring a seamless experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

2. Single Page Templates

Spectra’s single-page templates stand out for their specificity and user-friendliness. These templates are particularly useful for creating distinct sections of a website, such as a homepage for a non-profit organization or a detailed contact page.

The ease of importing these templates into a site is a significant advantage, simplifying the website design process. The library’s inclusion of both free and purchasable premium templates offers a commendable range of choices to accommodate different user preferences and budgets.

Spectra Pro Template Kit
Spectra Pro Template Kit.
Key Features
  • Customization: Templates offer high customization options, allowing users to tweak layouts, color schemes, and fonts.
  • SEO Friendly: These templates are designed with SEO best practices in mind, aiding in better search engine visibility.

3. Patterns and Wireframes

The Patterns and Wireframes section of Spectra is a notable feature. It provides a variety of elements that can enhance existing website designs or assist in building new ones from the ground up.

The section covers various design needs for website sections like About, Contact, and Call to Action, all of which are freely importable. This aspect is particularly beneficial for users seeking to customize and integrate unique design elements into their websites without incurring additional costs or requiring extensive design expertise.

Spectra Pro Patterns and Wireframes Template
Spectra Pro Patterns and Wireframes Template.
Key Features:
  • Design Variety: The library includes a wide range of design patterns, from basic to advanced, catering to different skill levels.
  • Integration Ease: Elements from this section can be effortlessly integrated with existing content, making it ideal for quick redesigns or updates.

Note: If your website includes e-commerce functionality, remember that certain templates might require an additional e-commerce plugin to function properly. For advice on selecting the best plugin, consider exploring comparisons between popular choices like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, and SureCart.

Responsive Design with Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro introduces an innovative tool known as “Responsive Conditions,” which is incredibly useful for ensuring your website’s compatibility across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Consider a scenario where you have a product page designed for a desktop view, displaying items in an organized grid. However, this layout might become cluttered on a mobile device. This is where the Responsive Conditions tool becomes invaluable.

This feature allows for the customization of how content is displayed on different screen sizes. For example, on a mobile device, you could opt to show only one product at a time, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to hide or reveal specific elements depending on the screen size. An example could be concealing a large banner image on mobile devices to save space.

To leverage this functionality, simply enable the Responsive Conditions tool from the Spectra control panel.

Once activated, the Responsive Conditions tool can be accessed in the Advanced settings for each block. This allows for precise control over how each element appears on various devices, ensuring a tailored and responsive user experience.

Spectra Pro Responsive Conditions Snapshot
Spectra Pro Responsive Conditions Snapshot

Countdown Timers in Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro Countdown Block Timer
Spectra Pro Countdown Block Timer.

Countdown timers are a dynamic feature often seen on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, particularly effective in promoting time-sensitive deals or festive offers. With Spectra’s Countdown block, you have the ability to bring this sense of urgency and excitement to your own site.

This block lets you set up trending deals in attractive layouts with precise countdown timers. You simply input your target date and time, and the block does the rest. It can automatically hide the deal upon expiry, replace it with a new offer, or even redirect visitors to another relevant page.

This functionality is perfect for creating a dynamic, engaging shopping experience that encourages quick decision-making from your visitors.

Icon Pack in Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro Icon Pack
Spectra Pro Icon Pack.

The Icon Pack in Spectra is a comprehensive collection of high-quality, diverse icons suitable for a range of applications on your website. From decorating headings and bullet lists to enhancing brand showcases and content types, these icons add a visual appeal that can significantly improve user engagement.

For instance, you could use these icons to create visually distinct category blocks on your homepage, instantly drawing the attention of your visitors. These icons are also incredibly useful for directing users to specific actions, like visiting online merchants or downloading apps.

The versatility and high-quality design of Spectra’s icons make them an invaluable resource for adding a professional touch to your site.

Sliders in Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro Slider Block
Spectra Pro Slider Block.

Sliders are a staple in modern web design, especially for showcasing products, services, or content in a compact and engaging format. Spectra’s slider block is designed to make creating and customizing sliders an effortless task.

Each slider can be set up to display images, text, and links, appearing one after another to create a narrative or showcase a range of products. The block is highly customizable, allowing you to tweak autoplay speeds, change navigation styles, and apply various graphic effects to make each slide stand out.

Additionally, the functionality to pause slides on mouseover or through specific user interactions gives visitors control over their viewing experience. This block is an excellent tool for creating an interactive and visually appealing way to promote content and engage users on your site.

