Lasso Plugin Review: Will it help your Affiliate Marketing Goals?

Lasso plugin for WordPress affiliate marketing tool

Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most sought ways to generate revenue. Especially niche websites have mastered this technique. But as with all businesses, specific core issues make the task of such website owners difficult.

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For E.g.

Lower CTR (Click through Ratio):

This is the primary issue faced by the websites. It’s not enough to bring visitors to your website; they need to click the links on your website. Due to multiple reasons, websites struggle with lower CTR.

Link Management:

When you have hundreds of links spread across your website, it becomes a headache to maintain all those links. Any outdated links & you’ll miss a big chunk of your business.

These are just primary examples. Tackling them is vital to have to scale your affiliate Marketing Business over a longer time. That’s where Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins come in. Efficient & well-designed plugins can help you ace your Affiliate Marketing.

Today, we are going to talk about one such fantastic WordPress Plugin, Lasso. Lasso has rapidly emerged as a primary choice for multiple Affiliate Marketers. So how this Plugin is different from its peers? How does it fare in our hands-on experience? & most importantly, is it worth the price?

We are going to answer all of your questions in this Lasso review.

So let’s get started with the basics.

Lasso Plugin, the best Affiliate Marketing tool

Lasso is a powerful & efficient WordPress Plugin that is specially designed for Affiliate Marketers. It assists them in boosting revenue through their Affiliate Marketing Programs. If you are an affiliate marketer, this is a must-have plugin on your WordPress website.

It helps you manage & maintain all the affiliate links on your Website, so you don’t lose a single customer! It boosts your CTR, maintains the quality of your links & simplifies the task.

Although there are multiple such plugins available in the Market, Lasso beats them all. It’s easy to use & gets you the desired results quickly!

How to grow your Affiliate Market Business with Lasso?

The Lasso affiliate plugin does more than one thing to help your business grow. Let’s check’em one by one.

If you are running an affiliate marketing business, it’s obvious you’ll want to create the link for a product. Lasso makes this task super easy. All you have to do is visit the “Add New Link” section, paste your affiliate link in it & you are good to go!

You can edit or modify the visuals as per your liking. There is an option to add the description, price or more information about the product here.

Customized Look

Lasso WordPress plugin custom themes
Lasso WordPress plugin custom themes

People love visually appealing things. The same logic applies to your Affiliate Marketing Website. If you want more people to click on your link, the layout should be super attractive. Fortunately, Lasso has a surprise for you!

You can fully customize the display boxes using Lasso! These boxes ensure your website looks stunning & Products are displayed more attractively, so you can get more CTR. The more the CTR, the more revenue you will generate; it’s simple logic, right?

Moreover, there is also an option for a grid display box. This means, if you are doing a blog about the top 5 tools for a successful Digital Marketing campaign, you can add the display boxes for all of them in a grid box! This feature is super easy & super efficient at the same time.

This is by far the most amazing feature that we came across during our GetLasso review. As an Affiliate Marketer, you might have multiple Amazon links on your website. But when was the last time you checked & update your Amazon link? Don’t remember, right? Then this Plugin is surely designed for you!

Moreover, it also converts all the Amazon links on your website to your Amazon Affiliate Marketing line! Isn’t it amazing? All these changes are done & dusted automatically!

There is also an option to create an amazing display box, as mentioned earlier. Open the menu bar on your WordPress, & click on the “Add Lasso Display”, & it’s done! You can also customize your display box to your liking.

And if you are wondering how to manage the links that are not on your website, you can simply copy & paste the link in the “Add New Link” section. The Lasso will grab all the details about the product by itself!

Healthy links are vital for the success of your Affiliate Marketing program. These links are the doorway to your success. So all our links must be updated regularly. But when you have literally hundreds of links spread on your website, it becomes difficult & time-consuming to visit each & every one of them manually.

Fortunately, with Lasso, this task is a piece of cake! All you have to do is update the link in one place & all the links on your site will be updated. This feature is handy, especially for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time on link management.

Never miss an opportunity.

Let’s say you are using a certain product & regularly mention it across your blogs or Website. But do you use the affiliate link of that particular product every time you use that word?

Not exactly, right? Can you imagine how much business you might have missed by not adding a link to this product?

Lasso takes care of this too! Lasso allows you to insert your affiliate marketing links to a particular keyword across your website or blog.

When you write a particular Keyword, Lasso shows where you could have used the affiliate Marketing link & could have grown your business. This is the most sophisticated way to generate revenue from sources you never knew existed!

Amazing Call to Action (CTA) buttons

Luring people to your website is one thing & making them click your link is another! You need a full-fledged funnel to maximize your CTR. Although Lasso is designed for Affiliate Marketing links, you can create some amazing CTA buttons.

The more appealing your CTAs are, the more Click-throughs you will get.

Promote your favorite product better

With Lasso, you can add the “featured” attribute to the product you want to promote first. Let’s say you are promoting 5 Digital Marketing tools in your blog. But if you want more readers to click on a graphic designing tool; you can add attributes like “try this first”, or “Our top pick” or anything else you like.

