Fotor – The Classic Tool for Image Editing and Designing

Fotor - Photo Editor and Design Maker

Image editing has become customary for every individual, for both personal and professional usage, with people using social media platforms excessively to share their day-to-day posts and business-related advertisements to showcase the best of themselves and their work.

Fotor has made it easy to access professionally-looking images with just a few clicks. Fotor is one of the first websites to introduce photo-editing and design-making services online. I have been using it, on and off, for about a decade now, and it has had tremendous improvements over the years.

Fotor, The Best Editing and Designing Tool

The platforms supported by Fotor include Mac, windows, android- and iPhone-supported mobile apps. It is available in nine different languages, catering to almost the entire world, which is a wow factor, as very few similar websites offer this feature. Additionally, you can create a new design or edit an existing image, whichever is feasible for you. The website has over 300 million users and possessed billions of images so far.

Fotor Features

Apart from photo editing, Fotor also offers photo collage making, graphic design, HDR, and beauty retouching services. Additionally, it has close to 7000 templates appropriate to use for all the existing social media platforms, logos, business cards, invitation cards, posters, flyers, letterheads, wallpapers, and much more.

An image in Fotor can be edited in these four simple steps:

  1. Go to the “open” drop-down and select an image from one of the sources provided.
  2. Check out the editing features available in the left sidebar.
  3. Select the desired features from the options it offers, like basic effects, beauty, frames, stickers, and text.
  4. Save the edited image into your account or on your desktop/laptop.
Fotor - Basic Photo Editing Features
Fotor – Basic Photo Editing Features

Its collage feature offers various collage templates to make your work easy and creative, as you can see below.

Fotor - Collage Maker
Fotor – Collage Maker

In case you would like to create something from scratch, you have an option to do that using one of the various templates available on the website.

Fotor Social Media Banners
Fotor Design Tool – Create Banners, Covers, and Social Media Posts

One of the best things about Fotor is the tutorials and guides it provides on vast topics, from polishing your creativity to learning and upgrading your knowledge about the related stuff.

Fotor - Guides and Tutorials
Fotor – Guides and Tutorials

Moreover, all the features it offers come under two categories, Basic and Fotor Pro. The features categorized under “Basic” are offered free of charge for life, while the “Fotor Pro” category offers advanced features and can cost a nominal fee of USD 8.99 per month or USD 39.99 per year, depending on the package you choose. You can sign up and begin using Fotor with basic features right away and you can upgrade to Fotor Pro at any point in the future.

Fotor - Pricing
Fotor – Pricing

Fotor Pro Features:

Some of the professional editing and designing features offered under Fotor Pro are:

Premium Editing Functions

Advanced Beauty and makeup features are streamlined with cutting-edge HDR technology, offering the best results.

Exclusive Resource Packs

30+ stylized photo frames, 300+ custom-designed stickers, 60+ exclusive photo effects, 80+ exquisite collage templates, 100+ exclusive photo effects, and much more.

High Resolution Images and Formats

Large-sized images of over 2000×2000, regardless of the picture quality, and various professional formats like BMP, TIFF, and RAW.

Exquisite Templates

Customized Facebook covers, posters, cards, SNS covers, and a variety of specialized designs.

Ad-free Editing and Designing

Uninterrupted, refined editing without unnecessary distraction for smoother and quicker editing and designing experience.

Furthermore, Fotor App also organizes competitions under the “Events” section, where the best images that are picked get prizes; USD 50 is awarded per competition to each winning photography, in general. Additionally, you can sell your work under the “sell my work” option under the profile section. These are some of the unique characteristics offered by Fotor.

Overall, I found Fotor to be simple, user-friendly, and a fast-paced digital photo editor and designer. However, a tiny drawback I faced while using the website on Mac was that the pages were taking a long time to load, but there were useful and handy tips displayed on-screen while waiting for the page to load, which gets a brownie point.

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