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I am done with my Physiotherapy Graduation. And I always try to share Health and technology tips with people. Apart from Physiotherapy and being a tech savvy, I do explore more on Technology side and I keep sharing my findings with wider audience.

The Impact of Core Web Vitals on SEO

Discover the significance of CWV for SEO in 2024. Check how these metrics influence website ranking and performance, user experience, and search engine visibility.

Finding the Best Shipping API for eCommerce

Explore the most effective Shipping APIs for eCommerce success. Discover efficient and reliable methods to streamline your shipping processes. Compare and select the best Shipping API that fits your eCommerce requirements.

Biggest Concerns with Automation in Data Annotation and How to Tackle Them

For all the progress automation in data annotation has made, it is still beset with many pressing concerns. This requires using automation tools cautiously—one must not especially go overboard. This blog outlines some critical and plaguing issues and how to tackle them. It also provides an alternative to complete automation that can scale in quantity while retaining quality.

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