How to Generate Quizzes from Articles and Why?

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Today, crafting an article is no big deal. There are hundreds of thousands of professional writers who can craft amazing pieces. Problem? There is too much content available online.

And by too much, I mean 7.5 million articles per day! That’s absolutely bonkers. And to be honest, 96.55% get almost zero traffic. And in a lot of cases, there is nothing wrong with the articles themselves. The problem is human behavior.

Humans tend to get bored pretty quickly. And that’s what happens with most of the blog posts. If your blog appears pretty much the same, people will stop looking at it altogether and that’s where you will need an AI quiz generator.

So, it’s very important to keep articles and blogs engaging. When you offer something different, people will obviously be attracted to your article. That’s why professional writers are always on the hunt to identify unique ways to make their articles engaging.

One such way is creating quizzes based on your article. I’ve recently observed an uptick in such quizzes with articles and hence decided to dig deeper into the topic. 

In this blog, I will share what I’ve learned during this research. I will explain the logic behind creating quizzes and how you can do it better than others. Finally, I will also share a list of tools you can use to create quizzes from.

So, let’s learn something new today. 

Why Create Quizzes from articles?

Quizzes are among one of the most popular ways to engage people. As humans have a tendency to prove themselves, they always try to engage with things that can present them as better than others. And remember, this is not an ego; this is just human nature. We all want to be better than others, right?

There is nothing wrong with it. Quizzes leverage this emotion and can get more engagement. While this is just  a simple explainer of why you should create quizzes from articles, here are some primary reasons to do so:

Reason #1: Better Engagement

When a visitor reads your article, they are just performing a passive activity. But when you throw in some quizzes, this passive activity turns into an active recall. They become more aware of the article and the information mentioned in it.

Such quizzes strengthen the way the reader remembers the material. They might even go through your article again, finding information that they have either missed out or didn’t pay much attention to. Now, imagine the engagement you’ll get when people go through articles again and again!

And what do readers gain from these quizzes? Well, they get useful information that they might have overlooked while they were quickly sifting through your article. In fact, according to research, quizzes dramatically improve the recalling of information.

This is the result of the “testing effect.” This proven psychological principle indicates that retrieving memory boosts learning and retention over simply re-reading or passively reviewing the material.

Reason #2: Immediate Feedback and Personalized Engagement

When you offer quizzes to the reader, they get a chance to test their own learning skills. They get immediate feedback on how well they have understood the topic and the content within. All this without boring them to the death! Quizzes retain the interest of the reader, and hence, they spend more time on your article.

This increases your on-page time and helps improve your SEO health, too. In fact, a study by Demand Gen Report says that interactive content like quizzes can lead to a 2x increase in engagement as compared to static content. In short, with quizzes, your visitors get a personalized experience and generate more interest in what you have to offer.

Reason #3: Encouraging Return Visits through Customized Experiences

Today, personalization is the key. There is so much generic content out there; people don’t want to interact with that type of content. But when you add quizzes and take a unique route, visitors will definitely love it. As they will get a chance to test their own skills and knowledge after learning something new, it will make them feel elated.

And what more do you need to bring those first-time first-time visitors back, right? According to Statista, 90% of U.S. consumers prefer personalized marketing or offering over a generic one. So, such quizzes simply boost your re-visits to your articles time and again.

Reason #4: Gaining Insights for Content Optimization

Adding quizzes is not just about benefiting your readers. In fact, it can even help you improve your content. Quizzes can give you valuable sources of data on audience performance. This can help you analyze the knowledge gap.

With this information, you can craft content that can fill that gap and, in turn, compel those visitors to come back for more! Imagine the impression you’ll leave on these readers when they find out you have information and content on the topics that they want to learn.

They will regard you as the niche expert and improve your online reputation. Result? Your SEO health will improve, and in turn, your Google ranking might improve, too.

Reason #5: Boosting Social Shares and Online Interaction

When people get good results, they love sharing it with others! All you have to do is add a social share button along with your Quiz. So when your readers get their quiz results, they can share them on multiple social media platforms.

