Everything about Stock Photos! The Best Paid and Free Stock Photos Sites to Use!

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People had started discovering stock photos’ arena; when they initially needed images for a project or anything else. Many people have realized the value of images in the field of creative designing and commercial projects.

But only a few people are aware of how the stock photos work and where these are to be used.

Comprehensive Guide to Stock Photos

We’ve put together all of this information to guide you with all the details you need to know about the stock photos and what benefits you can have from them.

What are stock photos, or what a stock photo means?

Stock photos are basically photographs that have been edited and already taken, ready to be used anywhere. In stock photography, the photographer or the author makes the photo available for licensing, which means that you must pay an amount to use the photos legally in your projects.

Royalty-free pictures provide a wide range of usage rights at a very low cost. Authors can submit their photos to stock photo agencies. Many companies provide big digital catalogs with images for which you pay them online or download them from the website.

The process basically goes like you can buy the agency’s photos, and the agency splits the revenue with the photographer.

Difference and Advantages of using Free or Paid stock photos:

  1. By using these stock photos, you can resolve the need for your graphic designed photos. It is a very efficient and low-cost solution.
  2. You can get the images that you require instantly without waiting for the professional photographer to shoot them, edit and then hand over the photos to you. These photos are available online and can be downloaded for easy use.
  3. These photos help you save a lot of your money. The cost of hiring a professional photographer to do a shoot for you is way more expensive than $15, which is quite more than the money spent on buying a stock photo. Stock photos are cheaper than the shoots.
  4. If you buy a bunch of photos or buy a subscription, they give a discount or sell the images at low prices.
  5. With the help of stock photos, one can have professional looking designs you advertisements or for website presentations without taking any legal risks.
  6. It is a useful resource for small and medium businesses, startups, or for any other person in need of professional and high-quality pictures at a low cost.

About Copyrights on Free and Paid Photos

Paid photos:

Copyright laws were established to encourage the author to work more for its creation and receive respect and fair revenue. Basically, copyright is a federal law that protects the original work of the authorship. The work of authorship includes artistic, musical, and certain other works.

Copyright is applied as soon as the original work has been created. It is applicable to both published and unpublished work. This is an automatic right and does not require the author to fill in any paperwork. A “circle c” is enough to show the work is copyrighted.

Free photos:

This means that the person who has created this work has done it for the public domain by waiving all of its rights. You can copy, edit, modify for commercial purposes, all without asking any permission.

How do stock photography sites make money?

Making money in stock photography is not an easy task; it requires you to have excellent skills to sell your work. 10-15 years back, stock photography was easy, but nowadays, we have many affordable stock photos available on the web.

For example, Shutterstock has 225 million, and over 1 billion images are added every week. All you need to do is, upload a lot of stunning images, and you will be able to earn $200-$500 a month.

How do I start selling stock photos?

If someone is your gallery on your website, it will be an excellent option for them to buy that photo right away from the website itself. Selling photos can compensate for the cost of developing a website and can be an awesome side business. Visual society makes it very easy for you to sell photos online.

It allows photographers to keep a 100% profit from the sale. Also, this benefits the photographers to sell the photos at their own prices with ease. Moreover, you can use a third-party micro website like istockphoto, Dreamstime, Getty Images via Flickr, etc. These agencies do the marketing for you and help you gain the profit.

Can you make money with stock photography?

You can earn as much as $500 a month by uploading at least 6,000 images.  To reduce the image count and earn more revenue, you will have to increase the value of your image by introducing models or something.  Stock photography is a business market, and you need to provide original content to make a living out of it.

Standards to get your stock photo listed in paid photography sites:

What makes a good stock photo?

We have listed some amazing tips to keep in mind to get your photo listed for paid photography.

1. Flood the area with optimum light:

Images can appear grainy due to less light. Make it a rule to flood the area with light. A good amount of light greatly increases the clarity of your image.

2. Focus on the image:

The shot that you captured looks nice on the little screen, but when you take a look for editing, the image seems to be out of focus. You can try by clicking the picture by a tripod.