These attributes are fully customizable, so you tailor them to your need. This minor feature packs too much punch. We have observed an increase of around 230% in our CTR where we used this particular attribute.

What is the limitation of the Lasso WordPress Plugin?

Look, this is a pretty new plugin in the Market. So some edges need polishing. Although not a big deal, you must know about them before you invest your money into them.

Let’s take a look at some limitations.

We understand how crucial Permalinks are for your affiliate marketing. So we had to mention this part. During our hands-on review, we found that you cannot edit your Permalinks to a certain extent, the custom links like /go/in sub-folders (Ex:, etc.

This is not a deal-breaker, but it would be good to see more flexibility in editing or creating permalinks.

2. Overwhelming Monetization can be harmful.

You wouldn’t want to bombard your visitors with constant affiliate marketing links, would you? It might bore your visitors & they may bounce off to your competitors. So when you mention a particular keyword on your website or blog, the plugin will not auto-monetize every keyword.

Users will have the option to choose the instances of a keyword that are monetized and which are not. So it is very easy to monetize your entire blog without making it appear spammy with automated links.

3. 14 free-trials

Technically, this is an advantage & not a limitation! The 14-day free trial allows you to add as many displays as you would like in that time period, and the displays stay even after your trial is over. You will be unable to add more displays, however, it will not remove the ones you have already added and you can keep using the links even if you uninstall the Plugin!

4. Bugs & updates

As this Plugin is comparatively new, some users might face bugs. This can be exhausting sometimes. But the team at Lasso is constantly working to fix these bugs & release regular updates so you can manage all your links without a fuss!

Lasso Pricing

Lasso WordPress plugin pricing
Lasso WordPress plugin pricing

This is the section where Lasso trumps all its competitors! With just $29/month, you get to use one of the most sophisticated & advanced plugins for Affiliate Marketing.

Moreover, if you buy a yearly pack, it will cost you $260/year as you get two months for free! If you are a blogger or niche website owner looking to monetize your content, this fee is nothing. It gives you a clear edge over others, helps you generate more revenue & makes the link management task easy.

So if you ask us, this deal is a grabber!

Is Lasso worth the price?

If you look around the Market, you might find other WordPress plugins for Affiliate Marketing at a similar or higher price. But during our research, none of these plugins came close to Lasso in terms of performance.

Even though it’s new, it comes fully loaded with all the features necessary for a successful Affiliate Marketing Program. So, in our opinion, this Lasso is definitely worth its price.

If you are not comfortable with a commitment of one year, try one month pack. We can assure you; you will fall in love with the tool!

Lasso plugin alternatives

Though GetLasso is great to consider as a powerful affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress, there are some other great alternatives at an affordable price compared to Lasso. Here are a few which we used earlier at WittySparks:

  • Thirsty Affiliates
  • AAWP
  • Pretty Links
  • AzonPress
  • AffiliateWP

and more to count on.

Are you using any of the above list plugins? or using any other plugins other than the one listed above? Would be thrilled to explore such affiliate marketing tools or plugins, tag us at @wittysparks on any of the social media platforms.

Enhance your earnings by joining the Lasso affiliate program. With opportunities to earn a commission through referrals and sales, add this to your affiliate marketing journey to earn extra income with minimal effort. Join today to get started!

Final Thoughts

The Affiliate Marketing domain is witnessing fierce competition right now. As the number of competitors is skyrocketing, it is critical to stay relevant & efficient. If you are spending more time managing your links, there is no chance you can survive in the Market.

Lasso gives you a much-needed breather. It manages all your links, keeps them updated & the best part; it brings more revenue!

So if you are looking for the best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin, this is it!


How does Lasso help improve my affiliate marketing website’s performance?

Lasso is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps manage and maintain all affiliate links on your website. It boosts your click-through rate (CTR), ensures link quality, and simplifies link management tasks. Lasso’s customizable display boxes and call-to-action (CTA) buttons contribute to a visually appealing site that encourages users to click on your links, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Can Lasso automatically manage my Amazon affiliate links?

Yes, Lasso can automatically manage your Amazon affiliate links. It updates Amazon links on your website and converts them into Amazon affiliate marketing links. It also allows you to create display boxes for Amazon products, which can be customized to match your website’s aesthetics.

How does Lasso help with link management and updating?

With Lasso, you can update your affiliate links in one central location, and the plugin takes care of updating the links across your entire site. This feature saves time and ensures that all links remain up-to-date, which is essential for a successful affiliate marketing program.

What limitations does the Lasso plugin have?

As a relatively new plugin, Lasso has a few limitations, such as less flexibility in modifying permalinks and occasional bugs that require updates. Additionally, while Lasso offers auto-monetization of keywords, users should be cautious not to overwhelm visitors with too many monetized links, which could lead to a negative user experience.

How much does Lasso cost, and is it worth the investment?

Lasso offers a monthly plan at $29/month, and a yearly plan costs $260/year, with two months free. Considering its advanced features and the benefits it brings to your affiliate marketing efforts, the investment in Lasso is worthwhile for bloggers and niche website owners who want to monetize their content effectively.

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