This will give your article massive exposure and increase the number of visitors. Do you think this is daydreaming? It’s not. In fact, BuzzSumo found that quizzes get shared on average 1,900 times!

So you can understand how critical these quizzes can be in boosting your online presence. In short, quizzes can bring you more traffic and market your article on multiple social media platforms.

Reason #6: Enhancing Reader Loyalty with Regular Engagement

When you add quizzes to your articles, it builds anticipation amongst your readers. Once they have played your Quiz, they will be eager to know what new set of challenges you throw at them! And that’s why you cannot ignore quizzes in your article anymore.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute says that 56% of marketers believe quizzes can build a loyal reader base. So, how can you afford not to be a part of this marketing strategy?

Let’s be very honest. If you don’t offer something creative or unique, your article will get lost in the chaos. As I mentioned earlier, there is no lack of good content online. But if you want to stand out, you’ll need great content with engagement hooks. And these quizzes are those hooks for your article!

So I suppose it’s pretty clear why you should include quizzes in your articles. Now let’s understand the benefits of generating quizzes from articles. 

What are the benefits of generating Quizzes from Articles?

Generating quizzes from articles brings in a lot of benefits. Here are a few of them:

Convenience and Efficiency

There is a lot of information in the articles. You have done extensive research, writing, and rewriting to perfect it, too. It’s tailored to a specific topic and has everything an interested reader of the topic might need. So why would you go around looking for some other information source while creating a quiz?

You already have a reliable and in-depth source of information on the topic. So, when you create quizzes from articles, you save a lot of time and effort. You won’t have to start from scratch as you can easily extract some key points and facts from the articles and turn them into quizzes. Result?

You get purely relevant quizzes on your topic, your reader won’t have to go to some other source to find the answer, and you can use the saved resources on some more creative tasks.

Focus and Clarity in Assessment

When you create quizzes from articles, the resultant questions are focused on particular subjects or themes. This gives a proper basis for the quiz questions and ensures your questions are relevant to the learning objectives of your article.

So when you create quizzes from articles, you ensure your readers go and read the article again and again. This helps them pick up any missed information and improves your on-site dwell time. In short, when you create quizzes from articles, it benefits your readers and you alike.

Whether assessing comprehension, critical thinking, or application of knowledge, quizzes derived from articles can pinpoint specific learning outcomes with precision.

Variety and Versatility

You cannot create quizzes on the same topics and expect your readers to stay engaged. You’ll have to tap into a wide range of sources and information to create unique quizzes every time. And what’s more informative and detailed than your well-researched and properly crafted quizzes?

You already have worked on a lot of topics and have content on them. So when you create quizzes from articles, you can touch-base multiple topics and create engaging content that caters to a varied client base.

Overall it makes perfect sense to create quizzes from articles. But the question is, HOW? You cannot create quizzes from articles on the scale if you go manually. It’s practically impossible. You will waste extensive time and effort that you could have better utilized somewhere else.

Solution? Well, we live in the age of AI. So there is no shortage of tools that can help you create quizzes from articles. There are multiple categories of these quiz creators, and all of them cater to different needs.

Let’s take a look at these tools.

Top 3 AI Quiz Generators

Turning your articles into quizzes is super easy today, especially with AI-powered tools.


Quizgecko injects life into your article by helping you generate quizzes automatically from your existing content. This AI quiz generator is very easy to use and can generate quizzes within minutes.

Quizgecko - AI Quiz Generator
Quizgecko – AI Quiz Generator

Effortless Quiz Creation

Step 1: Feed the Beast

All you have to do here is copy and paste the text of your article into its interface. But if you want even more ease of use, Quizgecko offers an option to paste the link to your article, and it will get the job done.

Step 2: Instant Quiz Generation

Within seconds, Quizgecko produces a set of engaging quiz questions. It offers a mix of formats to keep your audience on their toes. It creates:

Multiple Choice challenges readers with several answer options, pushing them to analyze and select the correct one.

True/False is to establish their grasp of factual information with clear-cut statements.

Fill in the blanks to encourage active recall by prompting them to fill in missing words or phrases.

