Text to Art: Top AI Image Generators (Examples!)

Top AI Image Generators

AI image generators are not a new concept. While it’s true that we hear a lot about image generators after the launch of ChatGPT, they go back almost a decade.

Remember Google Deep Dream, launched in 2015? That program can be labeled as the ancestor of the current image generation tools.

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Today, you will find hundreds of AI image generators that claim to be hyper-creative and efficient. But as usual, as the choice increases, so does the confusion!

So I decided to come up with a list of the top AI image generators that are highly popular and live up to their popularity. Some of them are free, some are premium, and some are freemium.

But before we get started, I want to clear the air on a couple of things. AI image creators have their limitations. They are limited to the data they are trained on and the creativity of the prompts that users give to the tool. Most importantly, there is still an issue of morality and ethics of using an image creator against the actual designers.

While AI tools are excellent, there is no way they can beat human creativity and imagination (at least right now!) So, in no way am I promoting these tools as an alternative to human designers. Instead, these tools can be a great addition to the list of graphic designing tools you are already using and improve your efficiency.

 So, let’s take a look at these tools one by one.

Best AI Image Generators

List of the best AI image generators.
List of the best AI image generators.

1. Midjourney AI

Midjourney AI is one of the most powerful AI image generators I came across while researching for this blog. Its result had perfect texture, layout, design, and attention to detail. The realistic images feel almost as if clicked with a camera and are way better than competitors on the list.

The only problem? Every image you produce on the beta version is visible to all. Moreover, you must create an account on Discord if you want to use the beta version, as you cannot access Midjourney AI from anywhere else except Discord.

Another problem with Midjourney AI is it’s a little bit technical. So, if you are new to AI image generation, you might need to get acquainted with the technologies before getting started.

Midjourney has over 25 different artistic styles to choose from, constantly adding new ones (source: Midjourney).

Suitable Art Types:

Midjourney is ideal for creating a variety of art types, including detailed landscapes, architectural designs, abstract art, and conceptual illustrations. Its ability to interpret and visualize complex prompts makes it perfect for artists and designers seeking creative and unique visual outputs.

Midjourney Pros and Cons:


  • Consistently produces top-tier AI-generated images with superior quality.
  • The Discord community offers a rich source of inspiration and collaborative learning.
  • The tool’s advanced features allow for greater control and refinement in image creation.


  • Usage is limited to Discord, which might be unconventional for some users.
  • Images generated are public by default, posing privacy concerns.
  • Free trials are currently suspended, limiting initial access without cost.

Pricing Plans:

  • The basic Plan starts at $10/month, offering about 200 images per month with commercial usage rights.
  • Four subscription tiers, with monthly and annual options (saving 20% on annual payments), are available.
  • Each subscription includes access to the Midjourney AI member gallery, official Discord, and general commercial terms.

Example image generated using Midjourney AI

Prompt used: A professional photo editor working on computer to generate ai image.

Midjourney AI image generator sample photo
Midjourney AI image generator sample image.

2. DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion)

DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI image generators available today in the market. If you are looking for highly customizable images, DreamStudio can do it for you.

The best part about DreamStudio is that, unlike DALL·E and Midjourney, it is open-source. So, if you want to download and run it locally, fine-tune your model, or integrate it into your own AI project, you can easily do that.

There is also a public app of DreamStudio, which Stability AI developed. You can extensively control image generation, adjust image size, match to prompts, and select versions of the algorithm. In short, DreamStudio offers you a free hand for image creation.

DreamStudio includes in-painting and out-painting features (accessible via Chrome), with more editing features planned. You can determine various aspects of image generation, including the diffusion model’s steps and image quantity. 

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is perfectly suitable for artistic portraits, historical illustrations, architectural renders, and more. DreamStudio is perfect for those who want detailed and specific image outcomes.

DreamStudio Pros and Cons:


  • DreamStudio offers free credits, and hence, it is affordable and accessible to all. 
  • You get a highly customizable and powerful tool that gives fantastic results.


  • Using this AI Image Generator might not be accessible for all, especially if you are a newbie, as it requires a little bit of technical know-how. 
  • The editing tools are less intuitive, and hence, you will have to become familiar with them, which might take some time.

Example Image generated using DreamStudio

Prompt used: A businesswoman standing and reading news on projector about ai image generation and its market.

