How to create high converting landing pages and best landing page builders

How to create high converting landing pages

I was wondering why a stunning landing page is essential for your business. I understand that there was a time when I had the same dilemma!

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And then it’s a reasonable question as creating an attractive landing page that converts consumes a lot of time & resources. So I decided to address this burning question of business owners & SMBs.

In this blog, I have discussed the importance of Landing Page, Landing Page best practices. How to create high-converting landing pages & some of the best Landing Page builders available in the market.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing Page is a standalone webpage that’s crafted explicitly for marketing. When a user clicks on the link of a Social Media Post, email, or Google ad, they will land on this page. It’s a perfect way to generate leads when you are using Gated Content.

A Landing Page consists of a CTA(Call to Action) button, which, when clicked, will direct the user to fill in some details. Once the user submits the detail, they gain access to your content.

What are the benefits of creating a Landing Page?

  • Boosts your Lead Generation Campaign exponentially.
  • Allows you to track the vital data
  • Collects Demographic details of the visitors
  • It’s an important part of your Lead Generation funnel
  • It can be optimized easily for better performance
  • Improves your Paid Search Campaigns
  • Grows your-mail list
  • Improves your Branding
  • Boosts your Credibility

What are the Landing Page’s Best Practises?

How to create high converting landing pages
What is the Landing Page Best Practises?

Nail the first impression

Like it or not, a visitor will judge & take action on your Landing Page based on your Landing Page’s first impression.

So it’s critical to nail it! People often spoil the first impression by misplacing their Copy, adding too much unnecessary information, & forgetting to add a Hook.

Now the question is How to Nail the First Impression?

The simplest way to do this is to follow these steps:

  • Keep your Design Minimal
  • Craft easy-to-understand Copy
  • Have an attractive CTA (Call to Action)
  • Implement your Brand image
  • Explain your USP

Match your Ads & Landing Page

The days of click-bait are long gone, and the user has evolved over the period & they don’t fall for this trap anymore. And even if it works, it’s not ethical business behavior.

So when the user lands on your Landing Page, they must not feel betrayed.

How to ensure this?

By matching your ads & Landing Page. Make sure your visitor believes that your brand is worth their time & money.

Match everything from your copy, including your brand colors, logo, tone & copy.

Deliver exactly what you are promising in the ad copy. If you don’t, the user will instantly bounce to your competitor with your bad impression in mind.

Optimize for Mobile

More than 70% of visitors will be using their Mobile devices to access your Landing Page. I often find it amazing how many creators & Businesses forget these Numbers. Thousands of Landing Pages look amazing on PC but are not optimized for mobile.

Don’t make this mistake, ever! Make sure you optimize your landing page in a way to offer an incredible experience to your mobile users too. After all, that’s where you are going to get maximum business.

Emphasize more benefits instead of feature

You are not selling a Rolls Royce or Bentley. People don’t care much about the features of your product or services.

This old tactic of showcasing features is called hard-selling. Steer clear from hard selling.

Take a soft approach. People want to know how your product or service will benefit them. When visitors feel your brand delivers something that can benefit them, they will be automatically attracted to you. This will increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate.

Ensure zero distraction

It’s a high probability that your visitor is just skimming over the Content online while they landed on your page. They already have a lot of distractions around them.

So please DO NOT GIVE THEM ANOTHER REASON TO BE DISTRACTED. Keep your Copy focused; make sure there is no unnecessary information or redirecting links.

These things will give them just another reason to abandon your page, leaving you without a crucial lead.

Have a single goal, Conversion.

What are some of the Best Landing Page Builders in 2021?

How to create high converting landing pages
What are some of the Best Landing Page Builders.

After understanding Landing Page best practices, it’s time to look at some of the best Landing Page Builders available in the market.

HubSpot Landing Page Builder

HubSpot needs no introduction, and it’s arguably one of the most used & trusted tools in the SaaS world. And with HubSpot Landing Page builder, they prove it once again.

This tool lets you create fantastic Landing Pages quickly without breaking much sweat. The best part is that it can be integrated with their CRM services for better results. The other benefits include Free templates, an A/B testing facility for every element, & Mobile-optimized landing pages.

Drawbacks include expensive paid packages & a Lack of AMP mobile pages.

HubSpot – A perfect marketing solution

One of the best software for inbound marketing and sales.

HubSpot logo

Instapage Page Builder

Their name defines their services. With Instapage Page Builder, you can create & launch high-converting landing pages instantly. It’s super easy to use, even for novice designers.

There are more than 200 fully customizable templates that you can use. Each of these templates can be used for Lead generations, Webinars & much more.

The benefits of Instapage include 200+ designs, no knowledge of coding, awesome designs & an easy interface.

The only drawback I found is the Costly enterprise package for AMP pages.

Instapage – Advanced landing page platform

Instapage is an advanced landing page platform that includes landing pages, personalization, AdMap, experimentation, collaboration, and page speed.

Instapage logo

Unbounce Landing Page Builder

If your sole goal is to create a Landing Page that converts like hell, then Unbounce is designed for you!

When you use Unbounce, you get something extra with your Landing Page, and it improves the probability of Conversion by pop-ups to submit an email. Their services are so excellent that brands like Vimeo & the New York Times use their services.

The benefits of Unbounce include Drag & Drop Functionality, 125+ AI-powered templates & AMP-ready Mobile Pages.

Unbounce – Building perfect landing pages

Landing page-building software that helps you build responsive, and high-converting landing pages. You also get other features like pop-ups and sticky bar builders for improving your conversion rate. You can create mobile pages, run A/B testing, replace texts, and analyze your traffic and sales using this tool.

Unbounce logo

Final thoughts

Landing Pages are a critical part of your Digital Marketing. So they should be pixel-perfect & efficient. I understand following all the best practices mentioned above might seem overwhelming.

You are spending a lot of money on your paid campaigns, so ensure it’s worth it. I hope this guide on How to create Landing Pages & the best Landing Page builders will help you in your Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Can I add multiple Call to Action buttons on my CTA?

Yes, you can. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Whatever you do, don’t confuse your visitor. Please keep it simple.

Is HubSpot Landing Page builder worth it?

Yes, HubSpot Landing Page Builder is a great tool, and it also offers free templates, so I’ll recommend it.

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