Is the best AI Quiz Generator?

is the best ai quiz generator

There will be very few individuals who do not love quizzes! Subjects might be different, and types might differ but everyone loves some kind of quiz.

But what if I tell you, you can use the trivia quizzes and drive more traffic to your website? Or what if tell you that you could use quizzes generated by as lead magnets?

Well, this can be done, and I’ve explained about the topic in one of my articles on Quizzes. So do not forget to check out the article for more information. Now, moving to today’s topic, I am here to share my experience and review

I recently came across this quiz generator while writing my previous article on quizzes. I was so stunned by its simplicity and performance that I decided to come up with an entire review of the tool.

So, without wasting much time, let’s begin. But first, here is a quick overview of AI Quiz generators.

What are AI Quiz Generators?

Quiz generators are not a new thing. They have been here for quite some time. With time, they have evolved and have become better. But AI Quiz Generators take the task one notch above! But how? Well, your classic quiz generators can generate quizzes based on the text inputs you give. They cannot go outside the texts you have offered them.

That’s where AI quiz generators distinguish themselves. They can generate quizzes based on YouTube videos, blog links, article links, text documents, and PDF documents, too! Moreover, they optimize the questions and make them sound more interesting and intriguing.

How? Well, they use artificial intelligence and their training data to make the quizzes more interesting. This ensures your quizzes don’t sound dull and robotic.

How AI Quiz Generators like can Boost Engagement?

There are numerous ways you can benefit from an AI quiz generator, such as Let’s take a look at a few use cases:

Use Case #1:

Let’s say you want to give a little push to your social media engagement and leads. You can use to create some click-worthy quizzes and post them on your social media handles. The best place to do this is Facebook, where quizzes get a lot of attention.

Once people start engaging with your content, your content will appear in front of a lot more people (Facebook algorithm at work!) When someone plays a quiz, they want to see how they performed. Here, they’ll have to input their email ID to see the result! Clever, right?

Use Case #2:

Have you been to a website where pop-ups appear now and then? We all have! My website might show you a pop-up (but only if you are using a pop-up blocker!) We all agree that pop-ups do serve a purpose, but people don’t love them.

As simple as that! But what if, instead of using standard, boring, and disruptive pop-ups, you use quizzes generated by That can do the trick! The quizzes grab the readers with the hook and keep them engaged.

Result? Your bounce rate drops dramatically, you get what you want, and users have some Dopamine-rush! A win-win for both

Use Case #3:

If you are worried about your SEO, you are not alone! A lot of website owners are. Given the tough competition, traffic is going down. Engagement rates are dropping, and visitors are bouncing off like ping-pong balls.

This again erodes your SEO rating, and your traffic goes down one more step. But what if you could grab your visitors and compel them to stay on your website? Yup, you can do that with’s quizzes.

People tend to stick around for a bit to test their brains now and then. That’s a human psychology. So, if your website is facing a traffic crunch, give these quizzes a try.

What is generates? is an AI-powered quiz generator that claims to be one of the best and easiest in the market (and we are about to judge this claim!) It uses AI, the inputs users provide, and its training data to create catchy and engaging quizzes.

You can create interesting quizzes from videos, blogs, articles, and more! What amazed me more was its language versatility. It supports 100+ languages and hence you can reach out to a lot more audience than you could with a single language. The tool also supports some regional languages. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

And wait, there is something more! If you want to integrate or embed your quiz with popular CMS platforms like WordPress or Wix, that too is pretty easy. You can do so with a single click!

Now, imagine the versatility and efficacy of your engagement and performance metrics. Apart from that, if your focus is collecting data, you can export these quizzes directly to Google Forms. Result? You can easily collect data that interests you without boring your customers.

Let’s understand how this tool works.

How Works?

Using is super easy. In this section, I’ll show you how you can use to create quizzes using different input methods. I will also share the benefits of using each one of these methods.

But first, let’s see how to begin.

How to begin with

First of all, you go to’s website and go to the “Get Started” section on the top right. Here, you will find a form that will ask you to fill in some necessary details to create your account. home page - interactive quizzes using AI home page – interactive quizzes using AI.

Once you fill in the details, the website will send you a “magic link” to your registered email ID for confirmation. As soon as you click the “magic link,” your account will be ready. You can now use the same email ID and sign in again using the new magic link.

Remember, you’ll get a new “magic link” every time you try to log in. This is done to protect your account from any unauthorized use.

Now once you log in, you will see a clean and clutter-free dashboard. Here, on the left-hand side, you get options like “New Quiz”, “Analytics”, “Setting”, “Help” and then some. While on the right-hand side, you will see the options to select your quiz language and methods to generate quizzes.

