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LearnWorlds - Create and Sell Online Courses

Online courses are the learning trend of the modern era. They have enabled people to make huge profits. Fortunately, there is multiple software available in the market for launching valuable courses and selling them online.

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Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or educator looking for an online application to sell your courses?

If yes, then this review is for you. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of LearnWorlds, one of the amazing online course software that has helped thousands of educators upscale their courses globally.

LearnWorlds: An Overview

LearnWorlds is one of the most powerful suites packed with sales tools, analytics, and various third-party marketing integrations. The platform offers multiple interactive ways to develop engaging and interesting communication between the teachers and students. It helps you create a holistic learning experience at highly affordable rates.

Features of LearnWorlds

Here are the outstanding features offered by LearnWorlds:

  1. User-friendly software for building training websites
  2. No limits to the creation of courses
  3. Features for designing landing as well as sales pages
  4. Provision to upload high-quality videos
  5. An in-built social network for course promotion
  6. Testing as well as engagement tools
  7. Personalized mobile applications
  8. A web-domain
  9. 24/7 customer support team
  10. Access to download digital content on any device

A guide to the LearnWorlds’s Interface

Although the online course software does not have a minimalist interface, it’s not that difficult to work with it. On the exact top and left-hand side, margins are essential tools for viewing the preview of a page or designing a new course.

Further, every step has its own specifications mentioned clearly on the web application. Its easier to navigate through the tools using the information provided on the web application. You can also check their knowledge development series, where there are multiple videos and blogs on understanding the operations.

Another exciting feature of the LearnWorlds dashboard is that it shows you a detailed sales and revenue report. Add a filter to it, and you can see the results for last week, month, or even 2 months on the screen.

Creating fascinating learning experience with LearnWorlds

Learning needs to be engaging and interesting, even if it’s in online mode. LearnWorlds provides the following features to achieve this goal:

  1. Features for creating animated e-learning contents – videos as well as eBooks
  2. Online examination tools for conducting fair evaluations
  3. Interactive progress charts

Here are the features that you can add to the educational videos:

  1. Pop-up notifications
  2. Navigation bars
  3. Hyperlinks (to allow the students to get a deep insight into the topic through some external resources)
  4. In-built assessments
  5. Link to doubts

Apart from this, you get the following options for delivering e-learning content to your students:

  1. Creating and uploading PDFs
  2. Designing concept maps
  3. Preparing audio files
  4. Embedding Google forms

Creating a school with LearnWorlds

This feature by LearnWorlds helps you create your school with a simple two-step process. For the operation, instructions go to the “School Wizard” tab mentioned in the dashboard. Create your school, give it a name, specify your time zone along with the currency. And there you are, good to launch your own school!

Go to the “Creation Wizard” in your tab and complete the following tasks:

  1. Name your course
  2. Personalize your course URL
  3. Select the category of the course you want to offer
  4. Decide the price – LearnWorlds also offers amazing content on “How to price your course?”
  5. Upload an image and write a catchy description to it
  6. Edit your course whenever you wish with the editing features
  7. Be ready to sell your course and attract more audience

Selling your course

LearnWorlds allows you to create sales and landing pages with high conversion rates. It also offers various eye-catching templates for sales pages. You can customize them according to your needs, even without any design or coding skills. The platform offers you an exclusive set of design tools that will also help you build a sales page for selling online courses from your own website.

Apart from the sales pages, you can also build your information pages using the Page Builder tools available on LearnWorlds. With this, you can design a separate website and host a sales funnel that will convert your clients efficiently.

Student interaction and social media

LearnWorlds provides a space for students where everyone who enrolls for your course can get an individual dashboard. You can also set up a discussion group where all the students are connected in the entire learning process. Using the networking hub by the online course software, every student can set up his/ her profile and display their activities and activities, creating a social presence.

Branding and marketing your online course

Branding is the key to make your course stand out in the crowd. LearnWorlds provides multiple tools to create an exclusive brand for your online courses. This can be done through the theme editor by the software. It’s simple to use these features. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the dashboard
  2. Click “Appearance”
  3. Go to the “Logo & Colors” tab
  4. Upload your logo
  5. Customize your school colors and add to the aesthetics of your brand

Pro-tip: Look at what’s changing in your online course’s appearance through the preview and finalize what goes the best with your brand.