AI image generated using DreamStudio
AI image generated using DreamStudio

Pricing Plans:

DreamStudio operates on a credit system. Signing up provides 25 free credits, approximately equivalent to 30 prompts or 120 images with default settings. Additional credits start at $10 for 1,000 credits, with costs varying based on model choice and image parameters​​.

3. DALL·E 3

DALL·E 3 is an upgrade of DALL·E 2, both powered by OpenAI. DALL·E was one of the pioneers who made creative and realistic image generation possible. 

The latest version, DALL·E 3, takes this creativity a notch above. With its exceptional ability to interpret prompts, it can create mind-blowing images. That’s why it’s super popular among the creators. You can instruct DALL·E 3 on the type of image you want and the attributes of the image, and it will come up with stunning results. 

DALL·E 3 is available with ChatGPT’s plus subscription, so if you want something free, this is not the tool for you! But on the brighter side, it’s extremely easy to use and much more creative than competitors.

The only drawback is that there is no option to edit an image. You can only create the images, unlike DALL·E 2, which allows image editing too. Besides that, it’s a perfect choice for all types of users.

DALL-E 3 boasts an average photorealism score of 4.24 from expert judges (source: DALL-E 3 research paper).

Suitable Art Types:

Whether for surreal art pieces, detailed illustrations, or conceptual artworks, DALL·E is the perfect tool for artists, designers, and dreamers alike.

DALL·E 3 Pros and Cons:


  • Incredibly easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • It has enhanced image quality with clearer visuals and textures.
  • It is integrated efficiently with ChatGPT Plus, offering more value.
  • Robust safety features to ensure appropriate content generation.


  • ChatGPT controls can sometimes be unpredictable.
  • No longer offers a free trial, affecting accessibility for new users.
  • The $20/month cost might feel steep for those not interested in GPT features.

Pricing Plans:

  • DALL·E 3 is part of the ChatGPT Plus subscription, priced at $20/month.
  • DALL·E 2 is available separately, with 115 image credits for $15.
  • API pricing starts from $0.016/image, offering options for diverse needs.

4. Wombo Dream

Wombo Dream is an AI-driven solution designed to create thought-provoking, surreal, and aesthetically pleasing artwork with just the push of a button. Distinct from many AI art generators, Wombo Dream primarily focuses on the creation and manipulation of art, making it a powerful tool for artists and illustrators. The platform also offers a mobile app, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is a boon for artists, illustrators, and enthusiasts who aim to push the boundaries of their creativity, offering a unique platform to ignite visually stunning and original content.

Wombo Dream Pros and Cons:


  • It simplifies the art generation process, making it more accessible.
  • Offers a blend of reality and abstract expression for increased creative freedom.
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal technical knowledge.


  • The abstract nature of generated images may not fit practical or professional needs.
  • A focus on unconventional art may limit its mainstream applications.
  • The freemium model restricts access to high-quality features for non-paying users.

Pricing Plans:

Wombo Dream AI Image Generator operates on a freemium model. The free version allows basic image creation, with premium access available at a monthly fee for advanced features like better quality and faster generation times​​.

Example image created using Dream by Wombo

Prompt used: Imagine a confident business owner dressed in a sharp suit, tie neatly knotted, and polished shoes. They are walking on a tightrope, holding a sleek suitcase in one hand.

AI image generated using Dream by Wombo
AI image generated using Dream by Wombo

5. Visme AI Image Generator

Visme is an excellent graphic design platform popular among professionals and businesses. Now, it also offers a free AI image generator facility with all its projects!

It’s very easy to use, powerful, and offers many styles to choose from. And there’s more! Visme also lets you add animation to the graphics you have created using Visme Image Generator.

So, if you are looking for a versatile and effective AI image generator, Visme Image Generator can meet your needs.

Suitable Art Types:

Visme AI Image Generator is perfect for creating diverse visual content, from engaging infographics and presentations to branded marketing materials and educational visuals. Its extensive library and customization options make it ideal for professional designers and beginners.

Visme AI Image Generator Pros and Cons:


  • Intuitive and easy to use, it suits users with varying design skills.
  • Extensive library with various content, including 3D graphics, characters, and interactive charts.
  • Advanced collaboration features, perfect for remote working and team projects.
  • Integration with apps like WordPress, Google Drive, and Slack for seamless workflow.
  • Comprehensive customer support with responsive live chat assistance.


  • Occasional glitches and bugs might disrupt the user experience.
  • The vast range of capabilities might overwhelm users accustomed to simpler platforms like Canva.