Let’s take a look at various methods one by one.

Select source of quiz - QuizWizard
Select the source of the quiz –

Step #1 Generate Quiz

As you can see, there are a total of 5 options available to create quizzes. For testing purposes, we will take an example of the first method.

This method is perfect if you want to create a quiz from a YouTube video. YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms out there where you find UGC (user-generated content). So you can find heaps of informative videos on YouTube every day, a perfect source for some mind-blowing quizzes, right?

YouTube video link - QuizWizard
YouTube video link –

So, all you have to do is click on the YouTube button visible on the dashboard, paste your target video’s link in the link box that pops up, and hit the “Generate Quiz” button.

Here, I added one of the videos from my YouTube channel. Once you hit the button, starts analyzing the video for the best possible questions. This might take a bit of time, depending on how long your video is. As you can see, it quickly analyzed my video and came up with some relevant questions.

Generated Quiz - QuizWizard
Generated quiz using a YouTube video –

Step #2: Optimize the Quiz

For those, who want to see the answer to the question, the “Show Answers” toggle button is available on the top. You click on it and the tool will reveal all the answers and that too along with explanations!

Show answers - QuizWizard
Show answers –

For those who want to change or rearrange the series of questions, you can do that too by using the “Arrange Quiz” button. Toggle that button on and the options will disappear. You will get a series of all the questions.

Here, you can drag any question to any position and change its serial number. Once the job is done, hit the “Save New Arrangement” button and the new arrangments will be in place!

Arrange quiz questions - QuizWizard
Arrange quiz questions –

Step #3: Add Question

If you think missed some important questions, you can add those questions manually, too. To do so, click on the “Add Question” button, and you will get a new form to create an additional MCQ.

Drop your question here, add multiple options for an answer, and tick on the checkboxes available on the right-hand side against the correct answer. There is a space for adding the explanation for the answer, too. Pretty cool, right? Once you are done, click on the “Add MCQ” button to add the new question to the quiz.

Create MCQ - QuizWizard
Create MCQ –

Step #4: Publish your Quiz

Once everything is up and ready, you have all the questions in the quiz you want; it’s time to go live with the quiz. To make your quiz live, click on the “Publish” button located in the top right corner. Once your quiz is published, you can check it using a link that appears just above the questions on the dashboard.

Generated quiz public url or link - QuizWizard
Generated quiz public url or link –

As you can see below, your quiz is live and ready to engage your users!

Generated quiz widget with results - QuizWizard
Generated quiz widget with results –

Step #5: Embed Quiz to your Website

Now, if you are thinking of adding your quiz to your website, it could be a great lead magnet or help replace those boring pop-ups. It’s very easy to add your quiz to the website. Click on the “Embed Quiz” button on the dashboard, and you will be redirected to a page that looks something like this:

Generated quiz embed options - QuizWizard
Generated quiz embed options –

Here, you can see a piece of code. Just copy that code and paste it into your WordPress or Wix website, and the quiz will be embedded directly into your website. Now you can use it to generate leads, keep readers engaged, and whatnot!

Step #6: Create Google Form

Sometimes, website owners are looking to gather data for their business. This includes email addresses and other contact information. Here, Google Forms can be a very simple and effective option. But aren’t those Google Forms boring? Well, not anymore!

You can add the quizzes from to Google Forms. These forms will look more engaging, will compel people to spend more time interacting with your quizzes, and finally, will fill in all the contact details for you!

Isn’t it amazing how a simple Google Form can be converted into a lead-generating magnet? I loved this feature a lot.

Email lead generation - QuizWizard
Email lead generation – QuizWizard

Step #7: Export as PDF/HTML

This is another feature that makes a great choice for generating AI-powered quizzes. Once your quiz is ready you can export it via PDF or HTML file. This feature is extremely useful if you want to use the generated quizzes at your comfort and choice.

Just click on the “Export Now” button on the top of the dashboard and select either PDF or HTML. Your file will be downloaded right away.

Step #8: Using other input methods

Apart from YouTube videos, you can generate quizzes from PDFs, your videos, or publically available blogs. The process is pretty much the same. In the case of PDF or your video, just upload the file you want to use and will generate the quiz.

In the case of blogs, copy the link of the blog into the link box and hit the “Generate Quiz” button. A list of questions for your quiz will appear right away.

Now, let’s take a look at some powerful features that make a go-to AI quiz generator.