The key selling and marketing features

LearnWorlds supports strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Apart from this, it also offers some amazing selling and marketing features that are as follows:

  1. Managing subscription: You can offer a subscription-based online course to your customers for better sales and marketing.
  2. Promoting sales: You can host some of the best limited-time offers for your courses to drive organic customers who make direct call-to-action.
  3. Arranging for Coupon Codes: Setting up referrals and Coupon codes is another way to offer discounts to your prospects. You can easily generate such codes and send them to your prospects within no time using this online course software.
  4. Offering free courses: Free courses are a sales pitch for your master courses. This can help you build trust among your customers and add value to their life. You can easily set up this freebie and design a course that engages your audience and results in high conversion rates.
  5. Dripping content: Dripping your feeds by providing valuable lessons will draw your audience’s attention towards your online course. The online course software also allows you to increase your audience retention through this feature.
  6. Personalized Emails: LearnWorlds allows you to send customized emails to your target audience and existing students. Add some values, freebies, and much more to these Emails for better retention of your prospects.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: This online selling platform has built-in affiliate management to boost your sales through affiliate links. You can easily build and share such links with your clients and attract more students to make purchases from your courses.

Some exceptional features of the online course software

LearnWorlds offers all the above-mentioned features. But this is not it! The platform also offers multiple features that are worth checking out. Here’s a complete list of them:

a. Multilingualism

You can easily integrate a variety of languages into your course. This can help you build a variety of audiences. Further, you can also use this feature to sell your online course on your website by creating your own translations.

b. Course privacy

LearnWorlds allows you to set your invitation-only course where the entire course is hidden from the public. The people who subscribe to your course can only view this private course. Isn’t it interesting? Try using it, and you will see the wonders.

c. Multiple instructors

Do you wish to collaborate with other experts, industrialists, or entrepreneurs? This feature is exclusively for you. You can invite them to your school and allow them to sell their online courses on your online course platform too. Further, LearnWorlds makes it easier to calculate your revenue share using its advanced analytics and reporting tools.

d. Students improvement

You can easily track the progress of your students throughout the course. This will help you figure out if any student requires additional support from your side. You can also come to know the sections of your course where the students face more difficulties and arrange for an easier, in-depth version of the same.

e. Feature to resume learning

Adding a resume button to your online courses will help the students learn better throughout their journey. This feature ensures that your students resume their courses from where they had left the last time, i.e., they won’t have to compulsorily sit and listen to the lectures for the entire session. They can continue to do so at their convenience.

And here comes the pricing!

LearnWorlds Pricing
LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds offers 3 pre-set and 1 customizable package for the educators who want to sell their online courses. Here are the common features shared by all of them:

  • Pre-built disclaimers
  • The learners’ space where the students can display their activity and achievement
  • Course analytics where the student’s progress is measured individually
  • Multiple languages
  • 400+ pre-designed templates
  • Allowance to the creation of unlimited courses
  • A video library for the course
  • Conversion reports and analytics
  • E-books, assessments, questionnaires, feedbacks
  • Space for featuring your articles and tweets
  • Coupon codes and referrals generation
  • Marketing and branding tools
  • Features for brand promotion
  • Tools for capturing leads
  • An in-built social network for encouraging and engaging students

Here are the plans that offer the above-mentioned services along with some add-ons depending on each of the plans:

The Starter Plan

This plan offers the following additional features:

  • Single admin access
  • Page builder (up to 3 pages)
  • SSL security certification
  • All-time support
  • A personalized domain
  • Multiple payment gateways (up to 4)
  • Integrations

Price: $24/month (if billed annually) or $29/month

The Pro Plan

Under this plan, you get everything from the starter pack along with the following features:

  • Zero transaction fees
  • Multimedia files
  • Landing pages
  • Subscriptions + Membership features
  • Customized certifications
  • Personalized checkout pages
  • Onboarding call
  • Website builder + blog
  • Affiliate marketing management tools
  • E-learning course player
  • Five admin accounts
  • Zapier as well as premium integrations
  • EMI setups for payments

Price: $79/month if paid annually, $99/month if paid every month

The Learning Center

This is like a master plan offered by LearnWorlds. This plan has everything that LearnWorlds offers along with the following features:

  • Access to 20 admin accounts
  • All-time premium support
  • White-label options
  • API integrations
  • Upload tool for students
  • Tailormade iOS and Android applications (extra fees)
  • Cutting-edge affiliate marketing management
  • SSO
  • 2 hours of onboarding call
  • Automated client insights
  • Webhooks integration


If you wish to sell your online course on your website, choose LearnWorlds for the best user experience. The software makes it easier for you to design and launch your course right from branding to analytics & reports, even if you know nothing about coding.

The application interface is quite simple to understand and navigate through. Apart from this, the software offers multiple plans to meet your requirements. Please choose the one that matches your course and go for it!

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