Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Small Business Email Marketing

We all know that email marketing is not something new. Email marketing dates back more than fifty years. It is one of the earliest ways of digital communication since 1971.

While some people might think email marketing is somehow less popular during the booming era of social media. However, this isn’t right.

Email marketing enables businesses to reach out to their target audience in a more personalized way. Secondly, it is less costly than any other form of marketing which makes email marketing rate promising for small businesses.

Small Business Email Marketing Statistics

Not convinced yet? Let’s explore some statistics:

  • Data shows that in 2021, the total number of email users was 4.1 billion and this number is expected to rise by 4.6 by 2025. 
  • 17% of Americans check their inbox and skim through all the emails as soon as they wake up. 
  • With smartphones under our beds, people never take a break from email. According to the email survey, on average, an individual spends 2.6 hours a day on email. 
  • 81% of small and mid-size businesses rely on email marketing for customer acquisition.

Why email marketing is important for Small Businesses

Now that we have explained the statistics in detail, you must be convinced that email marketing is one of the sought-after strategies for the success of your small business. And there is no reason that you should not include email marketing in your overall marketing strategy. 

Generally, the following are the core reasons why businesses do email marketing: 

  • Improve conversion rates 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Customer loyalty 
  • Better sales funnels 
  • etc

Small business email marketing tips

Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the important tips that small businesses should keep in mind when including email marketing strategy for 2022.

1. Generate an email list

If you are a small business, it’s important that you have a significant email list of the target audience. People email finder helps to find everyone’s email addresses. Because you can’t have email marketing without having a list in place.

The first step is to gather email addresses by designing an opt-in page on your website home page. The other places where you can put a signup form are your social media pages, email signature, or add it as a CTA in your blog section. 

Keep the process simple and easy. Since you are a small business, people might not want to go into the complex processes to sign up using long forms. The only thing you might need is to ask for their first name and a valid email address, and boom! You are already done with the first step of designing your email list. 

Set up a double opt-in form in order to get the best results. It gives the new subscribers confirmation about their sign-ups. Apart from that, it is great because, 

  • It helps you avoid any deliverability issues from typos in your email 
  • Double opt-in enables subscribers to give some feedback about the kind of content they would love to receive

2. Decide the types of emails you want to send

Decide on what type of email you want to send. Carefully analyze it based on your business goals and the subscriber’s preferences. Dig deeper into learning what kind of emails your subscribers would love to see and read.

Study the email open rate of the earlier campaign and align your copy accordingly. Ultimately, great email marketing results are going to depend upon the audience’s needs and preferences.

You can choose among the following email types:

Blast email

Often marketers consider blast email campaigns as spam, but it’s not right. Most small businesses have a blast email marketing campaign to provide information about any new milestone in the business has achieved, a contest about to happen, any special discount the business is going to offer, any local events the brand is going to host, etc. An email blast specifically targets people who have already subscribed to the email list.

Monthly newsletters

Monthly newsletters distribute curated news about business updates to the subscribers. The goal is to provide value and keep the audience engaged. It also helps you win your subscribers’ confidence as an industry expert.

Welcome email

A welcome email is often sent to new subscribers of the blog, a new customer, or an email newsletter subscriber. You can include a free gift, a video, text, images, or just a friendly message to build a connection.

Reminder emails

As its name suggests, these emails allow you to send a reminder to those subscribers who have abandoned carts. So that they can go ahead and complete the checkout procedure. The emails should be friendly, persuasive, and polite.

Promotional emails

You can send a promotional email about a new product launch, a new feature, or any sales promotion that you might want to offer.

Don’t overthink as you design email as a small business owner. You can choose the specific email campaign based on your goal, and then rinse and repeat.

3. Set a specific goal

Set SMART goals. Having a goal for your small business email marketing early on will reflect throughout the email campaigns. Once you identify your goal and target audience to achieve that specific result, apply the strategies that you have defined in your email marketing plan. Choose your performance metrics throughout the process. Track your progress until you are able to achieve your goal. 

It’s important to align your goals as you build your email list. It will help you stay focused and get your desired results. Often, most small businesses want to achieve the following results with email marketing. 

  • Improve the number of sales 
  • Enhance brand recognition and brand awareness 
  • Improve lead generation 
  • Promote a specific event/sale/discount

4. Choose a great email marketing platform

Choosing the right email marketing platform helps you save money and time. You can create highly engaging email campaigns using the drag-and-drop interface that these email marketing platforms offer. A great email marketing platform allows you to target your audience and personalize your email campaign without spending a lot of time and money. 

It allows you to create and manage your contacts, segment them into groups, design engaging email campaigns, and help automate the whole process. You can personalize your email marketing campaign according to the parameters and customer buying patterns. 

A great email marketing campaign helps you to track the performance of email marketing. As a result, you will be able to amend your email marketing campaign for better results, i.e. improve engagement and conversion rates. 

A great email marketing platform helps you send an email directly into the inbox, rather than sending it into the spam folder. As a result, your email marketing strategy is effective. 

You can choose any of the email campaign platforms, including:

  • Constant Contact
  • SendinBlue
  • HubSpot
  • Omnisend
  • Drip
  • Moosend
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp

5. Write an engaging copy and design your emails well

Words, when chosen right, create magic. Before you could get your email, design work on creating a crisp email copy with a clear call to action. Do not go into unnecessary details. As a rule of thumb, keep your emails scannable. If you are not a copy pro, hire a copywriter to write direct response emails for your campaigns. 

Now that you have created a copy, it’s time to design it according to the placement of the text, headings, and subheadings. Often, most email marketing tools allow you to design emails using the drag-and-drop options that you can do if you are not a designer. However, for better results, you can hire a designer to create professional email templates that align with your brand personality. 

Remember, a great email has an intuitive, attractive, and engaging design. If it does not entice your subscriber to read through the text, he will skim through it and close it without going into the details. Great designs take time. So make sure you choose the right colours, the right font, the right visuals, and the right elements to create winning emails. You can create an infographic or animation and include them in your email. 

Small business email marketing tips bring great results if they are followed well. To bring the best results include visuals and other design elements. Do you have any email marketing tips for small businesses that we have missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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