10 best landing page examples created with Teachable

Teachable landing page examples

A landing page is your digital sales copy to drive customers, improve SEO, and establish your brand. It is the page where your customers get insights into your products and services.

A good landing page is one that encourages the audience to take immediate action. There are many aspects to it, starting from design to content.

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With the advent of technology, it has been easier to design creative landing pages with pre-designed and customizable templates. Tools like Teachable offer scalable landing page designs for you to come across with the best-in-class landing pages that represent your brand persona.

Teachable offers full-fledged online course development services for experts belonging to various niches. It provides a variety of features for online coaches along with sales copy templates to help them sell more.

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Are you looking to launch your online course with exceptional landing pages? Well, you’re in for a treat! Read this article to explore the best Teachable landing pages.

1. Angela Fehr Creative Watercolor courses:

The landing page for this course is highly colorful, with an elaborate description of the course. It has 2 courses displayed along with the modules. 2 buttons lead to the enrollment process for the ease of customers. The page accommodates FAQs to ensure that the queries of the visitors are resolved right away.

Further, the instructor has added her introduction to personalize the experience of the prospects that land on the page. It also has a link to the social media handles of the coach.

2. Passion to Paid by Lauren Hom

Passion to paid course - Teachable
Passion for the paid course – Teachable

Lauren Hom offers 4 courses on Teachable with the brand name “Hom Sweet Hom.” The landing pages for all of her courses are highly customized and colorful. The one for her “Passion to Paid” course is well-designed to represent her niche, i.e. painting and lettering.

The page has an elaborate description of the instructor and the course. It explains the importance of learning the skills covered in the 6-part creativity course in people’s freelancing or full-time careers.

Testimonials and success stories of the Passion projects are mentioned at the bottom of the page, along with the FAQs, to build trust among the customers.

Again, there are two buttons that lead the prospect to the enrollment page of the course. The instructor has also linked her social media and email details to personalize the experience of the potential clients.

You can also design such an exclusive landing page for your prospects using Teachable and drive more traffic to opt for your course.

3. Buttercream Flower class by Darlene Abarquez

This course is marketed under the brand name “Make fabulous cake.” The page portrays beautiful images of cakes with links to the blog and the sign-up section. One of the unique features of its landing page is the video link that takes you to the promo of the course.

This is an add-on to the user experience on the page. The instructor mentioned everything about the course and addressed the visitors warmly through the unique content. Additionally, the page consists of testimonials, instructor’s notes, and clickables that land the customers on the enrollment page of the course.

Do you wish to add a demo/ promotional video to your landing page to personalize the customer experience? You can do it with zero effort using the landing page design and customization features provided by Teachable.

4. Emotional Eating–Bundle of 4 courses by Susan Watson

Emotional eating bundle course - Teachable
Emotional eating bundle course – Teachable

Susan Watson, RD, offers this bundle of 4 courses under her Nutrition Academy. The landing page for this course is simple yet engaging. It has everything that a prospect needs to know before purchasing the course, right from eligibility to pricing.

The instructor has beautifully portrayed that the customers will get a massive discount of $50 when they purchase this bundle. She has also mentioned her certifications in intuitive eating and dietetic practice to build trust among the audience. Lastly, she has also mentioned the link to book an appointment or discovery call with her.

Are you a certified health practitioner with such a bundle of courses? Create an engaging landing page using Teachable to get more people to subscribe to your valuable information.

5. Happy Bellyfish Healthy Cooking School Membership course

The Happy Bellyfish online Cooking School offers a variety of individual as well as membership courses. The membership includes access to 6+ courses led by expert instructors. The landing page of this course describes everything about the membership and the monthly as well as yearly options.

They have mentioned the platforms that featured the Cooking School, instructors’ introductions, and testimonials to win the trust of the visitors. A separate section on the landing page includes the links to all the courses covered in the membership program. Apart from these clickables, there are options that can land the users on the enrollment page.

If you wish to launch such huge programs, you can go to Teachable and create engaging and converting landing pages within no time!

6. Houseplant Masterclass by Summer Rayne Oakes

The houseplant masterclass course - Teachable
The houseplant masterclass course – Teachable

The landing page of this course is simple and colorful, with every piece of information that you might need before starting the course. The illustrations depicting plant care are embedded along with informative content for the course.

