5 Creative Ideas to boost your online presence

Multilingual Social Media

It is beneficial to have an identity on social media lately. A presence online can be helpful for publicizing purposes or being an integral part of an online community. Technological developments have made achieving this relatively easier than how it was a decade ago.

The most frequently utilized and successful methods to achieve this are:

1. Make an account on social media sites

These accounts enable worldwide connectivity for individuals who can relay their activities through anecdotes, pictures, live videos, experience sharing, etc.

These sites are boundless in terms of getting your life stories beyond your own friend’s circle, for example, the ‘Discover People’ section on Instagram, where pictures/videos are posted by people all over the world and the application is programmed to identify the various interests one has displayed in his online activity.

This section brings up status updates that mention similar interests, hence allowing convenient global connectivity.

2. Update all accounts in unique ways

Activity on the web is compulsory to make your online presence felt. Regularly update your profiles with interesting matters going on in life. People who are fond of reading personal stories and reviews will certainly visit pages and links where they find interesting material, and they can spread the word around. The sites also allow the promotion of other networking sites that you may have through sharing links. Furthermore, chatrooms such as ‘Moco-Chat, Meet People‘ are also useful in establishing a social presence among a group of acquaintances, which then expands to other forms of social media.

An online account with outdated stories will lose its following fast so it is in the best interest of individuals to keep themselves informed with recent updates. A modern way of bringing recent news under broad daylight is by the use of hashtags, which are used to link posts of the same story by people under one umbrella. Sites like twitter also show the most trending hashtags which automatically informs users of the news circulating, and it leaves a strong impression when this news is learnt from one’s own online activity, as it brings more following. Filters usually celebrate important days on the calendar and it is keen in spirit to often upload filtered display pictures.

4. Email newsletter and blogs

Online activity is enhanced qualitatively by the use of newsletters and blogs because those are where points of view and visions are depicted clearly. For every photographer, writer, and analyst, these two methods are the next step forward in their pursuit of social recognition. E-mail databases are formed to which these updates can be forwarded to.

5. Creating professional websites

If one aims to establish a more organized following inspired by his/her experiences then, instead of taking refuge in other sites, create your own! This step involves the recruitment of a team including a web manager, designer, etc. This website can also open opportunities for earning money and to form communities based on common interests.

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