With this feature, you can easily manage and customize how different blocks are displayed on specific devices, offering you complete control over your website’s layout and design on any screen size.

Instagram Feeds Integration

Spectra Pro Instagram Block
Spectra Pro Instagram Block

Integrating Instagram feeds into your WordPress site can be a strategic move to attract new followers and extend the reach of your content. Spectra simplifies this process with its dedicated Instagram feed block, designed to showcase posts from both personal and business Instagram accounts.

The block offers a variety of presets, allowing you to apply distinct styles to your Instagram widget. It’s flexible enough to let you create separate feeds from different accounts, which can be displayed either together on a single page or individually across your WordPress site.

Key features include options for pagination, displaying captions, altering layouts, and setting the number of posts in each feed. Additionally, you can enhance the visual appeal of your Instagram feed with various effects like borders and box shadows.

In line with Spectra’s versatility, this block also supports adding dynamic animations such as fading, flipping, zooming, and more to your Instagram feed. Plus, it provides the capability to hide posts based on specific conditions, offering further control over how your content is presented.

Popup Builder - Spectra Pro
Popup Builder – Spectra Pro

Popups are a widely used tool for promoting offers, capturing leads, and enhancing user engagement. Spectra’s Popup Builder elevates this tool by allowing you to create aesthetically pleasing popups with a range of customization options.

Whether it’s highlighting affiliate deals, encouraging newsletter signups, facilitating customer support, or redirecting visitors to related pages, this builder has got you covered. You can choose a popup design, integrate a Call to Action button that aligns with your brand, and fine-tune every aspect through its settings.

Triggers for displaying popups can be set according to your needs, including options like button clicks, exit intent, time-based triggers, and cookie-enabled settings. For instance, choosing ‘exit intent’ will display the popup precisely when a user intends to close their browser tab, capturing their attention at a critical moment.

Loop Builder in Spectra Pro

Loop builder - Spectra Pro
Loop builder – Spectra Pro

The Loop Builder is a standout feature of Spectra Pro, offering enhanced flexibility in displaying posts and pages. It’s particularly useful for sorting content based on keywords, taxonomies, and authors. With four distinct layouts available – portrait, landscape, and boxed styles – plus the ability to create custom layouts using Spectra blocks, this builder provides extensive design options.

You also have the ability to exclude specific posts from appearing in the widget. The customization possibilities are extensive. You can tweak any element using dynamic content settings and even delete components individually.

For example, if you wish to remove an author block, simply select it and use the delete option from the block settings (indicated by a three-dot icon). This level of control ensures that your content is displayed exactly as you envision, tailored to your specific requirements.

Overall, Spectra Pro is a super-upgrade to Spectra and is way better than other no-code page builders out there. These features make sure that your website designing journey is super easy and efficient. Now, let me take you through my hands-on experience of using Spectra Pro.

I decided to give it a shot on one of my test websites. Here’s a complete walkthrough for you, step-by-step.

Spectra Pro Hands-on Experience

Let me take you through every step I took to create a test website using Spectra Pro for this review.

Hassle-free installation process

Installation of Spectra Pro is a breeze. Even if you are new to WordPress, it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to do so.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Here go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New”.

Spectra Pro WordPress Dashboard
Spectra Pro WordPress Dashboard

Then click on “Choose file” (if you already have a zip folder) or Search the Plugin and Install it.

Snapshot For Plugin Installation
Snapshot For Plugin Installation.

Once the plugin is cleared and installed, all you have to do is activate the plugin, enter your License Code, and activate the premium version.

Spectra Pro: The first impression

So, let’s talk about Spectra Pro. Right off the bat, you’ll notice it’s built to play nicely not just with Astra and Spectra One, but really, with any WordPress themes. This kind of flexibility? Big win in my book. It’s like Spectra Pro gets that web developers come with all sorts of needs and projects.

Dashboard Design and Functionality

Once you get Spectra Pro installed, you’re greeted with a dashboard that’s all about simplicity and clarity. It’s like a breath of fresh air, keeping you focused without overwhelming you with too much info.

The dashboard is your quick access point to all the core features, while the Blocks section is a treasure trove for creative minds. Here, you can fiddle around with a variety of blocks, toggling them on or off to suit your project.

Spectra Pro Dashboard Design and Functionality
Spectra Pro Dashboard Design and Functionality.


Tweaking Spectra Pro to fit just right with your site? That’s what this section is for. If you’re new to this whole page-building scene, there’s a handy “Getting Started with Spectra” video right on the welcome screen. Trust me, it’s a great primer.