4 clickables can lead to the masterclass enrollment page that consists of well-curated guidance on the same. The landing page also has the option to sign up for the newsletter. Thus, even if a user doesn’t wish to get enrolled in paid programs, he/she can at least join the email list of the instructor.

Adding such freebies on your landing page can provide you with some useful information, like the e-mail IDs of your prospects for adding them to your email marketing campaign. Teachable offers a feature that can help you capture such data on your landing page.

7. Sketch Master Landing Page

Sketch Master has an exciting theme running throughout the landing page with detailed course descriptions. It is an online course providing a platform for graphic designing. The login button at the top guides a user to start with or log in to their courses with the experts.

The instructor has uploaded his video addressing the user, giving them the experience of a one-to-one sales conversation. The page covers FAQs and specifications for each course. It has a clickable that leads the visitor to the enrollment page for the courses.

An option for signing up for the newsletter is also added at the bottom to expand the email marketing campaign of instructor.

Everything is designed using Teachable. You can also subscribe to the tool to build such exciting landing pages for your online course.

8. E-learning courses for the digital age by Academy Hacker

The landing page for this group of courses has an exceptional theme, with browsing options for the courses. This keeps the user away from scrolling the entire page, rather, he/she can land on the course by searching for the name.

The landing page displays all the featured courses of the academy, along with the popular bundles that they offer to the customers. There are clickables that can lead you to the enrollment page for the free courses. Testimonials are mentioned at the bottom of the landing page. The side panel mentions the social media handles of the Academy hacker.

9. Jewellers Academy

Jewellers Academy has a soothing theme for the landing page describing the delicacy of the jewelry. They conduct online classes for making jewelry from stones, wires, and jewelry craft kits. The sales page describes 10+ courses within separate clickables that land into the information for the specific course.

They have their email ID linked to the page for reaching out in case of any queries. All the course clickables include pictures and a one-liner course introduction to give the visitors an overview of each course.

If you are a team of multiple instructors and wish to launch courses under a single academy, you can design such exciting landing pages and online courses using Teachable.

10. GSN3 Academy

GNS3 courses for network pros - Teachable
GNS3 courses for network pros – Teachable

The GSN3 academy is an online coaching institute that renders knowledge of technology and networking automation. Its landing page mentions the list of courses offered by the academy, along with information on online coaching experts working with the academy.

They have added valuable testimonials in the bottom section to build trust among the users. Further, they also provide some free tools and courses that have been described on the landing page, which you can access through the clickables attached with their information.

Be it any niche; if you wish to launch and market your online course individually or collectively, you can do it with the exciting features that Teachable has to offer. And GSN3 Academy is one of the best examples of this fact!

Elements of an Ideal Landing Page

A landing page is your online sales copy, which describes everything about your business to the visitors aiming to convert them into active clients. It is meant to build trust among the customers at first sight. An ideal landing page has a perfect mixture of the following elements to engage the audience:

  1. Exceptional theme: The theme of your landing page should be constant and attractive. It should align with the product or service you provide to the customers. 
  2. Content: The content you add to your landing page should be short and sweet. Video content can do wonders by personalizing the experience of your audience. Texts paired with meaningful images can catch the eye of visitors.
  3. Clickables: The landing page should have multiple clickables to help the audience navigate through your website and explore your products or services.
  4. Testimonials: Testimonials are real-life experiences shared by the users of your products/ services. This helps you establish trust among the visitors so that they wish to explore more about your academy/ institution. This helps you convert more clients.
  5. Product/ Service Description: A short product description on the landing page can help the customers get an insight into what you have to offer. These descriptions need to be precise for the products/ services.
  6. SEO: Search Engine Optimization of a landing page is essential to rank it higher on the SERPs. This can help you reach a wider audience.


A landing page is an important aspect of your online sales campaign. It is crucial to design a landing page that converts your audience. Being an important part of your sales funnel, a landing page is like the first impression of your products/ services in front of your prospects.

It needs to be a perfect amalgamation of the themes, designs, content, clickables, testimonials, and descriptions. However, you should not attach links that distract your customers and take them to a different web page, especially on the landing page.

Teachable – Create and sell online courses

Teachable helps to customize your courses, link your website to teachable and get leads on your website, integrate it with different tools, and do everything you require setting up eLearning courses.

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Teachable offers every feature right from the templates to SEO and management of your landing page. You can automate the entire process of collecting your customers’ data through the sales page and storing it in your database to optimize it for better convertibility. It’s an affordable and reliable solution, especially if you launch an online coaching setup!

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