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Sendinblue review

In this Sendinblue Brevo review, I will take you through various features, details, pricing, pros and cons, and an honest verdict. Let’s begin with understanding the concept behind Brevo.

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Email Marketing holds vital importance among the various aspects of Digital Marketing. But managing a massive list of subscribers & creating attractive emails that convert is challenging. Brevo was designed to meet these challenges head-on.

Brevo Review: In a nutshell

  • A powerful email marketing tool that makes your email marketing easy
  • Getting Started is Super Easy
  • The User Interface is minimal & easily navigable
  • Amazing email editor & creator
  • It offers a wonderful free plan for beginners or someone just testing.
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Not suitable for big enterprises
  • A limited number of templates

What is Brevo?

Brevo is a full-spectrum email marketing & automation tool designed for email marketers & Business owners. This tool markets itself as one of the best marketing & automation tools available in the market.

It’s loaded with the features like Excellent Email Template Editor, Subscriber Management, Social Media Integration, Email automation & much more.

It’s specially designed for small & medium businesses to manage their email marketing efficiently. If you are starting or are new to email marketing, this tool can be a perfect choice. During my Brevo review, I tested this tool in detail & got great results.

Let’s take a look at how to use this tool.

How to use Brevo for email marketing?

To craft this hands-on Brevo Review, I created a free Brevo account. You can test this tool, too, by creating such a free account here.

Getting Started with Brevo

Honestly, starting with almost any email marketing tool is easy today. The same goes for Brevo. To get started with the free plan, all you have to do is visit their website and register yourself for free.

You will have to fill few details like the number of employees, the size of your subscriber list, & whether you sell online or not. You will also have to enter a few company details tools. And that’s it; you are ready to roll.

Creating an Email Template

Your customers receive hundreds of emails every day. So ensure they don’t skip your emails without even taking a second look, they must look attractive. Brevo comes to the rescue here.

With its simple & surprisingly efficient Email editor, you can design scroll-stopping email templates quickly. Brevo offers three types of email editors.

  1. Drag & Drop Editor
  2. A wonderful Text Editor
  3. HTML editor

If you are new to email marketing or want to create multiple email templates quickly, stick to the Drag-and-Drop Editor. I did the same & experience was way above satisfactory.

When you log in, you land on the tool’s Home page. To create an email template, click on the “Template” button. Once you click on it, the device will ask you to enter a few details like the Name of the template, Subject Line, Preview text & the Email id you want to use to send the emails.

image 15
Brevo Review

If you want to perform some additional settings, Brevo offers that option too. For example, you can customize the “Reply-to” Email address, customize the “To-list” (subscriber’s list) & can Activate the Google Analytics tool. Once done, click on the Next button.

Here, you will see three options.

image 16
Brevo Review

You can create your template for “To tell a story,” “Sell a Product,” “Register for an Event,” or “Start from Scratch.”

Or You can select the ready-made template.

Once you select one of them, you will reach the Email editor. Here’s the first look at this email editor.

image 17
Brevo Review

Start editing the template using different box placements, text, images, footer, Call to Action Button & Social media links. You can also add payment links to your email template!

 Once done, you can check the preview of your email for both Mobile & PC.

image 18
Brevo Review

Managing Contacts using Brevo

Your email is ready, but you need to manage your contact list efficiently to make your email list work. You can do so in the “Contacts” tab.

image 19
Brevo Review

You can see all your contact at once, or you can prepare a list or a segment based on certain criteria. There is an option to Import Contacts, and you can manually create a contact too.

Another interesting thing about Brevo is that you can add a certain Condition for preparing an email list. For e.g., conditions like “Email Attributes,” “LastName,” or “SMS attributes” can be added. You can also create custom fields if you don’t find what you are looking for.

image 20
Brevo Review

And if you already have a Contact list, you can directly load the List.

In short, using Brevo, you can perform multiple email marketing tasks. E.g., Creating Email lists & segments, Edit contacts individually, Import Contacts, viewing individual contact & their data, and their email open rate & clicks.

Frankly, I was not expecting such detailed contact management from such an affordable tool. The best part is, you can enjoy all these features in the free plan too!

Email Automation using Brevo

Delivering an exceptional customer onboarding experience and maintaining the relationship is a vital part of any marketing campaign. Styling in touch helps you build a strong bond with your customer. But to do so manually is almost impractical, especially if you have hundreds of contacts.

Brevo’s automation feature can offer you an excellent edge here. You can automate the whole mailing process using their different workflow.

E.g., suppose some new subscriber joins your mailing list. In that case, you can send them customized mail; if a potential customer abandons the cart, Brevo can send them an automated (but personalized) email, or it can also send a welcome mail to every new subscriber who joins your mailing list.

There is a plethora of such options that help you offer a personalized touch to your emails & established a strong bond between you &your subscribers. In addition, such automation can also boost your conversion rate significantly.

Primarily, the Workflow is divided into 4 parts, as shown in the image below:

image 21
Brevo Review

Each part has further options for automated workflow, viz.