Pricing Plans:

Remember, the Visme Image Generator is free to use and comes embedded with every Visme Plan. Visme offers three main pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan (Free): Includes 100 MB of storage, access to most templates and design assets, and regular support.
  • Starter Plan: Costs $12.25 per month (billed yearly) or $29 monthly. It offers 250 MB of storage, full access to templates and design assets, and 24/7 email and chat support.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $24.75 per month (billed yearly) or $59 monthly. This Plan includes 3 GB of storage, full downloading options (including PPTX, HTML5, Video, and GIF), a brand kit, analytics, and privacy controls, making it ideal for business users.

Example image created using Visme AI Image Generator

Prompt used: A businesswoman in suit addressing a winder audience.

A businesswoman addressing wider audience
A businesswoman addressing wider audience – Image created using Visme AI.

6. Canva AI Image Generator

Canva’s AI Image Generator, a feature of the versatile Canva design platform, is another powerful AI image generator. This AI Image Generator is particularly useful for creating custom graphics for social media, marketing materials, and more. Such comprehensive features make Canva a popular choice among designers and non-designers alike.

It also offers ease of use and versatility in graphic creation. The Canva Image Generator is powered by an open-source text-to-image model called Stable Diffusion(yup, the one that we discussed earlier). It is free via the Canva app, allowing users to generate up to 100 images a day.

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is perfect for generating images in different aspect ratios, such as square, landscape, or portrait, catering to diverse design needs. It’s ideal for social media posts, marketing content, and various digital designs, offering a range of style options to fit different creative visions.

Canva AI Image Generator Pros and Cons:


  • It offers various modes and style options for diverse design outcomes.
  • It’s pretty well-known for being cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • Simplifies the design process, especially for non-professionals.


Specific cons are not mentioned, but limitations might exist in generating highly specialized or complex designs due to its broad target audience and application range.

Pricing Plans:

The Canva Image Generator is free to use, allowing the creation of up to 100 images per day​​​​.

7. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is one of the most astounding AI image generators I’ve come across, to be honest. We already know how efficient Adobe is when it comes to videography and imaging. And they have nailed AI image generation, too.

Adobe Firefly is super efficient and is capable of producing detailed images, videos, documents, and art from simple prompts. Its unique text-to-edit feature allows users to modify the design of photos or videos using prompts, making it an integral part of Adobe’s suite of design tools. While this AI Image Generator is still in the beta phase, there is so much you can do with it.

There are a lot of options. The planned integration of Firefly into Adobe Creative Cloud suggests an expansive future where Firefly’s capabilities will be combined with other Adobe tools, enhancing its functionality and usability.

Suitable Art Types:

Adobe Firefly is particularly suited for professionals and creatives who need detailed and highly customizable visuals for various design projects. This AI Image Generator’s ability to adapt to different design needs makes it an invaluable tool in the creative process.

Adobe Firefly Pros and Cons:


  • Seamlessly integrates with essential design tools in the workflow.
  • Plans for incorporation into Adobe Creative Cloud promise enhanced utility and accessibility.


  • Currently, its training and functionality are limited to Adobe Stock data and openly licensed work.
  • Available only for non-commercial use in its beta phase, which may limit its application in commercial settings.

Pricing Plans:

  • You get 25 free credits each month 
  • You can get 100 credits at $4.99/month 

Example AI image generated using Adobe Firefly

Prompt used: A businessman boarding into his private jet with his team.

Businessman and his team - AI image generated using Adobe Firefly
Businessman and his team – AI image generated using Adobe Firefly

8. NightCafe

NightCafe is an AI Image Generator that creates images from text prompts and applies different artistic styles to photos. Using advanced algorithms, it caters to a range of artistic needs and styles, from photo realistic to abstract art, making it a versatile tool in the AI art space.

One of the most prominent features of NightCafe is neural style transfer, which you can use to create mind blowing images and art. 

If you are a creative designer who deals with a lot of creative art, NightCafe can be of great assistance to you. You can create bespoke artwork and use them directly, or you can use NightCafe’s artwork as a starting point for your project. Even agencies can use this AI Image Generator for branding and marketing purposes. 

Suitable Art Types:

NightCafe is apt for generating paintings, illustrations, digital artwork, and content for social media and marketing. This AI Image Generator can also be used for educational purposes, providing a platform for exploring AI-generated art.

