7 exciting examples of email gamification in 2022

email gamification in email marketing

With billions of people using emails, the competition is wild in the digital arena. How would you move out of the crowd and build your presence in the mind of your prospectives?

That’s where email gamification comes in. The benefits of gamification are increasing open and conversion rates, higher customer engagement, etc.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best gamification examples you can use to boost your email marketing and customer acquisition rate. Let’s deep dive into it.

What is email gamification?

Gamification is a technique in which you can add gaming elements to non-game applications. The goal is always the same as engagement. Gamification is a great way to make elements more fun and positively impact the users’ minds.

In email marketing, games are embedded into your emails. It’s a simple yet powerful strategy that has the potential to give substantial results. As of Reflect Digital, 93% of users believe gamification marketing is effective. According to another study, it can lead to three times more revenue from email marketing. You can place several elements into your emails. Let’s look at some of the best elements you can incorporate into your strategy.

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Example of email gamification

Hunts and quests

Why make just one game if you can create a series of it? You can send games through your automatic email, giving your subscribers multiple chances of winning the game. For instance, people can play games to solve unique mysteries every week to find hidden text or images.

So giving clues in different emails of a sequence can prompt your subscribers to pay closer attention to the email content. And if you make it a little challenging, it can even flare a discussion on social media.

Hunt and quest games are important because they provide substantial chances of boosting your open rates, click-through rates, and sales. Moreover, they can boost cross-channel engagement and improve brand loyalty and awareness.

Quizzes and tests

Quiz and tests in email - Email Gamification
Quiz and tests in email – Email Gamification

Who doesn’t want to play mind games? Tests and quizzes encourage participants to engage and win fresh challenges. However, do not just create them without a strategy. It is pertinent that the games should be relevant to your content and offers. In this way, your subscriber will go deeper into your email content. Therefore, the aim is to engage users not just for fun but to invite them to your brand.


Puzzles - Email Gamification
Puzzles – Email Gamification

Another game that can hook your subscriber for a long time is puzzling. Puzzles are widely used for gamification, as they are relatively simple and visually enticing. The perspective will play the game either for entertainment or reward.

You can arrange the puzzles by cutting the pictures into parts, then adding a prescribed number of AMP image carousels to your template. Now upload the parts in random order to each row and disable the preview mode. Voila! The puzzle is ready. Ask your users to solve the puzzle. Moreover, you can set some rewards for your users by adding a link to your website’s landing page. Remember to add those rewards that are directly connected to your services.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards in Email Gamification
Scratch cards in Email Gamification

Got a scratch card while going for your shopping spree. Similarly, you can create a digital scratch card for your recipients by integrating it into email marketing. The recipient can move their cursor or finger on the card to reveal the discount or exciting gifts.

What makes them unique is that the design of such emails stands out from other emails, which leads to higher engagement. Scratch cards are perfect for offering discounts or prizes or even giveaways and rewards to loyal customers.

Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune in Email Gamification
Wheel of Fortune in Email Gamification

Called by several names such as roulette, spin the wheel, and wheel of fortune, this game is a simple and effective way to engage with your subscribers in emails. The user has to click on a button that will start spinning the wheel and then stop to reveal the prize. The benefits of roulette are that it is:

  • Easy to design and incorporate
  • Supported by most email clients
  • Effective for increasing conversion rates

Among others, ‘spin to win’ is one of the most popular games that email marketers use in their email marketing strategy.

Slot machine

Many of you must have thought of winning a jackpot. Marketers can use this human psychology to their advantage by including slot machines in email campaigns. The subscriber needs to pull the lever and get the prize if lady luck is with them. For example, you can have a few announcements. Email receivers can use the slot machine to choose which news they hear first and the rest follows.

Scoreboard Strategy

You do not need to always create games to increase conversion rates and have a CTA. You can send emails that are meant for fun. And scoreboard games are one of the best ways to do so. It encourages clients to engage and interact with the email. A great example of a scoreboard game is “Catch the egg.” Here users need to catch the egg by pressing it with the cursor or finger.


So these are some of the examples of email gamification which you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy.

Gamification has the potential to grow your ROI by 3 times and make your business go viral. But most importantly, email gamification entertains customers, giving them a positive impression of your brand. It would help if you tried to shake things up in your marketing strategy by including gamification.

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Guest author: Aquibur Rahman is the CEO of Mailmodo, an email marketing solution that enables users to send app-like interactive emails. He has marketing experience in inbound and outbound strategies, SEO, growth, CRO, and marketing automation. He has helped many B2C and B2B brands, including early-stage tech startups, to fast-track growth using agile and data-driven marketing processes. When Google released AMP emails, Aquib saw great potential for reinventing email marketing. This led him to start Mailmodo to help businesses get better ROI from email marketing.

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