Best Features of is loaded with a lot of features. I’ve been using this tool for the past 1 week, and I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorite features. Here’s the entire list:

  • One-Click CMS Integration: You can easily integrate your quizzes with any CMS like WordPress or Wix. Such a single-click integration helps ease the embedding of the quiz to your website. 
  • Zapier Integration: Want to transfer data automatically to your email marketing software? Zapier integration of can help you do that! You can easily streamline the process of managing your subscriber’s data with this feature.  
  • Multilingual Quiz Creation: The tool supports creating quizzes in over 100 languages. This ensures you can easily reach out to a wider global audience via easy accessibility.  
  • Engagement Rate Optimization (ERO): The tool is designed to boost user interaction and time on site. These are the crucial factors for improving SEO and site performance. The more time people spend on your website, the better your SEO ratings become. 
  • Email Capture with CTA: This tool features an email capture call-to-action, encouraging quiz participants to submit their emails to see results. Result? your visitors get easily converted into your subscribers. 
  • Social Media Optimization: The tool is optimized for social media engagement too. It works especially well with platforms like Facebook where quizzes can go viral and drive significant traffic.
  • Quiz Conversion from Existing Content: You don’t have to create quizzes from scratch anymore. This tool can help you convert your articles and videos into interactive quizzes easily. Benefit? You can leverage existing content to engage users differently.
  • User-Friendly Alternatives to Pop-Ups: You get a less intrusive and more engaging alternative to traditional email pop-ups in the form of quizzes. This can help reduce bounce rates and improve user experience.
  • One-Click Google Form Exporting: This tool enables quick exporting of quizzes to Google Forms with a single click, making data collection and analysis more efficient.

Pricing Plans for

Now let’s talk about the most important thing when it comes to any tool, pricing! Here, QuizWizard has hit the sweet spot. Right now, offers two plans: Free Plan and Lifetime Deal.

They have taken enough care of their users with these two plans. If you are a newbie blogger or a small business, you can opt for the Free plan. and if you are a popular blogger or a big enterprise, the LifeTime Deal can be a great option for you.

Here’s the complete breakdown.

  • Free Plan: It’s perfect for those just starting or experimenting with AI quiz generation, this plan costs nothing but packs a punch. You can generate and embed up to 5 AI quizzes and 5 custom quizzes, export your quizzes, and embed them on your website, blog, or newsletter. It supports up to 100 email responses — all for free!
  • Lifetime Deal: This plan is for early adopters, offers an exclusive lifetime deal to the first 100 customers. For a one-time payment of $149, you get to generate and embed up to 150 AI quizzes and 150 custom quizzes. This plan includes unlimited email responses, the ability to export quizzes, and the removal of branding from your widgets. Additionally, you’ll receive priority support and early access to the latest features.’s team is also working on a “Yearly Pro Plan”. It will surely bring in some more useful features with it. We’ll see when it comes, but right now, you have to adjust to this available plan.

 In my opinion, you should start with a free plan, and once you get your hands on the tool, you can always upgrade to the paid plan!

Limitations of

Well, there are not a lot of limitations to For me, the limitations were:

  1. A very limited number of quizzes are available in the free versions of the tool
  2. There is no option to remove branding in the quizzes generated using the free version.

These are not the limitations that would stop me from using it. The usefulness of this tool easily outweighs these limitations.

Should You use

Of course, you should! After using for one week straight, I can confidently say that it’s quite a good AI quiz generator. While there are thousands of such quiz generators, this one stands out with its multiple payment plans and the option to create quizzes from different source material.

In short, this is the tool you are looking for to engage and entertain your website visitors. This tool can help reduce your website’s bounce rate as people will be glued to the quizzes you offer. This in turn will improve your SEO and will get more traffic. So without a doubt, you should start using this tool.

Wrapping Up

I hope you guys have got all the answers that you were looking has proven its worth in my detailed review. So do not think twice, give the tool a shot and I can tell you, you are in for a big surprise!

Meanwhile, if you think some more reviews will interest you, here’s our entire collection of review articles. So feel free to check them all out.

Till then, happy quizzing!


Does offer a free version?

Yes, there is a free version available. You can use this free version but with certain limitations. There are only a few things that you can do using this tool. For more features, you might have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can generate articles from a blog?

Yes, if the blog is available in the public domain, users can generate quizzes using that article with Just copy the blog’s link, paste it into the tool, and hit the “Generate Quiz” button.

Can I embed a quiz on my website?

Yes, you can. The process is very simple. All you have to do is copy the code after publishing your quiz and paste it on any WordPress or WIX platform.

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