NightCafe Pros and Cons:


  • There are multiple AI-art modes for various outcomes, thanks to the neural transfer feature
  • Print-on-Demand capability.
  • Free credits and diverse AI algorithms.


  • The premium feature is available only with the paid plan. 
  • You might need some time to master NightCafe, and hence, it’s not exactly a perfect choice for beginners. 

Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $5.99/month.
  • Quarterly Subscription: $4.79/month​​​​.

Example AI image created using NightCafe

Promt used: A businesswoman wearing a suit meditating on top of the mountain covered with snow.

Businesswoman on mountain using AI image generator NightCafe
Businesswoman on mountain using AI image generator NightCafe

9. Generative AI by Getty Images

If you plan to use AI-generated images for commercial purposes, it’s a headache, to be honest. As the domain is new, the laws around these images and artworks are quite opaque. Nobody knows exactly what’s legal and what’s not. 

But with Getty Images, you can stay away from these issues. Getty offers you these images without any regulations or trademark issues. It’s best suited for creating realistic images of characters. 

But if you want to create extremely detailed images or art pieces, Getty won’t be able to do that perfectly. But given its flexibility to allow users to use its AI images commercially, it’s a  good bet.

Increased stock photo sales: Getty Images reports a rise in sales of AI-generated imagery, indicating growing acceptance (source: Getty Images financial report).

Suitable Art Types:

Generative AI by Getty Images is particularly well-suited for business and marketing purposes, where the need for commercially safe, high-quality, and unique visual content is paramount. It’s ideal for creating customized imagery for advertising campaigns, corporate presentations, and digital marketing materials.

Generative AI by Getty Images Pros and Cons:


  • Backed by Getty Images’ uncapped indemnification, providing assurance against legal issues.
  • Leverages Getty’s extensive library for generating professional-grade images.
  • Designed for ease of use, suitable for businesses new to AI image generation.
  • Future implementation of inpainting and outpainting offers detailed image customization.


  • Currently, access is by request, potentially limiting immediate availability for some businesses.
  • Constraints in generating images based on specific real people, products, or artistic styles.
  • offering a blend of professional aesthetics and AI-driven creativity.

10. Craiyon

If you are just getting started with AI image generators, Craiyon is a perfect tool to start with. Previously known as DALL·E Mini, this AI Image Generator is a free AI art generation tool. But it’s a wordplay, to be honest! Image Generation is free, but if you want to download those images, you will have to subscribe to their plans!

But still, free image generation offers you an open space to kick off your creative journey. It’s perfect for creating art instead of realistic images. So, if you are an artist, a small business, or run an educational institution, Crayion is the perfect way to get started. It’s super user-friendly, easy to use, and a lot more creative than other competitors out there.

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is excellent for graphic designers, content creators, and artists. Its unlimited image generation is beneficial for social media managers and small businesses, offering a vast range of styles from realistic to abstract.

Craiyon Pros and Cons:


  • Free and user-friendly.
  • Security features to protect users.
  • Offers a variety of image styles.


  • Lower image quality compared to some other generators.
  • Limited features, such as no editing or export options.
  • Potential for misuse in generating harmful content.


Craiyon operates on a freemium model​​​​.

Example image created using Craiyon AI image generator

Prompt used: A photographer taking night photos of Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn bridge night photography - Craiyon AI image generator
Brooklyn bridge night photography – Craiyon AI image generator.

11. Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an extension of the already popular JasperAI. This AI Image Generator impressed me with its ability to transform text into images very efficiently. But the only problem with Jasper’s art is that it can sometimes struggle with more complex or specific artistic styles.

The best thing about Jasper Art is that it is integrated into Jasper’s subscription packages, offering a blend of AI image and content generation.

So, if you are looking for an AI Image Generator that offers you the fusion of content creation and art creation, Jasper is your answer.

Suitable Art Types:

It’s perfectly ideal for creating illustrations and artist-inspired works. Jasper Art caters to content creators looking for both artistic and photorealistic images. Its capabilities are well-suited for media production and marketing content.

Jasper Art Pros and Cons:


  • It generates images from simple prompts, and you don’t have to buy a dedicated plan for it
  • It is capable of producing both artistic and photorealistic images.


  • It has limited knowledge of specific artists’ styles.
  • I observed certain inconsistencies in producing accurate photorealistic images.

Pricing Plans:

Jasper Art is part of Jasper’s subscription plans:

  • Creator Plan: Suitable for individual users.
  • Team Plan: Designed for small businesses and collaborative groups.
  • Business Plan: Customized plans for businesses​​​​.