Free vs. Paid Plans

Quizgecko offers two plans, free and paid. Here’s what both the plans offer:

FeatureFree PlanPro Plan (Subscription Required)
Number of QuestionsAdjust quiz length by adding or removing questions to suit your content and engagement goals.It is the same as the Free Plan, plus additional options for question types and customization to align with specific learning objectives.
Difficulty LevelChoose from various types of questions to control quiz complexity.Advanced customization options, including setting time limits and randomizing question orders for a dynamic quiz experience.
Instant SharingGenerate a shareable link for easy distribution on social media or embedding in blog posts.Advanced sharing options, including direct sharing with email lists and seamless embedding into Learning Management Systems (LMS).
Download for Offline UseDownload quizzes as text files for offline use or integration with other platforms.It is the same as the Free Plan, allowing for offline use and integration flexibility.
File Upload CapabilityNot AvailableUpload content in various file formats (e.g., PDF, Word) for enhanced quiz creation based on a wide range of materials.
Advanced CustomizationBasic customization options (e.g., number of questions, difficulty level).Extensive customization features include time limits, question order randomization, and selection of specific question types.
Advanced Sharing and EmbeddingBasic sharing through unique links for blogs and social media.Enhanced sharing and embedding capabilities for direct integration with email lists and LMS platforms, offering a more cohesive experience.
Quizgecko offers two plans, free and paid.

Apart from these, there are some additional features too that make Quizgecko our First Choice:

  • You can build a repository of questions over time. You can use this repository to craft unique quizzes by picking already created questions, and it saves some time and effort on your end.  
  • You can Gain valuable insights into how your readers perform on the quizzes. It helps you analyze incorrect answers to identify areas where they might need more clarification.


Need something more indulging to create quizzes from your articles? Quillionz has got you covered here! Using this AI quiz generator, you can use informative and highly interactive quizzes for your articles. It uses AI to pick the best bites from your article or any other text and delivers the best quizzes.

Quillionz - AI Quiz Generator
Quillionz – AI Quiz Generator

Here’s how Quillionz works:

Step 1: Feed the Article

You can either copy-paste your article or just paste the link of your article into the dashboard. This simplifies the data input for you. 

Step 2: AI Analyzes Key Points

Once Quillionz has the data, it uses its AI engine to sift through in-depth information from your articles. This ensures you get the best questions for your quizzes without putting in much effort.

Step 3: Dual Output

Unlike most quiz generators, Quillionz goes beyond just questions. It also creates concise summary notes that highlight the crucial takeaways from your article. This provides context for the generated questions and aids reader comprehension.

Variety is Key for Reader Engagement:

This AI quiz generator understands that different readers learn best in different ways. To cater to this, it offers a mix of question formats to keep readers engaged:

  • Multiple Choice: Challenge readers to analyze and select the correct answer from several options.
  • True/False: Test their grasp of factual information with clear-cut statements.
  • Short Answer: Encourage active recall by prompting them to answer questions in their own words.

Seamless Integration for Widespread Reach:

With Quillionz, sharing your quizzes is a breeze. You can generate a unique link to your Quiz using this AI quiz generator. This allows readers to take it directly from your article. You can embed the link within your article for a seamless user experience. You can also download your quiz and summary notes as a text file. The flexibility of this AI quiz generator offers options for offline use or integration with other learning platforms.

Quillionz comes with free and paid plans. Here’s a quick comparison table for both the plans:

