What is Media Buying in Digital Marketing? Definition and how does it work?

What is Media Buying

Marketing is a complex process that includes a lot of moving parts. A successful digital marketing campaign covers multiple organs of the human psyche to ensure your message is delivered across your target audience & it resonates.

In today’s blog, I will discuss one important aspect of digital marketing that often goes unheard of. Yes, I am talking about Media Buying.

In this detailed guide, I have answered questions like What is Media Buying? How media buying can help your business & much more.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get going.

What is media buying?

Media buying is a part of a paid marketing campaign. It focuses on acquiring specific space on multiple media channels to reach out maximum target audience with minimal spending. Media buying is a part of traditional & digital marketing campaigns alike.

E.g., if you are doing traditional marketing, media buying covers buying ad time on television, ad space on billboards & space in print media. In terms of digital marketing, media buying is related to buying ad space on websites & other digital channels.

Due to its higher efficiency & better ROI, media buying is often treated as one of the top-rated marketing tactics. This is why almost every major organization is involved in Media Buying in some way.

How does Media Buying works?

Professional media buyers execute Media Buying. These media buyers specialize in analyzing & identifying a perfect ad space on multiple channels. They try to match the context of the ad they are planning to launch with the context of the content available on the target media.

E.g., media buyers from the fashion industry will lookout for a fashion blog that shows hot fashion trends in the market to advertise their fashion accessories. E.g., such a blog will be perfect to showcase an ad for the latest handbags. The better the context is matched, the more is ROI.

If executed with perfection, Media Buying can get your brand much-needed recognition & reach amongst your target audience. In turn, this will boost your sales, resulting in better business growth. Media buyers often work in tandem with media planners. Media planners are the ones who set up a specific media plan & objectives for any campaign.

Now that you have understood what is Media Buying & how Media buying works, let’s take a look at some top media buying platforms.

Top 5 Media buying platforms

What is Media Buying
top 5 media buying platforms


Smartphones are the best place to reach your target audience as they are one of the most visited “PLACES” by any individual every day! That’s where AdColony comes in. AdColony allows you to reach your mobile users, whether iOS or Android.

Their offerings include full-screen videos & banners and Interactives visuals. You can use any video format of your liking. This flexibility ensures that the user can try & test multiple advertising media to get the maximum exposure.

With more than 90,000 direct app integration, AdColony is one of the most sought-after media buying platforms globally.

Amazon DSP

If you want a platform, you can trust blindly for media buying. Amazon DSP should be your primary choice. In fact, multiple reports suggest that Amazon DSP is the top media buying platform loved by businesses.

Amazon has a wide reach across the globe. Spoith Amazon DSP, you can reach out to your target audience on Amazon and other brands they own. And as I already mentioned, the top priority of Amazon DSP is customer safety.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy media buying platform, you don’t have to look further than Amazon DSP.

Google Display & Video 360

When we are talking about paid ad campaigns, there is no way we can leave Google out of it! Google’s Display & Video 360 platform can be a great choice for media buying.

Display & Video 360 was known as Double Click Bid Management initially. It easily integrates with every other Google product, offering you maximum flexibility.

With Display & Video 360, you can build your campaign, manage your assets & audience, analyze your data & access ad inventory. The best part is it offers custom targeting via first & third-party data!

What more do you want? You can choose Google’s Display & Video 360 any time of the day for media buying!

The Trade Desk

If you want to utilize the power of AI in your paid digital marketing & media buying, the Trade Desk is a perfect choice. It houses leading & global premium publishers from across the world like ABC, Wall Street Journal & Spotify.

Its AI-powered assistance “KOA” helps you identify & utilize the most cost-effective ways to manage your digital marketing campaign. With the potential of AI at your disposal, you can easily reach out to your target audience, generating the best results.


If online buyers are your target audience, Criteo can prove to be a perfect place for media buying for you! It hosts some of the largest networks of premium retailers that can help you reach the right target audience. The list of their retailers includes Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy & Kohl.

What sets Criteo apart from others is its business model. They use first-party data instead of third-party, offering better ROI & conversion rates. Moreover, Criteo is easy to use for everyone in your team.

What are the different types of Media Buying?

What is Media Buying
different types of media buying
  • Programmatic buy: This type of media buying depends extensively on technology to identify & implement purchases. This option is better suited when focusing on digital channels like Google & Facebook.
  • TV ad placements: This is probably the most expensive media buying & hence, you need to make sure you will get the best results beforehand. In this system, the TV networks reach out to media buyers & explain the benefits of buying their ad spaces.
  • Radio ads placements: Radio ads are the best option if you want to reach out to the local audience.
  • Out-of-home: Billboards & Signboards are examples of Out-of-home ad placements, as they can be a great way to connect with people in their daily routines.

What are the benefits of Media Buying?

  • Media buying delivers optimum ROI, irrespective of your business model
  • You get the best deals with the help of professional media buyers
  • You can reach out to a specific target audience, resulting in a higher conversion rate.
  • You can analyze & understand your competitor’s strategy & can easily outpace them.
  • It helps you get the best slots for maximum output.

Final thoughts

Media Buying is a great way to improve your Brand’s exposure to the right target audience. It helps you get better ROI. If implemented correctly, it can transform your business as you have never expected before.

I hope this detailed Guide on Media Buying has answered many of your questions. Feel free to share your opinion by tagging us on your favourite social media channel.


Is Media buying still relevant?

Yes, it’s relevant & today is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign.

Is Amazon DSP is the best place for media buying?

In my opinion, yes. But there are other options too.

Does Media Buying work with traditional marketing?

Yes, it does.

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