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Pixpa website builder for photographers and creators

As digital technology grows, the demand for a sophisticated and efficient website is growing. It is challenging to create stunning and attractive websites, mainly for artists, photographers, and designers, that allow them to showcase their work and sell it online.

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Thankfully, numerous tools like Pixpa, Shopify, and WooCommerce in the market can simplify the whole process, letting you build better, attractive, and high-performing websites.

Today we are going to talk about one such tool, Pixpa.

Pixpa is generating a lot of buzzes in the market with its affordable pricing and user-friendly features. So we decided to dissect this tool to understand whether Pixpa is worth your money. In this detailed Pixpa review, we have focused on every feature and limitation to give you a holistic view of the tool.

So let’s get started right away with the introduction.


Pixpa is a one-stop solution for creating Portfolio Websites, Online Stores, and Client Galleries designed to best suit the needs of highly creative professionals who are looking for an affordable option. It comes with attractive and engaging pre-developed themes and layouts.

Pixpa is specially designed for artists, photographers & designers who want to showcase their creativity & sell their work online. Its Drag and Drop feature allows you to create stunning Portfolio Websites without any Coding Experience.

It also has many tools that are extremely helpful and easy to use for novice and experienced creative developers.

Now let’s see what the Pixpa has in the box for you!

What do you get with the basic package?

The basic features include a Website Builder and hosting. You also get an option to upgrade your services and benefit from tools like “Client Proof Reading” & E-commerce building functionality for Artists and Photographers.

In short, Pixpa is a perfect option for developing creative websites for photographers, videographers, vloggers, and bloggers.

So if you are the one who needs everything in one place, Pixpa can do the job.

Pixpa Dashboard
Pixpa Dashboard – Portfolio websites for photographers and creators.

Some Basic features of Pixpa

There are various plans available with Pixpa, and you get multiple functionalities with different plans. But some features are standard in all the plans. Let’s take a look at these features.

  1. Drag and Drop feature: As mentioned above, Pixpa is extremely easy to use. The Drag and Drop feature, although not unique, is extremely helpful in creating websites quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you don’t need to be some coding wizard to create a website, as all you have to do drag and drop all the components you need.
  2. Custom Domain: This is a beneficial feature. Unlike many Website Building tools out there, Pixpa allows you to use your custom domain. This feature ensures that you are not bound to some domain you don’t like, and you won’t have to pay for it.
  3. Elegant and responsive themes: Pixpa comes with numerous pre-loaded themes that are elegant in looks and offer hyper-responsive performance. This is extremely helpful for creative developers who want to focus more on developing an enticing website with minimal coding.
  4. Efficient Tracking: Tracking your website’s performance is critical for its success. Pixpa offers a direct connection to Google analytics. This helps you track the traffic coming to the website, their demography, and other information to fine-tune your website for better targeting and a fantastic User Experience.
  5. Integrated blogs: Blogs are a vital part of your website. They help you bring in high-converting traffic by offering readers some valuable information. Pixpa offers you an integrated blog functionality that ensures you can post and publish your blogs on the go!
  6. Unlimited bandwidth: Many website building tools struggle to offer a quick loading website due to the limited bandwidth. Fortunately, Pixpa comes with unlimited bandwidth, so your website will load swiftly without any glitches.
  7. SEO-optimized websites: If people can’t see your client, they won’t buy from them! So your client’s website must be fully SEO-optimized. Pixpa’s development team understands this thing clearly, and hence, they constantly keep updating their themes to ensure all the websites are fully SEO-optimized.
Pixpa SEO Settings
Pixpa SEO Settings

Add-on features of Pixpa

Apart from these standard features, Pixpa also offers multiple add-ons for which you will have to pay extra money.

  1. Integrated Apps: If you want to integrate services like Google Maps, YouTube, and similar other services, Pixpa allows you to do so in the add-on plans.
  2. Commission free-sales: If you are into an online e-commerce business, this feature can be a game-changer. Pixpa offers integrated e-commerce with zero commission.
  3. It also offers support for 200 or more images and videos. You can also get ten or more galleries to place these images and videos.
  4. Support: Pixpa also offers support for five or more services or products in your e-commerce store. If you are running an online store, this feature can come in handy.

Apart from these features, you can also get add-ons like Backorders, Support for Digital Products, SSL security, Inventory Management, Discount coupons, Abandoned cart recovery, and at least 1GB of cloud storage.

Pixpa lets you build custom mobile apps to share your designs and images with the client easily. Your clients can install these apps on their mobile devices and access the designs and images you share with them.

This is an excellent feature that streamlines your image sharing process, as you can add up to 250 items in each app and share them with the client.

Pixpa Gallery Apps
Pixpa Portfolio Gallery Builder Apps.

Create Efficient E-commerce websites with Pixpa

E-commerce website development is par, if not better, than some industry leaders like Shopify and WooCommerce. The e-commerce website builder is simple yet efficient and does the job.

Pixpa product listing eCommerce
Pixpa product listing eCommerce

Sell your designs and images as prints and downloads with Pixpa.

