Top Landing Page designing Trends You Should Follow in 2020

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It’s almost 2020, and it’s time for some valuable changes in the online marketplace. From website designing trends to landing page design trends, you must update your values and ethics with the ongoing demands of the visitors.

There are many ways through which you can gain better web traffic and more leads from your website, but if you don’t know how to hit the right spot, then it would become difficult for you to be in the league for a longer period.

You must focus on the current trends, get valuable and useful insights, bring new changes to the table and prepare yourself for the best landing page design.

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So here are some landing page trends that you can follow in the coming years to expect better conversions and to get more visitors to your website. Read below to know more.

Follow Minimalism

We often hear that “less is more”, and when it comes to the landing page designing in the coming years, marketers should follow this trend. With the minimal approach, you not only get your audience hooked to your website but they also find it intriguing enough to take an interest in your products and services.

When you put many things on your landing page, it irks the visitors and they might also discontinue exploring the other pages. So, it is verily suggested that you choose to go minimal with your landing page content and depict your ideas in the most simple way.

Social proof

This has become one very necessary thing to adapt to your landing page designs. The term Social proof was coined in the year 1984 by Robert Cialdini, which suggests that a particular phenomenon is stamped correct by some celebrity or influencer so that the common people can rely on the fact faster and easily.

Therefore, if you can manage to have related facts about your product and services, which these important people have managed to talk about and proved its worthiness, then you get a better response for your endeavor. And putting it up on the landing page means grabbing attention at the very first instance.

Overlook the navigation bar

If you want higher conversion rates for your landing page, then you must adapt to the fact that you have to remove or overlook the navigation bar or other types of similar links from your landing page.

When you keep the navigation bar on your landing page it distracts the visitors and leads them to the other pages without letting them go through the landing page itself. You may lose out on valuable visitors and web traffic at the same time.

Background and typography must be simple.

People love simple stuff unless they are complex creatures themselves! So, you must choose simple backgrounds and typography for your landing page design rather than focusing on making it more complex with a heavy background.

You can choose a simple image for your background and go for such fonts which are easy to read and understand. This will certainly improve your web traffic and help you gather more visitors’ timing on your landing page.

Colour it nicely

It is but a very simple thing yet very effective at the same time. Visitors are easily distracted by the website design and the way it is portrayed, and we all know how colors play a lead role in adding charm to any website.

And for your landing page design, the color you choose for the background, fonts, and other such things would definitely make a mark on the visitors’ minds.

The right visual approach comes with the right coloring of your landing page and it helps you learn better conversions and satisfied visitors as well.

Interactive elements

When your audience indulges with you in any form, you can feel secure about their likes and interest in your endeavor. Likewise, if you choose to have some interactive elements in your landing page design, then it becomes easier for you to expect higher conversions and better audience interaction.

The common static landing page design is a thing of past now; you need to build your landing page in a way that your visitors find it indulging. Like you can include chatbots, provide fun animations, implement themed visuals, etc., on your landing page to attract visitors. This will definitely help you increase your web traffic and conversion rates.

Highlight your products and services

Well, who would not like to get the desired information on the landing page itself when they are visiting the website for the same purpose! When a person is clicking your website link, he or she is sure to receive information about your products and services.

When they are satisfied with the same, they take more interest in your endeavour and then get in contact with you to get more information. So, it is better to highlight your products and services on the landing page itself so that you can excite the visitors more and get better web traffic as well.

The key takeaway

If we talk about the most effective lead generation tool, landing page design will count as one of the most coveted tools for the purpose. For the audience to click and convert, you need to design your landing page in a way that they find it to be attractive enough to spend their valuable time.

The information about your products and services should be given on the landing page in a way that it allows the visitors to understand your endeavor and increase your sales as well. And for that to happen, you must know what excites the visitors or how to grab their attention.

The given few UI/UX design trends are valuable for your landing page to get more visitors and increase conversions. You must gather more information about the same and always try to keep up with the trends so that you don’t miss out on any of the visitors for not being updated with your designs.

Best landing page designing trends
Best landing page designing trends to consider in 2020.

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