Best lead generation tools and strategies that you must know

Best lead generation tools

For any business, the core purpose is to generate a steady flow of revenue. For this, businesses adopt multiple methods, including marketing campaigns.

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If you, too, are running a Digital Marketing campaign, one metric decides the success of your business, LEADS. Views, Shares & likes are great, but the cream of any Digital Marketing campaign is a bundle of Leads.

That’s the reason why more than half of businesses around the globe consider lead generation as an inseparable part of your business. Have you ever wondered Why Lead generation is important for your business?

A lot of people do & that’s why I am creating this piece of information. In this piece, I’ll discuss Lead generation tool, their importance, the best lead generation strategies & some of the best lead generation tools available in the market.

Let’s get started.

What is the lead generation?

Lead Generation is a process of connecting with your potential customer that has shown some interest in your offerings. This connection can be via multiple channels like E-mail, text messages, Social Media posts, newspaper ads & tailored Lead Generation tools.

What are Lead generation tools?

  • Defining Clear Strategy
  • System to deploy that strategy

A Lead generation tool is a software or an app that fulfils both of these needs. This automated software assists you in creating results-driven lead generation strategies & collecting more leads quickly.

Lead Generation tools can be classified broadly into 2 categories:

  • Inbound lead generation tools
  • Outbound lead generation tools
Best lead generation tools
Exploring the top 6+ Best tools for lead generation and Strategies to consider.

Depending on the type of campaign you are running & your campaign goals, you can select any of them.

Now let’s take a look into why Lead Generation tools are important for your business.

Improves Brand Awareness

If you are new to the Business, Lead Generation tools can help you improve your Brand Awareness. And even if you are an established business, a competent lead-generation tool will help your branding.

The more people are aware of your brand, the more business you’ll get & the more revenue you will generate. This can be done by delivering the content your target audience wants to consume.

Generates more revenue

Every Business wants more revenue & yours is no different. If you are using the right lead generation tools, they can help you generate a lot more revenue than usual.

These tools suggest what type of campaigns will bring you more revenue so that you can avoid the good old “trial & error” tactic.

Expands your reach

Best Lead generation tools can assist you in expanding your reach. They offer a lot of flexibility & efficiency in managing your online marketing campaign. With these tools, you can reach out to the maximum number of people, allowing you to grow your reach in new areas.

Improves lead quality

If you are getting a meager 5-10% Conversion ratio, you need to rethink your Lead Generation strategies. This happens due to the poor-quality leads that you are using.

With top lead generation tools at your disposal, you can collect strong leads that offer higher conversion rates, resulting in better growth.

Less Cold Calling

With the top-rated lead generation tools, you can give your phone a rest! These tools will give you freedom from the headache of cold-calling.

From these points, I hope you clearly understand why Lead generation tools are important for your business. Now let’s take a look at the top 5 lead generation tools that work.

Which are the best lead generation tools?

Best lead generation tools
5+ Best lead generation tools!


HubSpot is an all-in-one lead-generation tool for your campaigns. The best part is its pay-as-you-grow model, and it means you can start using it for free & later when your business grows, you can pay to access all of its features.

From creating blog posts & scheduling them at your convenience to automating social profiles, HubSpot can do everything for you!

It’s a perfect inbound lead generation tool that offers a lot of insight into your marketing campaigns. It also comes with an automated chatbot, forms, live chats & ad management facility.

HubSpot – A perfect marketing solution

One of the best software for inbound marketing and sales.

HubSpot logo


A landing Page is a perfect way to capture powerful leads. So if you are looking for a perfect landing page creator, LeadPages should be your choice.

It offers hundreds of ready-to-use landing page templates to choose from! Just select the one you feel is right for you, connect to your software and boom! You are good to go.

Every visitor who lands on your page & fills in the necessary info will be converted into a lead. LeadPages plan starts from @27/month, and you can check out their complete pricing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When we are talking about the best B2B lead generation tool, there is no way we can keep LinkedIn out! This amazing LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is perfect if you are planning to capture B2B leads.

It’s equipped with advanced tools that target a specific group of people, companies & Businesses.

You can also build a custom lead & account list using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also activate custom alerts for specific leads. The best part is it can be easily integrated with your CRM.


Lead forms are awesome tools for creating lead forms. OptinMonster comes with simple Drag & Drop lead form builders that simplify the task of creating forms.

There are more than 100 templates that you can use for your landforms. Its pricing starts from $14/month to $80/month. Check out their detailed pricing here.

OptinMonster – Best lead generation tool

Growing email lists, and improving website conversions along with the integration of email marketing services are the major benefits of OptinMonster.

Optinmonster lead generation software


Hootsuite is a suitable tool for businesses & agencies that have to manage multiple Social Media accounts. You can access all your accounts in a single place & can schedule posts in a single place.

You can also keep track of your social media campaign analytics with Hootsuite.

Their pricing starts from $49/mo & you get a 30-day free trial. Check out their full pricing list here.

Here is our other best list of lead generation tools.

Final thoughts

Lead Generation is an aspect that will make or break your business. Efficient Lead generation is the backbone of any business.

But solid Lead generation strategies deliver results only if you have efficient tools to deploy them. I hope the tools I mentioned here will help you optimize your marketing campaigns & will get you superior leads for exponential Business growth.


Is it mandatory to use Lead generation tools?

Not at all. You can do everything these tools do manually, but it will consume your valuable time & resources. So it’s better to go with these lead generation tools.

Which lead generation tool is best for creating Landing Pages?

I use LeadPages, and till now, it has performed very well. So I’ll recommend it to anyone who is looking to build attractive landing pages.

What is the lead generation?

It’s a process of collecting information about your potential customers & later targeting them with relevant ads for conversion.

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