12. Try it on AI

Try it on AI is the best AI headshot generator, designed for generating professional headshots. This AI headshot generator is tailored for a range of purposes, from LinkedIn profiles to acting portfolios and online dating profiles.

The tool is notable for its ability to create high-quality, studio-like photographs. It offers various styles including LinkedIn Headshots, Professional Headshots, Lifestyle Portraits, Influencer content, and Corporate Team photos.

TryItOnAI allows for virtual try-on of over 200,000 clothing items across diverse categories (source: TryItOnAI).


Try it on AI is adept at producing different styles of headshots, making it a useful tool for individuals and businesses requiring professional-quality portraits for various platforms.

Try it on AI Pros and Cons:


  • Produces high-quality, studio-level headshots.
  • Offers diverse styles for different professional and personal needs.
  • Efficient and cost-effective, saving time and money.


  • It’s a paid service, which might not appeal to those looking for free options.
  • The quality of results may vary depending on input quality and user requirements, a common limitation in AI services.

Pricing Plans:

  • The Express AI Headshots package is priced at $21 for 100 images, $29 for 200 images, and $45 for 200 images plus 2 custom portrait edits.
  • The Creative Studio option offers more creative flexibility, starting at $19 per month with a cancellation policy.

13. DeepAI

DeepAI stands out due to its robust AI image generation capabilities. But wait, it doesn’t end there! You can even edit images using Deep AI, making it a favorite tool amongst editors and professionals like artists, designers, and marketers. It offers a wide range of models and shapes for customized image generation.

You can just enter prompts and generate creative and unique images. It also offers API facilitates and hence can be integrated into various applications, enhancing creative workflows for businesses and even enterprises. 

Suitable Art Types:

It’s perfectly ideal for digital content expansion and visual inspiration. If you want to design graphics for blogs or images for marketing material, DeepAI is an excellent option to go with.  

DeepAI Pros and Cons:


  • DeepAI is a great choice for large-scale operations with a robust API.
  • It supports bulk image generation.
  • It delivers high-quality results from simple prompts.


  • It can feel a bit daunting for newbies as it demands certain technical implementations.
  • It has a Pay-per-request model for pricing, which might be expensive.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pro plan: $4.99/month.
  • Pay-as-you-go: $5 for every 100 API calls​​.

Example AI image created using DeepAI

Prompt used: A business executive reading on the iPad in flight.

Business executive reading on iPad - DeepAI
Business executive reading on iPad created using DeepAI.

14. Runway

Runway AI text to image goes a notch above your standard AI image generators! It uses machine learning for creative design, merging live video, image synthesis, and video synthesis for real-time, interactive results!

This unique feature has made it an eye-candy for a lot of creators in a short span. It has a broad spectrum for its unique approach, connecting creators with a broad spectrum of design possibilities.

Suitable Art Types:

This tool is a perfect choice for freelancers, content creators, designers, and artists seeking to engage in adaptive, real-time generation.

Runway AI Pros and Cons:


  • Merges different AI art practices for diverse outputs.
  • Includes real-time, live video synthesis.
  • Offers varied creation methods through its comprehensive platform.


  • It might be challenging for beginners.
  • Requires additional credits for continuous or intensive use.
  • Optimal functioning might need a powerful computing device.


Image generation costs five credits and is purchasable in packs starting from $10 (1000 credits)​​.

Example AI image created using Runway

Prompt used: Business man and women running on a track.

Business man and women running on track using Runway AI
Business man and women running on track using Runway AI.

15. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator, developed by Microsoft, is built on DALL·E technology. While we all know that Bing is not so popular for image creation, this tool surprised me positively when I gave it a shot. You can generate realistic images using Bing Image Creator using the simple prompt.

More importantly, its integration with Microsoft Edge makes access even more easy. This tool is particularly beneficial for creating visuals for newsletters, blogs, and presentations. While it might not be as creative as other AI image generators mentioned here, Bing Image Creator can still get the job done.

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is perfect for graphic designers, hobbyists, and artists looking to create innovative and unique geometric representations from any image.

Bing Image Creator Pros and Cons:


  • It Effortlessly turns images into abstract art.
  • It’s a deal for creating website graphics, social media, and digital presentations.
  • Free to use, encouraging experimentation and learning.


  • Limited style variability.
  • Restrictions on detail-level morphing.
  • Lack of customer support.