If you are an artist or photographer looking for a perfect way to sell your designs and images as Prints & Downloads online, Pixpa has excellent functionality for you. It lets you create e-commerce galleries from where you can sell the designs and images directly. You can also create a price list and automate the whole delivery process.

Pixpa - Sell your designs and photos
Pixpa – Sell your designs and photos.

You can also create Client Galleries that allow you to send the physical image or design to your customer from the platform itself.

Pixpa client albums and gallery
Pixpa client albums and gallery.

Simplified Inventory Management

For e-commerce websites, inventory management is vital. It can make or break the online business. Keeping this fact in mind, Pixpa offers you the facility to create different product variants, depending on size, color, type, and brand.

This feature makes the shopping experience memorable for the visitors they might be tempted to keep coming back.

Retarget potential customers

The biggest problem with e-commerce stores is potential customers abandoning their carts before completing the purchase. The primary reason is the other cheap option.

Fortunately, Pixpa comes with the tools that help you utilize data in the abandoned cart. You can retarget potential customers by offering them coupons and personalized deals using these email marketing tools. This tool can drastically boost your conversion rate, taking your sales sky-high.

You can build a full-suite e-commerce tool using varied features like order placement and processing, product listings, discounts, offers, etc. So if you are looking to develop a highly efficient platform for an e-commerce store, Pixpa is a perfect tool for you.

Sometimes, the ready-made templates are not enough for a business website. Pixpa offers various tools that can be integrated with their website to boost functionality to assist such businesses.

In short, you can have access to any tool that you might need for any feature that you want. These tools are YouTube, Instagram, Paypal, MailChimp, Google Translate, Shopify, Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

But the drawback is that all these tools are paid for, so you will have to spend some money before utilizing them.

Pricing of Pixpa

The best part of the Pixpa is its price. They have a reputation as an affordable website builder tool, and they live up to it. All three packages are offered at a highly competitive price, delivering better results at a low cost, especially for novice developers.

The Pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden charges. You can add any add-ons anytime you like and can cancel them too.

15-day’s free trial of Pixpa

If you are unsure whether to invest in the Pixpa before checking its features and various functionalities, there is an option for a free trial. You can get a 15-day’s free trial to explore all the features and decide later.

What issues need to be fixed by Pixpa?

There are some issues that we would like Pixpa to take a look at.

  1. There is no facility to publish the website during the trial period. This can be annoying sometimes. Developers and creators like to check out what the final product looks like before buying the full version. This is where Pixpa can make some improvements.
  2. The number of themes is limited. We understand that it is an excellent deal at such a low price, but they should add some more themes to give more options to the users.

Although not significant, resolving these issues can help Pixpa deliver a better user experience.

The best part, Pricing is affordable as compared to peers.

Client Proofing tool turns the table.

The client’s proofing tool is a feature that makes Pixpa unique. It lets you communicate with your clients, receive feedback, and share your designs for review. This will surely delight your clients and streamline your development process. It ensures quick and efficient digital file delivery and proofing as compared to other systems.

You can also create a private collection for a particular client and share the link. Once the client opens the link, he/she will find an enticing landing page. The client can share feedback about your design easily.

After-sales support

Pixpa has an efficient back-end team that everything works as it is supposed to. You get an email id for support and have 24×7 live chat support anytime from the user’s dashboard. All you have to do is drop them an email, and they will respond with the solution. Although it is not as efficient as live-support, it does the job.

But, we think direct phone support by an agent could have been great.

How are Pixpa fares against competitors?

Pixpa is a new & niche website builder, so it is not fair to compare it with other well-known website builders. But if there is a Pixpa vs Wix battle, Pixpa will take the cake in certain areas. E.g., if you want to construct a creative website for photography, videography, or an artistic website, Pixpa is a perfect option. Moreover, its UI is simpler and quicker.

On the other hand, Wix is a good option for restaurants, hospitality, or small businesses. Wix offers free plans while you get a free trial at Pixpa.

Similarly, in a Pixpa vs SquareSpace battle, Pixpa will prove its worth if you are designing a creative website. Squarespace is specially designed for bloggers. So, to be honest, it is not fair to compare these two.

Overall, Pixpa is an excellent website building tool for creating creative websites, and it fares quite well against its competitors in the market. If you are looking for a website with unlimited hosting & bandwidth with an SSL certificate, Pixpa should be your go-to option.

Final words on Pixpa

After an in-depth Pixpa review, we can confidently say that Pixpa is best suited for creative designers. If you want to develop a website for photographers, videographers, and artists, Pixpa will work like a charm. It offers stunning designs, easy-to-use UI & an uncluttered look.

Its e-commerce functionality and client proofing tools are a cherry on the top. It lets you sell digital & Physical products easily. Beautiful templates and themes make Pixpa a “go-to” option for all those artists who want budget website builders. Moreover, Pixpa’s websites are highly Scalable and SEO-friendly. So they can grow with your business efficiently.

The best part we loved about Pixpa is its affordable Pricing. Moreover, they are also offering massive discounts to the students and teachers right now, making it a perfect choice for a novice.

So our final words are, “If you are one of those creative minds, go for Pixpa, blindly!”

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