FeatureFree PlanPro Plan (Subscription Required)
Feed the ArticleCopy-paste articles or paste links directly into the dashboard for simplified data input.Same as Free Plan, ensuring ease of use in preparing articles for question generation.
AI Analyzes Key PointsUtilizes AI to extract in-depth information, optimizing question quality with minimal effort from users.Enhanced AI analysis for even deeper insights and more nuanced question generation based on the article’s content.
Dual OutputGenerates not only questions but also summary notes highlighting key article takeaways.Same as Free Plan, providing both quizzes and concise summaries for a comprehensive understanding.
Variety in Question FormatsOffers multiple-choice, true/false, and short answer questions for diverse reader engagement.Introduces advanced question formats like “Why” and “How” questions, promoting critical thinking and deeper analysis.
Seamless IntegrationInstant shareable link for quizzes and download option for offline use or other platform integration.It is the same as the Free Plan, plus versatile export options including PDF, TXT, or DOC, facilitating easy LMS integration or offline application.
Advanced Question FormatsBasic question types to cater to different learning preferences and engagement strategies.Delve into more complex queries with “Why” and “How” questions, challenging readers to think critically and analyze material on a deeper level.
Versatile Export OptionsDownload quizzes and summaries as text files for flexible use.Export quizzes and summaries in multiple formats (PDF, TXT, DOC), ensuring seamless compatibility with various platforms and LMS.
Quillionz comes with free and paid plans. Here’s a quick comparison table.


Quizbot is a powerful AI quiz generator designed to assist in creating quizzes from various types of content, including text documents, web links, audio files, and videos. This AI quiz generator makes the quiz creation process more efficient by automatically generating questions based on the input provided.

Quizbot - AI Quiz Generator
Quizbot – AI Quiz Generator

How Quizbot Works:

Step 1: Content Input

Users start by providing content to Quizbot. This content can be uploaded or input in several forms, such as text files, URLs, audio, and video.

Step 2: Analysis

The AI analyzes the provided content, identifying key points and information that can be used to generate quiz questions.

Step 3: Question Generation

Based on the analysis, Quizbot generates questions. The tool is designed to produce various types of questions.

What did I like about Quizbot?

  • Content Versatility: Just like other tools mentioned above, Quizbot too can generate quizzes from text, audio, and video sources.
  • Multi-Language Support: The platform can generate quizzes in multiple languages, which ensures there is a wider acceptance
  • Integration: Quizbot offers the potential for integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other platforms, facilitating easy access and distribution of quizzes.
  • Analytical Tools: The tool provides feedback or analytics on quiz performance, helping content creators gauge the reader’s understanding and create content that can fill the gap. 

These three are our top AI quiz generator picks as they offer a perfect blend of efficiency, affordability, and versatility. But apart from these three, there are some other AI quiz generators too that you can try.

Let’s take a brief look at these tools.

AI Quiz Generators Worth Mentioning


Questgen is a reliable AI quiz generator that you can use to create quizzes from your articles. Its simple UI makes it a good starter tool for those who do not want anything complex. This AI quiz generatorcan generate quizzes in different formats.

You can input the data for which you want a quiz and can get questions pretty quickly. This AI quiz generator accepts text, links, and docs as input, so that’s a good alternative. All you have to do is input the text and click on the “generate questions” button. It’s a simple yet effective way to engage your readers with something interactive and attractive.

Questgen - AI Quiz Generator
Questgen – AI Quiz Generator

Key Features:

  • AI-driven quiz generation from text
  • Supports multiple quiz types (MCQs, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Higher-Order Questions)
  • Customizable quizzes to align with content and branding
  • Export quizzes in PDF or text format
  • Free for the first 20 uses, with an unlimited subscription available at $15 per month

Quiz Wizard

Quiz Wizard is another AI quiz generator that you can use to create articles from your articles. While this AI quiz generator is designed for educators, you can easily use it to generate quizzes. This AI quiz generator uses AI to analyze any form of content you provide to it and then creates multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and flashcards.

So, an AI quiz generator is an invaluable tool that can help you save time and still craft engaging and interactive questions that will keep your readers interacting. Such abilities make this AI quiz generator an invaluable tool for saving time while enhancing the quality of learning materials. This is a perfectly ideal AI quiz generator for writers who want to boost engagement with their readers via their articles.

Quiz Wizard - AI Quiz Generator
Quiz Wizard – AI Quiz Generator

Key Features:

  • Key features of Quiz Wizard:
  • AI-driven content generation
  • Quick generation of MCQs and flashcards
  • Tailored for a broad range of educational topics
  • Streamlines quiz creation process
  • Enhances learning with personalized content
  • Efficient and user-friendly interface


Toolsaday is another sophisticated AI quiz generator that can help you with quiz creation. This tool uses advanced AI algorithms that produce a versatile quiz and supports multiple types of quizzes. This includes multiple choices, true or false, and fill-in-the-blanks.