Currently free​​.

Example image created using Bing AI Image Creator

Prompt used: A confident businessman working on laptop while having veg salad platter.

Businessman working on laptop while eating salad platter using Bing image creator
Businessman working on laptop while eating salad platter using Bing image creator.

16. NovelAI

NovelAI is a unique subscription-based AI Image Generator that harnesses GPT-based Large Language Models to aid in story writing and generating creative text formats. It’s a powerful tool not just for writers but also for anyone looking to unleash their imagination.

With its capability to generate images from text prompts, NovelAI extends its creativity to visual arts, allowing users to visualize their ideas and favorite characters. The service’s encrypted servers ensure data security, and its customizable editors add to the personalization of the experience.

Suitable Art Types:

NovelAI is a perfect AI Image Generator for aspiring writers and art enthusiasts. Writers can use it to craft stories, articles, scripts, poems, and more, experimenting with various writing styles and genres. Art enthusiasts can use NovelAI to generate images from text prompts, exploring their imagination in a visually creative manner.

NovelAI Pros and Cons:


  • Assists in producing quality literature, catering to users regardless of their writing ability.
  • AI algorithms adapt to user input, maintaining personal style and perspective.
  • Image generation powered by leading anime art AI and other models.
  • Offers a rich natural language processing playground for writing.
  • Maintains a large memory token capacity for complex and detailed stories.
  • Customizable editor for personalized user experience.


  • Pricing details for the monthly subscription are not clearly mentioned.
  • The effectiveness and accuracy of AI-assisted authorship are not fully detailed.
  • Unclear advantages for Opus tier subscribers due to unspecified experimental features.
  • Lack of specified support options and response times for troubleshooting or inquiries.


NovelAI operates on a freemium model. The free trial version offers 100 free text generations

17. StarryAI

StarryAI specializes in converting images into Non-Fungible Tokens using machine learning. This tool is distinctive because it allows users full ownership of their generated images for both personal and commercial use.

So, if you are into NFT or want to enter this market, Starry AI could be the perfect option for you. It’s easily accessible through Android and iOS apps, streamlining the image generation process.

Suitable Art Types:

AI Image Generator is particularly suitable for individuals and businesses interested in creating unique NFTs, offering a range of customizable AI-generated visuals for various uses.

Starry AI Pros and Cons:


  • StarryAI excels in creating personalized images.
  • Users retain full ownership of their images, free from watermarks.
  • The tool offers over 1000 styles and templates for customization.
  • It is capable of generating multiple artworks at once.


  • The free plan has a limit on the number of daily image generations.
  • There is a lack of detailed information regarding the pricing of premium features.


The service is free, allowing up to 5 image generations per day.

18. Photosonic

Photosonic, offered by Writesonic, Inc., is an AI Art Generator tool that enables users to create diverse digital artwork quickly and easily. It’s particularly useful for generating unique artwork across various styles without the need for traditional stock images.

This tool is highly versatile, suitable for creating everything from abstract art to photo-realistic portraits, and is ideal for use on multiple online platforms including social media, blogs, and landing pages​​.

Suitable Art Types:

Photosonic AI Image Generator is capable of generating a wide range of art styles in seconds. Users can create trippy paintings, minimalist illustrations, cartoon canvases, abstract art faces, and more. The tool is especially beneficial for those who need quick, original artwork for digital marketing, content creation, or personal projects​​.

Photosonic Pros and Cons:


  • Quick and easy generation of a variety of art styles.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive stock images.
  • Accessible to users without advanced art skills.
  • Versatile for use across multiple digital platforms.


  • Limited features in the basic subscription plan.
  • Subscription-based, which might not appeal to users looking for a one-time purchase or free tool.

Pricing Plans:

  • Photosonic operates on a tiered subscription model. 
  • The basic package starts at $15 per month, offering limited features. 
  • There are more comprehensive plans available for professional and business needs.

Example AI image created using Photosonic

Prompt used: Photorealistic digital art of a serious businesswoman deep in thought, sitting at a cafe, holding a cup of coffee, modern office setting, dramatic lighting, high level of detail, unreal engine, 4k resolution.

Businesswoman thinking while having coffee - Photosonic
Businesswoman thinking while having coffee – An AI image created using Photosonic

19. This Person Does Not Exist

If you want to generate realistic images of individuals, This Person Does Not Exist is a perfect tool for that! This AI image generator can create hyper-realistic human faces that, as the name suggests, do not exist in real life.