Spectra Pro Settings Template
Spectra Pro Settings Template

Knowledge Base and Support

Another thing that really stands out? The knowledge base. Spectra Pro packs a whole lot of tutorials and guides in there. So, even if you’re going solo, you’ve got all the support you need right at your fingertips.

Blocks and Extensions

Digging a bit deeper into the Blocks section, you’ll see Spectra Pro doesn’t mess around. Everything is super organized. You can sort blocks by category and switch them on or off as you please – it’s all about giving you the reins.

And the variety? From Core to Creative, Content to Post, and beyond – they’ve got it all covered. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for web building.

Spectra Pro Blocks and Extensions
Spectra Pro Blocks and Extensions

Choosing the Template

As I mentioned earlier, Spectra Pro has a massive template library. No matter for which business you are creating a website, you will definitely find a template for it. Just go to the Search Bar and enter your niche.

Spectra Pro will come up with the most relevant template. And if you don’t, you can always modify the available ones without any hassle. Here’s how a template library of Spectra Pro looks:

Spectra Pro Template Kit
Spectra Pro Template Kit.

Once you choose the template, it’s time to edit it as per your needs.

Editing Template

Block Editing

I picked one of the simplest templates for a Freelance Copywriter website to keep things clutter-free. Now, once you import the template, you can start editing it right away. Here’s what the Spectra Pro Editor looks like:

Spectra Pro Block Editing
Spectra Pro Block Editing.

For your better understanding, I have labeled the few sections

Section 1: This is a quick edit widget from where you can highlight your, add dynamic text, or create the text automatically using WPZip.

Section 2: From here, you can pick what changes you want to make to your particular blog.

Section 3: This is where you can edit a particular block. Here you can edit images, change the text, font, spacing, typography, backgrounds, subheadings, and much more. In the advanced setting, there is an option for “Responsive Condition” where you can hide your certain animations. This can help your website load quickly on platforms like tablets or mobile. Pretty neat, right?

Page Editing

This is where you can make overall changes to your page. For e.g. you can set your featured image, allow or disallow comments, or change the author.

Revising and Publishing

This is the final step before launching your website. Make all the necessary changes to your website, make sure it’s SEO optimized, the content is up to the mark and you are ready to roll.

Hit the “Publish” button on the top right of your screen. Spectra Pro will ask for a confirmation and once you agree, your website will go live. It’s that simple! Can you imagine anything simpler than Spectra Pro to create premium websites? Honestly, I can’t. And you will realize this only when you will use it.

Look, what I shared with you about the editing is just the basics. Spectra Pro offers a lot of editing and customization options for creating unique and attractive websites. So I would recommend trying the free version first to learn all that Spectra has to offer, then upgrade to Spectra Pro as it will make you super efficient.

Spectra Pro Pricing

Spectra Pro offers a wide range of plans to meet the varied needs of businesses, individuals, and enterprises. Here’s a complete break-down of the plans they offer:

Spectra Pro Standard Plans

  • For 1 Website: $49 (discounted from $59)
  • For 10 Websites: $59 (discounted from $79)
  • For 1000 Websites: $69 (discounted from $89)

Each plan offers the full features of Spectra Pro, including its powerful page builder capabilities​​​​.

Essential Toolkit

Priced at $79 (normally $99), this plan includes everything in one toolkit – the page builder, a premium theme, and website templates​​.

This toolkit is designed for users who need a comprehensive solution for building and managing a single website.

Business Toolkit

Priced at $149, this plan is geared towards users who require a complete suite of products for their business needs​​.

It includes everything in the Essential Toolkit, plus additional features and tools suitable for managing multiple websites or larger projects.

Spectra vs. Spectra Pro: What’s the difference?

Now if you are wondering why you should upgrade from Spectra to Spectra Pro, here’s the a quick comparison for your understanding:

Feature/AspectSpectra (Free Version)Spectra Pro (Premium Version)
BlocksOffers 28+ diverse blocks like post grids, sliders, contact forms, image galleries, etc.Includes all features of the free version plus additional premium features like animation effects, dynamic content, loop builder, etc.
TemplatesOver 100 professionally designed website templates.Access to more advanced templates and features, enhancing functionality and design possibilities.
Customization & FlexibilityHigh level of customization in design aspects.More extensive customization options allowing greater control over website appearance and functionality.
User InterfaceUser-friendly, suitable for beginners and experts.Intuitive design with easy navigation and personalization, offering robust global controls for managing multiple blocks concurrently.
PerformanceFast and SEO-friendly, optimized for responsiveness.Some instances of slow website performance and occasional page builder freezing noted.
Support & UpdatesBasic support.Enhanced support with dedicated customer service, frequent updates including bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features.
Additional FeaturesAdvanced features like Instagram feed block, countdown timer block, comparison slider block, popup builder, and a theme builder.
Ideal ForUsers who need a powerful yet simple tool for website building.Advanced web developers and larger projects requiring more granular control and advanced functionalities.
CostFreePaid, with different pricing plans for annual subscriptions or lifetime access.
Spectra vs. Spectra Pro
Spectra Pro WordPress Walkthrough – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Spectra Pro: How Does it Performance Against Competitors?

