Some great Photography Techniques, Tips, Tutorials, and Resources – Part 1

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For all of us, certain moments are precious in our life. They might pertain to birthdays, excursions, or kids; each one is unique and needs to be cherished! Photographs have emerged as a means to capture and record such precious moments.

Their evolution from print to digital has made them even more sought after! Now, any individual having a digital camera can click photos. But the question that arises is how to click photos for different and specific moments.

To throw more light on the above question, if you wish to shoot a landscape or scenery, how would you click and edit the snaps as compared to shooting in a moving bus or a car? How would you click and edit the photos of your family get-together or your baby’s first steps?

Even though you might have a professional camera in hand it so happens that many of you might fail to take the best photograph or even grab the shot that you are really thinking about. But before you start with the camera, how many really read the instruction manual? Very few to be candid! :)

Everyone has a desire to take a good photograph of their own event, party, occasion, etc. The same happens to me every time I try to click a snap in a professional manner! I fail even after taking the same shot again and again.

Well, I guess it could be because of a lack of knowledge of basic photography techniques, tips, etc. So this made me curious and I started scrolling through the web for the best and most professional photography techniques, tips, tutorials, etc, and came up with the following set of Photography Techniques, Tips, Tutorials, Sites, Blogs, and a set of Resources to help u become a professional with your camera in a simple and easy way !..

Note: These photographs are picked from the respective sites, the ownership of the photographs is with the actual photographer and the site owners.

How to Photograph…

Digital Photography School – Digital Photography Tips for You

How to Shoot Light Trails

16 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques

I’m learning that portrait photography can be tough in more than one way thanks to my participation in the December Challenge. I’m already getting bored …

idigitalphoto blog – Photography Techniques
Photography lessons for the rest of us.

Photography Equipment – Photography Tips – Photography Technique |

When it comes to capturing nature’s beauty at its best, you can’t beat the photography tips from Outdoor Photographer. From reviews on photography equipment to the latest photography techniques, explore it all here.

62 Awesome Photography Links You Can’t Live Without

Stuff that I have followed for more than 20 years, and stuff I just started following last week.

Photography Techniques – Photography Basics – Photography Tips – PCPhoto Magazine | PCPhoto Magazine

Whether you’re just learning the photography basics or you need some advice on advanced photography techniques, our How-To section offers photography tips for shutterbugs at every level. Visit

Flickr: Photography Tutorials and Helpful Links

Shelburne Falls Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.

Tutorial Blog – HDR Tutorials Roundup

Beautiful Black and White Photography

Jewelry photography tips – how to photograph jewelry

Jowling – Photography Fun For a Rainy Day

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Simon Blint, Director of Visitor Relations at the SF MOMA, Yeah You Jerk, Photography is Not a Crime

Fun Forever – Luxury fun is affordable for everyone! » Photography

A blog site mostly with art, gadgets, and technology content. Luxury fun is affordable for everyone!

High-Speed PhotoGraphy – 23 Amazing Pictures | Digital Picture Zone

Coffee meets Milk

The A-B-C-D-E of Travel Photography

How to Make A Inexpensive Light Tent

Speed Demon Photography | Blog

In the last leg of the Crestock Photo Contest 2007 we received some truly amazing pictures among the well over 600 submissions. With emotions ranging from pure adrenaline, blinding speed, and motion blur to more subtle interpretations of this round’s theme, the photographers have certainly put some serious effort into this. Perhaps no wonder when the first prize was the awesome Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II? free stock photos

Tutorial Blog -10 Websites with Great Photography

Some of the most amazing works of night photography, past and present, from skilled masters of the art

The Wonderful World of Early Photography

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without

Hot gear, down & dirty reviews, and delicious photos

The PopSci How 2.0 Blog – High-Dynamic-Range Photography: A Guide

The Rules of Photography

The World’s Most Extreme Photography Equipment | Blog

There are several categories of camera gear available: there’s the sensible, the desirable, and then there’s the stuff that you’d never even imagined. Here’s a selection of equipment that most definitely belongs in the latter category.

The Brian Shaler Blog / Blog Archive / Photography Video Tutorial: Light Speed Escalator

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.

Five Fantastic Flickr Photographers

The Grim Reapers /~ by ezee 123 no access to the net as of, on Flickr Five top-notch Flickr photographers whose work speaks louder than words. One look at their photos and you can see why I call them my favorites.

The Knight Shift: The Top Ten Best GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS Ever Taken

What does look for when it comes to urban photography? Urban photography doesn’t have to mean perfectly framed parks and stoic skyscrapers. Some of the best

Revealed: The amazing pictures of Britain in colour for the very first time | Mail Online

When color photographs were first invented, the French millionaire and philanthropist Albert Kahn poured his entire fortune into hiring a team of photographers, which he dispatched to more than 50 countries – his aim was to make a record of all the people of the world. In Britain, they captured a nation on the brink of historical change. See the amazing pictures here

30 Photos That Inspired Me to Learn Photography | You the Designer
Graphic Design Blog – Graphic Design Tips, Graphic Design Resources, Design News, and Much More!

WAFF | World’s Armed Forces Forum: Colour WWI photos (must see!!)

25 Great Photography Tutorials and Links From Around the Web

Photoshop Tutorials – Photography Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials, guides, and instructions., With the vast selection of digital cameras, how do we know which one to buy? The prices of digital cameras have gone down, but why are consumers spending more money on even the most basic needs? Find out how you can find the just-right digital camera at just the right price.

Wait: There is more to this tutorial compilation coming in Part 2, so watch out!

Did we miss any resources? if so, just post it over and we will include it in the list!

Image source: Pixabay

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