  1. Improve Engagement:
    • Welcome Message
    • Marketing Activity
    • Anniversary date
    • Website Event
  2. Increase Traffic:
    • Marketing Activities
    • Transactional activities
    • Page visits
    • Website events
  3. Increase revenue:
    • Abandoned Cart
    • Product Purchase
    • Marketing Activity
    • Page Visit
  4. Build Relationships
    • Welcome Message
    • Anniversary Date
    • Marketing Activity

Let’s say you want to create an Automated Email Workflow for a new subscriber who just joined your mailing list. Here’s what the Workflow will look like:

image 22
Brevo – Create a custom workflow

In a nutshell, when it comes to email automation, Brevo can satiate all the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises. If you are one, you need not invest in expensive email automation tools, and you can make do with the features Brevo offers.

Once you automate the emails, all you have to do is sit back, relax & focus on your core Business. Brevo will handle your email marketing.

During this Brevo review, I was more than satisfied with their automation features.

Brevo Statistics

When running an email marketing or an SMS marketing campaign, it’s important to keep track of the statistics. You cannot craft your future strategy without knowing how many people are opening your emails, how many are clicking on the links, & the total number of unsubscribed contacts.

Thanks to the Brevo Statistics feature, you can get all this data in one place. I observed during the Brevo review that it offers detailed statistics for all your email & SMS campaigns. Here’s what the Statistics Dashboard looks like. You can check out the data for any specific date or date range.

image 23
Brevo – Campaigns

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best features of Brevo.

Why use Brevo?

Sendinblue review 2
Why use Brevo?

During my Brevo review, I came across numerous features that make it a suitable tool for Small & Medium Businesses. Here’s a list of a few.

1. Simple yet powerful Email Editor

As I showed you earlier at the beginning of this Brevo review, it offers 3 types of email editors, Drag & Drop, Rich Text & HTML. Drag & Drop editor is the most utilized one. It’s very simple, highly effective & creative.

You can create wonderful emails using pre-designed templates or can craft your own.

2. Easy to create Mailing lists & Segmentation

You can upload your own .CSV file, comma-separated file, .xls(x) file, or create contacts manually. You can add numerous details, including the contact’s name, physical address, sign-up date & much more, in a tabular form.

You can also segment your contacts based on multiple criteria like “those who have opened your email” or “those who have clicked on it.” Such Segmentation can help you create a focused email campaign.

3. Suppression list

This is a wonderful feature that I liked during my Brevo review. This is the list of subscribers you do not want to send separate emails to. You can add subscribers manually or add them to the list via segmentation.

4. Landing Page Builder

An excellent page can boost your chances of converting a customer significantly. With Brevo, you won’t have to search for Landing Page builders. It comes inbuilt. Numerous mobile-friendly landing page templates are easy to customize as per your need. If you are a sort of “from scratch” individual, you can also create the templates from a pre-designed layout.

But, you will have to upgrade to the Premium or Enterprise plan to access this feature.

5. Additional Apps

You can visit the “Add more apps” section if you want to utilize additional apps. Here you will find 11 apps, including CRM, Facebook ads, SMS campaigns, Meetings & much more. Some of them, like CRM, are free to use, while you’ll need to upgrade your plan to access others. All these apps are really helpful in enhancing your email campaigns.

image 24
Brevo review

Now, let’s take a look at Brevo’s pricing & plans.

Brevo Pricing and plans

CRM has a varied pricing structure with different plans for businesses with different needs. They also offer a free program where you can manage unlimited contacts, with 300 emails daily.

But if you want to upgrade your plans to utilize more features, here is the list of plans:

Starter: $25/ month

Business: $65/month

Enterprise: $1000/month

You can check the detailed features of each Brevo.

Such flexible pricing offers great relief to SMBs. You pay for the features you need & once you grow, you can update your plans as per your needs.

Brevo is a great marketing tool with a load of features. Still, there are some places where it can improve.

What can Brevo Improve on?

  • The variety of templates is less compared to other tools
  • Too many features might overwhelm a beginner
  • Limited customization options with the email templates
  • The email editor needs some additional advanced features

Just like all the tools out there, Brevo, too, is not a complete tool. It does have a few limitations, as mentioned above. But after going through its multiple features in this Brevo review, I can say these limitations can be easily overlooked.

Brevo Review: My final verdict

All said & done, Brevo is a very helpful tool for email marketers & SMB owners. It can enhance their email marketing campaigns’ efficacy & reduce stress on them. With features like Automation, Drag & Drop Editor, Contacts management, CRM, and much more, this tool is worth your money.

 The best part is that this handy tool offers a free plan for those who are just getting started or want to test it. So after the detailed Brevo review, I can see this is a tool that will satisfy all your marketing needs. So try it for free today.

Parting thoughts

Like this Brevo review? Do let me know what you think of this tool? And if you want to explore more such reviews, feel free to visit my website. I regularly post a review of such tools & will be back soon!

Till then, enjoy the Sparks of Knowledge!


Is Brevo free?

Brevo offers a free plan. However, you will have to upgrade to paid plans to access more features.

Is Brevo worth my money?

In a word, yes. But to know the reason, you must go through the entire review above.

Does Brevo offer email automation?

Yes, it does offer email automation that can make your email marketing hassle-free.

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