Proven Strategies to Power Lead Generation with White Paper Marketing

White Paper Marketing Strategies

When it comes to B2B marketing, long-form content can be very valuable. That is because it provides in-depth information about a concept or new idea. One of the most used long-form content is white papers.

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A white paper is a detailed report that provides thorough information about a topic. As you give quality data about a product or service, this prompts readers to engage with a business or seek its solutions. A white paper also helps you show that you are a reliable source of information, giving you the chance to showcase your expertise on a topic.

Now one of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be a pro before creating white papers. However, you can just start with some deep research and follow a few simple tips. So how do you create white papers that will convert readers into leads?

Let’s find out the top strategies you can use to create white papers that bring in leads.

1. Research Your Target Audience

Before you create white papers that generate leads, it would be beneficial to know what matters most to your target audience. It allows you to create content that will be useful. If readers feel like the topic won’t help them solve a problem, they will not download your white paper.

A quality written white paper can help you prove to readers that you understand their struggle and can offer the best solution. So research who your audience is, their struggles, and how you can help with their pain points. That way, you will create a white paper that is convincing and this will convert readers into valuable leads.

2. Create a Landing Page

As much as you want to create a white paper in PDF form, you need to create a good landing page for it. This allows you to gain readers’ information. They can leave their details in exchange for downloading a free PDF.

Your landing page should be neat if it is going to accomplish the goal of bringing in more leads. Without a landing page, it will be difficult to capture your leads. The landing page should have smooth navigation and be accessible on mobile devices. People are more likely to download your PDF if your landing page looks interesting.

3. Add Visual Content

Visual content is just the most engaging and appealing content according to consumers. Up to 68% of marketers want to increase their efforts in visual marketing strategies. Visual content in your white paper can effectively increase engagement and help the audience understand comprehensive data with ease.

Visual content comes in many forms, such as images, videos, infographics, and more. To be effective, you should use only high-quality content. You can download quality images or use ready templates from many popular sources.

Something that works particularly well for white papers is infographics that translate data and statistics into a visual medium or marketing videos. It may be expensive to invest in a graphic designer, so you can use services that provide templates. You can also get inspired with a white paper example and create similar visual content for your copy. But make sure that the visuals in the white paper are in line with the topic.

Whitepapar Page Design
White Paper Page Design – Image source: Visme

Proper images will boost engagement with your content and keep readers interested as they go through the pages of your white paper. Always make sure to tag images on your website. This will also boost SEO for your white paper.

4. Publish Your Content

Once you have your white paper, you need to put it on your website for readers to download it. The white paper should be in a format that is easy for people to download. Creating a blog about the topic your white paper is covering is another effective strategy. You can add your white paper as a source of more information.

Other places to publish your white paper include communities such as Tech Target, White Paper Central, and Find White Papers. These services offer free and paid advertising for anyone who wants to promote their white papers. One of the advantages of using these platforms is that your content will be seen by the right target audience.

5. Promote Your White Paper

The competition on the internet is very stiff. There is a lot of new content published every day. Readers won’t want to read your content just because it is great. So you have to keep promoting it to reach a new audience.

Good promotion strategies will give your white paper the attention you need. Some strategies to try include:

  • Use a mailing list
  • Share content on social media platforms
  • Invest in paid ads
  • Promote on your website
  • Join online communities

As you promote your content, it is advisable to monitor how it is performing. Analytics gives you an idea of what you can change to improve your marketing strategies. Metrics to analyze include:

  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Actual sales made

6. Use Social Media

Social media holds a crucial part in today’s marketing strategies. The mere fact that there are about 4.48B people on social media is enough. It means that once you have your content on social media, you can target a broad range of users.

Posting your white paper or any content encouraging users to download it is a great strategy to gain more leads. Social media is a cost-effective way to market content. Additionally, you can sell any kind of product or service on social media as long as you target the right audience.

Final Thoughts

White papers can generate leads for businesses. Adding the right strategies will get you the much-needed leads. Using a white paper is a way of showcasing your expertise on a topic.

It all starts with your research into your target audience. Understanding their struggles helps you create content that will provide appropriate solutions. Make sure to add visual content as it makes white papers more interesting.

Promoting your content on social media, your website, and your communities will increase leads. Your white paper should also have a landing page with a CTA where users can leave their contact details. You can apply paid ads which will also bring in more leads.

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