It deploys advanced generative adversarial networks (GANs) to produce human portraits. This tool is particularly useful for those who need a face for creative projects but want to avoid privacy issues related to using images of real people.

The process is very easy and user-friendly. With each refresh, the website generates a new, unique face and offers an endless stream of fictional characters. The images range from young to old, and from every ethnicity, showcasing the diversity and depth of human appearances.

Suitable Art Types:

This AI Image Generator is ideal for creating fictional characters for storytelling, art projects, and more. It is also suitable for generating avatars or placeholder images in design prototypes.

This Person Does Not Exist Pros and Cons:


  • Generates highly realistic and diverse human faces.
  • Simple and easy to use with no technical skills required.
  • Completely free, with no sign-up or credits needed.


  • Limited to only human faces, without options for customization.
  • Cannot generate the same face twice, which might be a limitation for some projects.
  • May raise ethical questions about the use of AI-generated human images.


This Person Does Not Exist is a completely free tool. There are no hidden costs, subscriptions, or credit systems involved, making it highly accessible to everyone.

AI Image Generators Compared: A Decision-Making Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of AI image generators?

You’re not alone! Navigate the ever-expanding gallery of creation tools like a pro with our complete comparison table. Choosing the right AI image generator for your design projects can be tricky.

Discover the perfect AI partner to fuel your artistic vision, whether you’re a seasoned designer or a curious beginner.

Stop searching blindly and start generating stunning visuals instantly. Boost your workflow, amplify your creativity, and unleash your artistic masterpiece with the perfect AI companion.

Midjourney AI, DreamStudio and DALL·E 3 compared.

FeatureMidjourney AIDreamStudio (Stable Diffusion)DALL·E 3
StrengthsArtistic styles, strong community, frequent updatesHighly customizable, affordable, open-sourcePhotorealistic results, seamless text integration, easy to use
WeaknessesSteeper learning curve, less control over generationComplex interface, editing tools not intuitiveLimited free trial, expensive per-generation cost
Ideal ForArtistic projects, exploration, unique aestheticsCustomization, advanced users, experimentationPhotorealism enthusiasts, beginners, professional projects
Pricing$10 per month for basic tierFree tier, paid plans start at €8 per monthLimited access or $42 per 115 credits
Example ImagesOften dreamlike, ethereal, or highly stylizedDiverse styles, from realistic to abstractPhotorealistic, often indistinguishable from real photos
Midjourney AI, DreamStudio and DALL·E 3 – AI image generation online tools compared.

Here’s a comparison of Visme, Canva, Adobe Firefly, and NightCafe.

FeatureWombo DreamVisme AI Image GeneratorCanva AI Image Generator
StrengthsContinuous image generation, free tier, beginner-friendlyLarge variety of templates and design layouts, user-friendly interface, integrates with Visme platformBeginner-friendly, simple text prompts, integrates with Canva ecosystem
WeaknessesLower image quality, limited control over resultsLimited artistic depth, lower image quality compared to some competitorsWatermark on free images, limited control over generation
Ideal ForQuick inspiration, casual use, social media contentSocial media visuals, infographics, presentations, basic design needsQuick illustrations, simple social media content, basic marketing materials
PricingFree tier, premium plans start at $4.99 per monthFree tier, paid plans start at $12 per monthFree tier, paid plans start at $9.99 per month
Example ImagesOften surreal, dreamlike, or painterlyClean, vector-based illustrations, design-oriented visualsSimple, cartoon-like images, infographics, icons
Wombo Dream, Visme and Canva – AI Image Generator Tools Compared.

Adobe Firefly, NightCafe and Craiyon AI image generators compared.

FeatureAdobe FireflyNightCafeCraiyon
StrengthsSeamless integration with Photoshop, realistic edits and product mockupsUnique artistic styles, user-friendly interface, multiple creative toolsFree, simple text prompts, accessible for beginners
WeaknessesLacks standalone functionality outside of Photoshop, requires paid subscriptionResource-intensive, can be complex for detailed editingLower image quality, limited control over results
Ideal ForPhoto manipulation, product mockups, realistic scene creation for professional projectsArtistic experimentation, abstract visuals, personal projectsQuick experiments, casual use, social media content
PricingIncluded in Photoshop subscriptionFree tier, paid plans start at $9.99 per monthFree
Example ImagesPhotorealistic edits, product mockups, 3D scenesAbstract textures, dreamlike landscapes, creative portraitsOften surreal, dreamlike, or cartoonish
Adobe Firefly, NightCafe and Craiyon AI Image Generators Compared.