How Does Spectra Pro Performance Against Competitors?
How Does Spectra Pro Performance Against Competitors?

The most common competitors of Spectra Pro are Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. So let’s compare Spectra Pro with these page builders in all aspects.

1. User Interface and Experience

Spectra Pro: Features a clean, intuitive dashboard that’s incredibly easy to navigate, making it a winner for beginners and those who value simplicity.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder: Their interfaces can be overwhelming and less intuitive for new users, lacking the simplicity and ease of use that Spectra Pro offers.

2. Theme Compatibility

Spectra Pro: Excellently adapts to a wide range of WordPress themes, including Astra, with seamless integration that is hard to match.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder: While they offer compatibility, they occasionally run into integration issues with most certain themes, which is less of a concern with Spectra Pro.

3. Learning Resources and Support

Spectra Pro: Provides a comprehensive knowledge base and tutorials in a more digestible format, ideal for quick learning and problem-solving.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder: Though they have extensive resources, the sheer volume can be daunting, and users might find it harder to locate specific guidance compared to Spectra Pro.

4. Features and Customization

Spectra Pro: Offers a streamlined selection of blocks and extensions, focusing on quality over quantity, ensuring users have exactly what they need without unnecessary bloat.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder: Extensive ( and often unnecessary) features and widgets that can lead to a bloated experience, where the abundance of options detracts from efficiency and ease of use.

5. Pricing and Value

Spectra Pro: Known for its affordability, providing excellent value for its feature set, making it a cost-effective choice for users.

Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder: Often come at a higher price, which might not translate into better value for users who need a straightforward, efficient page builder like Spectra Pro.

6. Performance and Optimization

Spectra Pro: Balances functionality with performance, ensuring that websites remain fast and responsive, a critical factor in SEO and user experience.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder: With their more extensive feature sets, there can be a tendency to impact site performance and loading times.

Spectra Pro Pros and Cons

Spectra Pro Pros

  • Extensive Range of Features and Blocks: Spectra Pro offers a wide array of features and blocks, enhancing the web-building experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The design is intuitive, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate and personalize.
  • 100+ Pre-built Templates: Offers a significant number of templates to expedite the website creation process.
  • Built-in SEO and Performance Enhancements: Includes features to optimize websites for search engines and improve performance.
  • No Impact on Website Speed: Designed to maintain website speed, ensuring efficient performance.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Offers various budget-friendly plans, making them accessible for different users.

Spectra Pro Cons

  • Limited Customization Options: Some users may find the customization options insufficient for their specific needs.
  • Integration Limitations: There might be compatibility issues with certain third-party plugins or external tools, which can restrict integration options.
  • Learning Curve: New users might face a learning curve in effectively utilizing all the features of Spectra Pro.

Spectra Pro: The Final Verdict

I have used numerous page builders to date. And I am sure you have too. But frankly, Spectra Pro is by far the most efficient and easy-to-use tool that I have ever come across. Based on my personal experience, I strongly recommend trying this tool for once.

If you are not ready to commit, you can always start with their free plan, i.e. Spectra. But I am sure you will likely upgrade to the Spectra Pro once you start using Spectra.

I hope this guide will help you understand Spectra Pro better and use it efficiently. If you would like to explore more of such tools and software, feel free to explore our website. You will definitely find something helpful.


Can Spectra Pro be used with any WordPress theme?

Yes, Spectra Pro is designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of WordPress themes, including Astra and Spectra One, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

What features does Spectra Pro include?

Spectra Pro includes powerful features like Popup Builder, Loop Builder, Dynamic Content, custom blocks like Sliders, Image Gallery, Instagram Feed, and extensions for Animations & Motion Effects.

Is Spectra Pro suitable for users without coding experience?

Absolutely! Spectra Pro is a no-code page builder and hence suitable for those without coding experience. Its drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-navigate interface allow users to build and customize websites without needing to write code.

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