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When mobile phones manufacturers started installing digital cameras into their devices around 15 years ago, the revolution in the history of mobile phones knocked the door. Now cell phone is not limited to making phone calls, they are numerous functions in them and most important one is – “taking pictures “. Here provides the latest and greatest mobile phone for making magic on your photo.

Today, almost everyone carries a supremely high-powered digital camera in their pocket or purse, capable of taking fabulous pictures at the luxury of swift swipe of fingers.

We put those photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.  So these pictures deserve to look great right? With the evolution of smartphones this task of making your photos look great has became easier. Yes! We agree that these mobile photo editing apps are not as good as their desktop versions but they are pretty cool. Photo editing on Android is still in the initial stages where you can do only the most basic edits with your photographs but there still some good apps which make them worthy of a download.

Here we have some Great Smartphone with best working apps which will spill the magic on your photos.

  1. Bonfire Photo Editor

[Price: Free]

I can easily say it is one of the best photo editing app I have recently seen. I have got some amazing effects which makes it worthy of no.1 in the list. It has many innovative effects including artificial intelligence enhanced Face/Selfie filters, extremely realistic painting filters like oil/surrealism/impressionism/abstract filters. They also have many new kinds of filters like funk/tone/glass/dots, which are all are too good to give your picture an edge. To add an obvious point they have a decent group of basic tools like RGB vibrance, warmth etc. These entire features in the app got a thumb up from us and we are sure this app has all the qualities to be in the list of your must haves.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

[Price: Free app but requires Creative Cloud subscription]

Adobe recently released their iconic Light room application to Android. It allows for editing of RAW image format and the ability to enhance photos with a range of presets and tools. The app is a 30-day trial but those who have a Creative Cloud subscription can keep using it after the trial. You can also sync with desktop versions of Light room. We wish it’d been available for non-Creative Cloud users but if you happen to be one, this is a must have application.

  1. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

[Price: Free]

This one was personally used by me for a very long time. I loved the number of effects categories it had. It is one the most recommended and highly rated photo editing app. They have plethora of editing options like red-eye removal, a whiten teeth option, a one-click enhance tool, borders, filters, and you can also preview effects done by you using the Pixlr Live feature. Plus, of course they have lot basic tools too like rotate, crop, illuminate etc.  It’s a great editor with a lot of options and it’s from Autodesk, a big name in graphic design.

  1. Photo Editor by BeFunky

[Price: Free / $2.99]

This is a fun compact photo editor which is simple yet powerful. To stay with it head dozens of effects and told credited to it which include editing tools, including filters, sharpen, and exposure and more. The most outstanding feature it had is how much you can effects to your project. You can add effects how many adds you want to make your picture look the way you want. It is also very popular and highly rated. You can try out the free version before you decide to go in with paid version.

  1. Cupslice Photo Editor

[Price: Free]

If you are looking for an app which gives you lot of effects too start with this is the app to grab. This editor comes with more than 50 effects in is Kitty. Even the features are not as heavy as they are supposed to be, it will be stool considered as the editor with extra tract and Polish. It also has number of stickers you can add to for that extra fun on your photos and they get updated every week. Simple and effective is the word for the app.

  1. Fotor Photo Editor

[Price: Free / $3.99]

With a colorful and simple interface this editor has an in depth to it. It has few features but all are incredulously good. These are one-tap enhance, scenes to adjust your photo based on the conditions where you took it, filters and effects which can used one on one. They also have stickers, frames and more for those Pablo Picasso souls out there.

  1. Lab PRO Photo Editor!

[Price: Free / $3.99]

This one is heavy but an amazing app. It comes with whooping number of 500 frames for your pictures which ate destinies to suit to every individual’s needs. It also has myriad of backgrounds, photo filters, collage features, and even the popular human-to-animal montage that turns your face into an animal’s face. They have both free version and paid version. Free version water marks the photos but the paid version doesn’t. You can give it shot, the free one before deciding to buy.

  1. Photo Editor by Aviary

Again a great app, and is still installed on my phones. It has more than stickers, themes and other funk things. It has a slightly more composed set of actual editing features which includes fixing red-eye, whitening teeth, blur blemish etc. All in all we cab say it is a very solid app and had all the appeals to get a try.

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio

[Price: Free]

This is the first ever photo editing app used by me and I still adore it. Of you are obsessed about making more and more collages Pics art is three grab for you. It also includes great stickers and other basic editing tools like filters, controls, and adjustments along with some unusual features like finger-painting. If a collage is you’re things then pics art is your grab.

Author Bio : Writer By Passion and for the love of languages. I love to read and read some more. What you read above was from an aspiring Lifestyle Journalist.

Published by Gaurav Morwal

Writer By Passion and for the love of languages. I love to read and read some more. What you read above was from an aspiring Lifestyle Journalist.

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