Jasper Art, Try It On AI and Deep AI compared.

FeatureJasper ArtTry It On AIDeep AI
StrengthsHigh-quality images, good control over generation, various art stylesApparel and accessory generation, virtual try-on, diverse stylesMultiple AI models for different tasks, text-to-image, image-to-image, video generation
WeaknessesPaid subscription required, can be slow to generate imagesLimited body shapes and sizes, focus on fashion rather than general image generationCan be complex for beginners, less user-friendly interface
Ideal ForArtistic projects, commercial use, professional-looking imagesFashion design, virtual styling, personal image creationDiverse creative tasks, image enhancement, video manipulation
PricingPaid subscription starting at $19/monthFree tier, paid plans starting at $4.99/monthPaid plans starting at $25/month
Example ImagesRealistic portraits, landscapes, and abstract artFashion models wearing various outfits and accessoriesEnhanced images, generated videos, AI-powered art
Jasper Art, Try It On AI and Deep AI Image Generator Online Tools Compared.

Runway AI, Bing Image Creator and NovelAI AI image tools compared.

FeatureRunway AIBing Image CreatorNovelAI
StrengthsFlexible platform for custom AI models, advanced features, video generation, image enhancementFree to use, simple interface, integrated with Bing searchHighly detailed text-to-image generation, storyboarding and worldbuilding features
WeaknessesRequires technical knowledge, limited pre-trained models for image generationLower image quality, limited control over resultsSteeper learning curve, text-focused rather than visual, high resource usage
Ideal ForAdvanced projects, custom AI models, video editing, creative experimentationQuick concept generation, casual use, integrating with Bing searchDetailed storytelling, visual narrative creation, worldbuilding
PricingFree tier, paid plans start at $15/monthFreePaid plans start at $15/month
Example ImagesDiverse styles, often artistic or experimental, depending on custom modelsSimple images, often cartoonish or abstractHighly detailed scenes, characters, and objects, often realistic or fantastical
Runway AI, Bing Image Creator and NovelAI – Online AI Image Generators Compared.

Generative AI by Getty Images, Starry AI and Photosonic AI image creators compared.

FeatureGenerative AI by Getty ImagesStarry AIPhotosonic
StrengthsRoyalty-free images for commercial use, curated styles and themes, integrated with Getty Images libraryArtistic filters and styles, enhances existing images, AI-powered upscalingRealistic portrait editing, clothing and accessory generation, AI-powered animation
WeaknessesLess artistic freedom, potentially higher costs for specific licenses, limited control over generationFocuses on image editing rather than pure image generation, limited text-to-image capabilitiesLimited body types and clothing styles, focus on portrait editing rather than general image manipulation
Ideal ForCommercial projects, professional visuals, marketing materials, advertisingAdding artistic flair to existing photos, enhancing social media content, creative editingProfessional portrait editing, fashion visuals, product mockups, animated content
PricingVaries depending on license and usage, pricing starts at $29 per monthPaid plans start at $9.99 per monthPaid plans start at $49 per month
Example ImagesRealistic product mockups, professional-looking advertisements, curated artistic stylesPhoto enhancements with artistic filters, upscaled images with improved resolutionFashion portraits with clothing changes, animated GIFs from still images
Generative AI by Getty Images, Starry AI and Photosonic AI Image Generators Compared.

Remember, the best AI image generator depends on your unique creative needs and workflow. Try out different platforms, explore their features, and find the one that empowers your creativity and delivers stunning visuals for your professional projects.

Wrapping Up

It took some time to compile this comprehensive list of AI image generators, to be honest! Now one important point that you should keep in mind is that these tools are as efficient as the users. The more clear, crisp, detailed, and informative your AI image prompts are, the better results you will get.

I hope this list will help you identify and pick the best AI image generator for your project.

Be creative and generate creative images.


Can AI image generators replace human graphic designers?

No, at least not right now. But they can surely be of great assistance to these graphic designers as they can expand their creative horizons using such tools.

Does Adobe Firefly offer free image creation?

Yes, it offers 25 free credits per month that you can use to create images from text or another form of editing.

Which is the best AI image generator right now?

All of the 15 image generators mentioned above are good and have some specialty. What’s best for you depends on you and your needs! So go through all and pick the one that suits your needs.

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