Fotor App deserves a big thumps up!

Fotor - Free multi-platform photo editor

Phone cameras are doing a great job at capturing moments, and smartphones have taken photo sharing to another level. All we needed was an on-the-go app to amp up those pictures before sharing them online. Enter Fotor App; the most simple and easy App to get those pictures sharing ready for the world.

Fotor - Free photo editor
Fotor – Free photo editor

Fotor has been on the internet for easy photo editing, creating collages, adding effects, etc. It only makes sense the company moves forward into the app world. This makes the App handy for all the Fotor lovers and new users looking for a simple way to edit pictures. It is the first HDR App that offers an advanced 32-bit processing mode!

Fotor HDR Preview

On the first usage of the App, you will notice how easy it is to use. Fotor hits the mark with an amazingly user-friendly interface; even if you’re an amateur in the land of phone photography, you will be able to make the most of this app.

Everimaging; the company that developed this App takes its inspiration from their desktop editing software HDR Darkroom, which has a feature tone mapping. This tone mapping technology has been brought forth for smartphone users to exploit through the Fotor App.

The editing options include enhance, scenes, adjust, rotate, FX Effects, borders, crop, tilt-shift. All of these are laid out at the bottom of the picture selected for editing, and simple scrolling gets you through the edits you want to.

The format of the App is made such that it organizes your photos in the “photo box”. All your edited or selected pictures stay there for you to browse through quicker. There’s also the “favorite” option for two options, FX Effects and Borders, where you can save your favorite effects and borders; this is super great if you like editing and posting your photos as soon as you take them.

The feature that I like best about this App is that it houses all needed effects together; there are no complicated features for advanced users; anyone and everyone, regardless of their age, can use this App.

The fact that it’s available for both Android and iPhone owners is fantastic. Most people carry more than one phone, and this is a great free photo editing app to have on all phones.

And best of all, photo sharing is just a tap away on top networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and e-mail. This is also great; even if others use your phone for taking pictures, you can edit them and make them look flawless.

Fotor is undoubtedly the best well-rounded photo editing app on the market right now. It’s user-friendly, does the job, and is hassle-free. The Fotor HDR app is available for Android and iPhone users for free!

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