3. The image quality will vary with the best quality settings:

If you use the lowest settings on your camera, later, you cannot make the bad image look good. You need to use high-quality settings to get a perfect shot.

4. The rule of thirds:

The best shots have the subject intersect between two perpendicular lines. The rule of thirds helps you crop the images in a better way. The grid feature in most of the cameras helps you get the highest resolution with the best quality.

5. Don’t rely on one photo:

You have a digital camera, and you can take as many pictures as you can. There are no added costs, and you will have more choices.

6. Create visual interest:

You can make the image interesting by trying out different angles and capturing from a distance. You don’t want all photos to be at the same distance. Take natural-looking pictures.

You have the copyright of the photos automatically when you capture them. When someone else tries to challenge that, you have to prove that picture was captured by you and is initially owned by you.

By registering your photos with the copyright office, you will have independent, legally permissible proof that you have the image’s copyright. It makes it easier to avoid such issues as you have proof, and you won’t have to undergo any trouble.

1. Registering the photo:

Any photo captured by you belongs to you for 25 years. But anyway, you will have to need to register yourself if you want to get a lawsuit of infringement of copyrights. A registration will gain you legal evidence of your ownership of the photo, which will make it easier to fight back in any such circumstances. You can register through mail or online.

2. File the photo online:

In the copyright office, registering a photo is easier, quicker, and cheaper. You can register your photos electronically instead of sending them through the mail. You can register just a single photo or a lot of a bunch of photos together.

It can cost you around $35 to register a photo online, and through the mail, it can cost you around $50. The cost can vary on the number of photos that you want to register. The processing time for copyright filing is nearly 8 months. The paper filing may take up to 13 months or so.

3. Save your proof of ownership:

Keep the formal copyright certificate safe with you. You can even obtain a duplicate certificate if vital as you want to keep this secure in case of an emergency to avoid any legal confusion.

List of FREE and PAID stock photo sites:

Nearly all images/photos are subjected to copyright, which gives the author a right to reproduce or reuse his own work. You can also find a public domain photo. We have shared sites that provide free and paid and contain a list of the cheapest stock photo sites with the best stock photo deals ever.

You can get free images, create-your-own-image tools, or you can even create your image.

Here are the list of FREE stock photo sites

  • Unsplash.com
  • Pixabay.com
  • Pexels.com
  • Picspree.com
  • Freerangestock.com
  • Startupstockphotos.com
  • Gratisography.com
  • Imagebase.net
  • Isorepublic.com
  • Lifeofpix.com
  • Freeimages.com
  • Negativespace.co
  • Stokpic.com
  • Magdeleine.co
  • Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Stocksnap.io
  • Splitshire.com
  • Kaboompics.com
  • Pxhere.com
  • Reshot.com
  • Flickr.com
  • Freeimages.com
  • Burst.shopify.com
  • Picography.co
  • Imcreator.com/free
  • Focastock.com
  • Littlevisuals.co
  • Splitshire.com
  • Morguefile.com

List of Freemium stock photo sites

  • Freepik.com
  • Bigstockphoto.com
  • Depositphotos.com
  • Shutterstock.com
  • Dreamstime.com
  • Gettyimages.com
  • Stock.adobe.com
  • Istockphoto.com
  • Freshstock.com
  • Rawpixel.com
  • Lovepik.com
  • Foodiesfeed.com
  • Getrefe.com

  • Styledstocksociety.com
  • Deathtothestockphoto.com
  • Createherstock.com
  • Yayimages.com
  • Fotolia.com
  • Stocksy.com
  • Picjumbo.com
  • Stockvault.net
  • Pikwizard.com
  • Skitterphoto.com
  • Jeshoots.com
  • Alamy.com
  • Chamberofcommerce.org/findaphoto/


Using Stock photos is the core of the content industry; it is time to look at various sites mentioned above to get the right photos for your projects. We hope we could explain all the features in the best way!

Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels

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