This AI quiz generator’s core strength lies in its ability to analyze user-provided content. In short, you can offer any type of content to this AI quiz generator, and it will generate questions based on that. The best part? This AI quiz generator has advanced adaptive learning technology.

So, question its quiz generation ability keeps on improving with time. The more content you give to this AI quiz generator, the more you become able to craft quizzes tailored to a wide range of styles, subjects, and difficulty levels.

Toolsaday - AI Quiz Generator
Toolsaday – AI Quiz Generator

Key features: 

  • This AI quiz generator leverages artificial intelligence to produce a broad spectrum of question types.
  • Analyze input content to create engaging and informative questions and answers.
  • This AI quiz generator allows for the inclusion of open-ended questions for more detailed responses.
  • This AI quiz generator continuously improves quiz generation based on the analysis of more content.
  • This AI quiz generator offers a free tier with up to 1000 characters per month, with premium plans starting at $7.99/month.
  • Provides access to a wide array of quiz templates to suit different needs.

Quiz Maker

Fillout’s Quiz Maker is a free AI quiz generator that you can use to create quizzes from articles. While it has some limited capabilities as compared to the other tools mentioned here, it can still get the job done. You can turn your plain piece of text into an interactive quiz.

This AI quiz generator can customize the quizzes based on your ability to add additional questions and increase their difficulties. Fillout’s Quiz can stand out with its flexibility and ability to insert user-specific questions and a scoring system to elevate the engagement factor.

This level of customization ensures that each Quiz serves as a learning and engagement tool for the article readers.

Quiz Maker - AI Quiz Generator
Quiz Maker – AI Quiz Generator

Key Features:

  • This AI quiz generator automatically creates quizzes from any text.
  • This AI quiz generator lets you add your own questions to make the Quiz fit your needs.
  • This AI quiz generator changes the Quiz by adding questions, setting difficulty, and changing the design.
  • You can make the Quiz more fun with a scoring system.
  • This AI quiz generator is free to use.

ChatGPT 3.5

ChatGPT 3.5 is a smart AI quiz generator that can read articles and create quizzes from them. While it’s not exclusively an AI quiz generator, it can still act like one! It’s a great tool for writers who do not want to spend bucks on creating quizzes and still want good results. It can also create a variety of questions based on your input.

ChatGPT - Open AI GPT 3.5 - AI Quiz Generator
ChatGPT – Open AI GPT 3.5 – AI Quiz Generator

Key Features:

  • This AI quiz generator can understand any article you give it.
  • This AI quiz generator can take quizzes from the article to test knowledge.
  • This AI quiz generator can make multiple-choice, true/false, or short-answer questions.
  • You decide how hard the questions should be and what they should cover.
  • This AI quiz generator helps make sure people really get what the article is about.

Make your Articles More Interactive

Quizzes can be a great way to engage and draw your readers to your website time and again. Each AI quiz generator mentioned here could be your new best friend while getting this job done.

While there are numerous other AI quiz generators out there, these are the ones that I picked after thorough research. But feel free to test others and do let me know in the comment section which one you liked the most.

Till then, happy quizzing!


Which is the best AI Quiz Generator?

There are many that you can consider the best. But I liked Quizgecko better. It has a good UI and offers a lot of variety in the questions.

Can I use ChatGPT to turn articles into quizzes?

Yes, you can. But it’s not a dedicated AI quiz generator. So the responses you will get will be generic ones. Still, if you are looking for something free and good, you can go ahead with ChatGPT 3.5.

Why should I add quizzes if my article is bringing in more traffic?

People easily get tired of the same type of content. Even if your articles are getting enough traffic right now, there is no guarantee it will keep getting the same, especially if you don’t have anything interesting. That’s where quizzes can help you make your articles interesting and drive additional traffic.

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